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  1. Yeah I feel like I have a responsibility to keep it going in the right direction and not start producing rubbish! I have a few small ideas how to improve my next one so will see if I can make it happen! I am actually tempted to do this as it will surely be cheaper and actually after etching this one I'm not sure I like the friction it adds to the cut. Was actually nicer to use at 1200 grit before, although didn't look nearly as pretty ; )
  2. Thanks guys. Very kind words. I should say that I didn’t make the Damascus - bought a billet and this is all stock removal, so maybe that will be my next step up! Also nothing compared to what some people on here are posting!
  3. After posting asking for help and advice in making my first knife (and realising I was in way over my head), I have finally finished it! Yes I have made mistakes along the way, and it took far longer than i could have ever guessed, but all that aside I am super pleased with how this has turned out. It has been a very steep learning curve, and now I want to do it again... Thanks to everyone who contributed to my original plea for help. I couldn't have done it without your input! Adam
  4. Thanks Alan, Good to have clarification on the oil and thickness .5mm is much more what I had hoped! The decarburisation buffer is a really interesting consideration though. Wouldn’t want a nice hard blade and a soft cutting edge! I have just looked up decalescence and recalescence and watched some videos. Very cool, and think I should have a good idea of what to look for now. Looking forward to getting to the point where I can stick it in the fire! Thanks for all your help.
  5. Thanks everyone. You have really started to fill in some gaps in what I have been reading/watching. There is so much to learn! I was originally going to skip the normalising step as I thought it needed a much higher temp that I had no way of hitting accurately. Interesting to know that it's the same as the hardening temp and the magnet method will work with both. Will definitely give it a go now! Regarding the choice of oil - I am in the UK so canola (rapeseed?) is hard to get in any quantity so would vegetable or sunflower work as a substitute or does it have to be canola? Also
  6. So I think I may have thrown myself in at the deep end for my first knife. I bought a 15n20/1095 Damascus billet almost on a whim and have been researching more and more along the way. Although I have had some problems so far I am managing ok shaping everything. As I approach heat treatment time I am confused by all the conflicting information I find on this subject, especially with regard to blade thickness at quench and quench medium so as to find a balance between proper hardening, risk or cracking or warping, and any potential difficulties finishing the blade profile afterwards
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