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  1. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    Thanks. I have made a start on this and have roughed out the shape of the aluminium platen plate, while I wait on the steel delivery to land. im waiting on delivery of a bench drill. its a Meddings, its an old English make, very solid and accurate, and about 3 times the weight of the modern Chinese garbage, This thing will easily outlast me, and its accuracy will help with all the drilling and tapping im gonna have to do. im also going with the proper 3 phase motor and invertek VFD. Life is too short, the Chinese alternative wouldn't last very long, and its only money right. I will post some updates when there is something to see.
  2. alan macdougall

    My new Oregon Blade Maker grinder has arrived

    it looks really solidly built, how is the gas strut for tensioning ?
  3. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    Thanks Alan, I was considering a 2nd tooling arm which I could keep for a couple of uses, one being for a (detachable mount) contact wheel, and another being a detachable mount smaller wheel (say 20 or 30mm dia. ) for grinding out for fore finger quillons and smaller radius fullers etc. Any ideas on the small wheel diameter which would prove to be the most useful, as im only going off the radius of my fat fingers? My older bro is coming over tonight, to help out the design part, as he is a "proper" engineer, having served his time in a traditional foundry/ coppersmiths, before going on to design and draw, and project manage all sorts of fabrication works, stuff including complete distilleries, whisky stills, condensors, all manner of stainless pipework worldwide, for both the distillation, oil & gas industries etc. He has probably forgotten more than I will ever know about fabrication, so he might come up with some good ideas, I hope. im also tempted to just copy the new KMG tiltable table grinder, it would take a lot of my guess work out of it. I like the idea of the ratchet stop, and it doesn't look like it would be hard to achieve, if I could find a supplier of ratchet wheels, or steal one from another machine. I will rejig my design a bit i think, im not entirely happy with the tensioning wheel arm part of the design, so it will change I think. Thanks again for your help Alan.
  4. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    cool, thanks Alan, I will stick with the 2nd arm. its a steep learning curve, but you guys who use these machines all the time will know what works, what can be improved and whats not worth bothering about, I will keep the 2nd tooling arm. I was also planning a small wheel attachment eventually and possibly a contact wheel too, but I will start with the basics. I can get the materials ordered tomorrow or Friday, im itching to get started. thanks for your help, I really appreciate your input. is there any part of my design that you think could be improved upon, given your experience, or do you think its good to go, if I change out the strut for a spring.
  5. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    good to know I can save some cash on the tooling bars. I had nothing to go on for the sizes, so thanks for that, the rest can be scaled down to suit. im a bit stuck between the separate tooling arm for the rest or just attaching it to the tooling arm which is connected to the platen. im thinking if its mounted on a separate tooling arm, there is more room for movement or deflection. any opinions on this . I see kmg don't bother with a separate arm, and it would save some bucks.
  6. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    here is the first of possibly many designs, let me know what you think. the pic has kinda cut off the dimensions for the side plates and top middle and bottom plates which hold the tooling arm, but its side plates are 400mm by 130mm by 10mm, the top middle and bottom will be 51 or 52mm to allow the solid alu bar to slide in and out. The alu bars will be held in place by 2 No m12 lever handles per bar. The 380mm length on the platen support frame, or whatever its called is just because I have a scrap piece of 10mm thick aluminium. Apologies for the metric measurements to our American friends, but basically the tooling bars will be 2 inch square as will the upright supports and the 10mm base plate is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick, motor will be direct drive, run off a vfd. when I can afford it. All criticism accepted as constructive, so fire away.
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  8. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    Thanks for the replies, but im going to go ahead and build this. I will make the majority of the frame, and will just wait til I have the spare cash for a proper VFD and motor. The final design is a concoction of various designs ive seen while watching about 186 youtube videos on both diy grinders and manufactured ones. Now since I have zero experience of using these things, I would like to ask a couple more questions if I can. For those who have used these in anger as it were. The detachable post which holds the platen. Would I be right in thinking that this would be better if it was made from solid steel bar, rather than box section. Im just thinking about the tapping of bolts for the platen attachment and tool rest etc. There would be less lateral movement in solid bar, at the expense of weight. ? I suppose solid aluminium would be an option,... or would it? I am also thinking about the main horizontal section which holds the extendable section for the platen tool rest etc. I have seen a lot of these built with box section within box section like telescoping, but it looks a bit sloppy. I think it would provide better fit and less clearance issues if this part was made from plates to the sides, with tapped bolt holes through to horizontal plates, like the KMG, for example. Any opinions on this? good or bad idea? I also want some opinions on the top wheel post. Most of the diy builds seem to use a spring within the box section to tension the upper detatchable part, which doesn't look all that, and I would imagine it could introduce bounce in the belt (maybe im wrong) and some of the manufactured ones preffer a separate arm hinged off the top with an extension which is counter balanced with a spring attached to the post. The second option seems like a better option to me, but again, Any preference? Im also considering the option of making the grinder tilt-able, from vertical to horizontal. If you had the choice, would you incorporate this feature, or not? so many questions, but I just don't want to build this, and in 6 months time, think " I wish I had done x,y, or Z instead. I would be most grateful for your input with this. thanks in advance, I hope.
  9. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    Thanks Wayne, ive had a look at the motors, but unfortunately, im trying to do this on a budget, to see if knife making is for me, and I think the postage on a heavy motor and customs tax etc would rule it out, but thanks for linking me to your site, I really enjoyed looking at your forging art, its excellent. timgunn, thank you for making this subject much easier to understand, I appreciate your knowledgable answer, and have sent you a message about the motor and a question regarding cheaper vfd's.
  10. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    thanks Joel. the search continues.
  11. alan macdougall

    belt grinder motors and vfd uk advice required

    thanks for the replies, im struggling to find a 3600rpm motor. the ones im looking at run 2 pole to 3000rpm, or 1500 to 4 pole. .
  12. hello, I am new here and am just looking for a bit of advice from the knowledgable. im shortly going to be making a 2 x 72 belt grinder. I looked at a few treadmills but they only have smaller 1 kw motors, and I think I really need closer to 2kw, or at least 1.5 (advice taken on this), but im of the thinking if I get a bigger motor it should have more torque im looking at a 3hp, 2.2kw single phase one.. what do you think? good idea or overkill? I was also looking at vfd's and to be honest I don't really have a clue on these. ive found one (not sure if im allowed links or not so I wont - don't want to upset the management on my first post do I?) It says 220v 12A PWM variable frequency drive speed controller for 2.2kw ac motor. would this be suitable? I also notice that most VFD's are for 3 phase, does this convert 3 phase motors to run off single phase then? like I said im clueless about electrics. Also while im here, what about potentiometers? can these be used? # #Any advice appreciated or if you could point me in the direction of some sort of guide, that would be great. im in the uk for electrical advice. Thank you.
  13. alan macdougall

    Simple Sgian Dubh

    Useless information alert - the design of the celtic knot dates back to the 6th century, and originated in Northern Italy/ southern Gaul (France), before appearing in Ireland and Scotland in the 7th century, so its definitely public property. The Sgian Dubh looks fantastic, id proudly wear it with my kilt.