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  1. Thanks Alex, i was thinking of just doing a glue up of the spacers by themselves then i would only need to worry about the front and back part when i go to glue up
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone i do have a granit slab but used my grinder and eye balled the flatness, do you mean not use so much pressure or to little
  3. A 6" chef knife that i almost scrapped, You will see it in the video, next time i will also soft fit the handle with resin , how do you guys avoid gaps in your spacers ?
  4. This one is close to a chisel grind but i ended up putting a second bevel on it as the guy buying it wanted it for use in the kitchen, they're excel at scraping, shaving from what i understand, the second bevel was a very small bevel like you would find on a paring knife.
  5. haha yeah, i normally use a vice to secure it but that table won't work with a vice, i've moved it back to its old spot now
  6. https://youtu.be/QB_k39aXKIg Knifes done for Mike Duchess Langford for his winning design, Mike sent some scales he had laying around honeycomb resin i think they turned out great with the thick G10. Let me know what you guys think I would really appreciate everyone following my youtube channel, i really like having these competitions and doing the videos. Another competition will be announced soon, i'm still running the 100 youtube sub comp
  7. Thanks, Alan, I wasn't going to do the grooves until you guys convinced me, glad you did
  8. Sorry, i really should invest in better lighting, I do have the video i made, i cannot link it here i will remove it let me know if
  9. Hey guys finished off the leather stacked handle I was asking about, I ended up filling the grooves in myself What're your thoughts on the blade, all metal is made from leaf spring https://imgur.com/gallery/de6kpdX
  10. Thanks for your responses everyone, I've decided to just do a full leather stack at the same size, i'm worried i will mess up the transitions
  11. Thanks for the fast response Alan helpful information as always, I've this leather i bought it's pretty thick not sol leather thick my plan at this stage is to resin cast the handle like micarta then shape off the tang so it doesn't mess with the guard. Unfortunately for the gaps, i don't think i have the capability to put them in cleanly
  12. Hi guys Any of you lovely gentleman know how to create this leather stacked handle It looks like it might be smaller leather pieces that's darkened more? anyone got any idea how I could redo this, I have resin and leather Much appreciated
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