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  1. Shane Savage

    M9 bayonet Phrobis Adaption

    Thanks, Alan, I wasn't going to do the grooves until you guys convinced me, glad you did
  2. Shane Savage

    M9 bayonet Phrobis Adaption

    Sorry, i really should invest in better lighting, I do have the video i made, i cannot link it here i will remove it let me know if
  3. Shane Savage

    M9 bayonet Phrobis Adaption

    Hey guys finished off the leather stacked handle I was asking about, I ended up filling the grooves in myself What're your thoughts on the blade, all metal is made from leaf spring https://imgur.com/gallery/de6kpdX
  4. Shane Savage

    Leather stacked handle question.

    Thanks for your responses everyone, I've decided to just do a full leather stack at the same size, i'm worried i will mess up the transitions
  5. Shane Savage

    Leather stacked handle question.

    Thanks for the fast response Alan helpful information as always, I've this leather i bought it's pretty thick not sol leather thick my plan at this stage is to resin cast the handle like micarta then shape off the tang so it doesn't mess with the guard. Unfortunately for the gaps, i don't think i have the capability to put them in cleanly
  6. Shane Savage

    Leather stacked handle question.

    Hi guys Any of you lovely gentleman know how to create this leather stacked handle It looks like it might be smaller leather pieces that's darkened more? anyone got any idea how I could redo this, I have resin and leather Much appreciated
  7. Shane Savage

    46 cm machete

    Kicking myself for not thinking about the handle, I might just do a new one
  8. Shane Savage

    46 cm machete

    blade 30 cm guard is 1cm total 11 cm for the handle and 2.5 for the pommel Blade is leaf spring, the guard is 1075, the pommel is railroad track, and the handle is stabilized wood, no idea what https://imgur.com/gallery/RpfZC4X I'm not happy with how the handle looks, looks off in my eyes. the balance ended up pretty nicely. What sort of handle should i've gone for
  9. Shane Savage

    how to balance a knife

    Thanks guys, very helpful response i appreciate it =D i will give the coin one a go
  10. Shane Savage

    how to balance a knife

    I wish i knew about having a thicker tip before i started, She's a sort of machete but not ? https://imgur.com/gallery/X0mLWZ2 A little video if the knife in imgure. The tip is around 2mm then goes to 3.6 to the guard. Great video very helpful thankyou for the link.
  11. Shane Savage

    how to balance a knife

    I'm making a macheting out of leafsrping and have grinded it down to about 3mm I will have a stabilized handle a 3 piece guard and a pummel made from railroad track my question is their a calculation for blade weight that one can offset the handle and pummel for a good balance? Thanks for your time
  12. Shane Savage

    I am VERY VERY pleased with this!!

    Do you have a large ruler you can put up against the tracking wheel and test the alignment of the other wheels, if it's out by a little it can cause this, i was having a similar issue with myn.
  13. Shane Savage

    first 2*72 belt grinder, question about grinding speed

    Thansk Wes, that info helps me a lot and thanks everyone else about the speeds for different things.
  14. Shane Savage

    Metro Exodus game replica knife

    making knives with guards is illegal in Australia, We chose not to temper it as it's more of a prop than a usable knife.
  15. Not everyone's cup of tea, i tried to stay as close to the games picture of the knife, causing a weak point in the blade and for it to snap, a lot of fun making it. I would love all feedback, and sorry i feel like i'm spamming this sub. I ramble a lot in the video, i'm still trying to get used to talking in them.