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  1. Thanks Alan, i used your recomendation to get a more stabel sanding platform, it still moves a littl but much better then what i had. The guy i got the bean scales form makes the handles for coffee machines. it's good for that i don't recommend them for the knives as the beans have lots of gaps in them still.
  2. Thanks to everyone who commented on myu last video with the tips on sand finishing, i'm so close to having a perfect finished knife
  3. I see what you mean Josh, working fast is a big issue i have, i commented early on on your WIP, you're way better then me haha Thanks Alan, the moving bench makes sense i will see how i go next time with a more stable bench Thanks everyone for the feedback a lot of very helpful things i can implement
  4. Thanks for the response all valid feedback, i hope my response doesn't come across as me being defensive. I did try to slow down for this one, as for the sanding the footage in the video is an early grit not what i would be doing for the finish, however i still did not do the best finish you can see me show the finish of hand sanding before i put on the handles. I stock remove a lot of knives as this's more a hobby making youtube =D the steel is stainless and the 12c27 is not that great and hand forging from my understanding ? I do have the 2x72 variable speed grinder, great point about slowing it down for the bevels i will be doing this next time The handle on this blade is what the person receiving it requested as it's his design, the way you hold this in your hands with the top and bottom being able to rest your hands actually feels really comfortable, i will keep an eye out on the next blade and put more thought into handle geometry Great tip with the epoxy i will try that next time, i was also going to try to completely do the handle off of the blade before i attach, would you recomend this ? or is it overkill thankyou again for your feedback i realy do appreciate it, no way to improve without honest feedback
  5. Thanks Alex, i was thinking of just doing a glue up of the spacers by themselves then i would only need to worry about the front and back part when i go to glue up
  6. Thanks for the tips everyone i do have a granit slab but used my grinder and eye balled the flatness, do you mean not use so much pressure or to little
  7. A 6" chef knife that i almost scrapped, You will see it in the video, next time i will also soft fit the handle with resin , how do you guys avoid gaps in your spacers ?
  8. This one is close to a chisel grind but i ended up putting a second bevel on it as the guy buying it wanted it for use in the kitchen, they're excel at scraping, shaving from what i understand, the second bevel was a very small bevel like you would find on a paring knife.
  9. haha yeah, i normally use a vice to secure it but that table won't work with a vice, i've moved it back to its old spot now
  10. https://youtu.be/QB_k39aXKIg Knifes done for Mike Duchess Langford for his winning design, Mike sent some scales he had laying around honeycomb resin i think they turned out great with the thick G10. Let me know what you guys think I would really appreciate everyone following my youtube channel, i really like having these competitions and doing the videos. Another competition will be announced soon, i'm still running the 100 youtube sub comp
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