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  1. Thanks for your suggestions and ideas. I have to work on a kitchen project before I can get back to this. I will keep you updated on my progress.
  2. I've been working on copying the design of a kudu style folder. I am almost finished with prototype #1 and wanted to get some feedback from anyone else who has attempted this design. There's a little free play in the closed position. Meaning the blade falls out of the handle enough that it could catch a finger. I am hoping once I tighten the pivot it won't be an issue. If not, I will have to forge a new blade and make the first tooth a bit larger.
  3. You nailed this one. At first I thought the NS guard was a short Habaki. I often wonder what came first, the Puukko or the Tanto? They seem to have a lot in common yet are so different
  4. Gary I watched your videos on making a pouch sheath. Could you please share some info on how you create a cross draw sheath in the very first photo of this thread. Maybe just a photo of the back side to show the belt loop attachment that is sewn in. Thank you, Doug.
  5. Thanks Alan and Billy. I used carnauba wax. I will clean, etch again and try oil. To be clear, I have had several failed attempts that looked like a run over rusty soup can. This time I used stainless hose clamps to hold the bars and more heat less hammer to set the weld.
  6. 64 layer 1080/15N20. I started with a San Mai billet then folded it over a layer of 1080. After drawing out and folding 4 more times my arm was toast. Week later I forged out a decent blade, screwed up the plunge lines and ended up going with a flat grind. I followed Joshua's method for Mokume to make the guard and butt cap. I wish I could get the black oxides to stay glossy and black like they did coming out of a 12 hour coffee etch. After drying it's more of a dull matte black.
  7. Really nice blade Alex. Bacon, nature's way of pattern welding fat and protein.
  8. Dumb question. How does one achieve a perfect verticaly aligned butt cap on the threaded tang? Nice work
  9. The color and pattern of the hempwood elevates your work.
  10. Nicely done. That Bowie wowsa!
  11. Cool thread Rob. I started in 2017. First object was a nail header. First blade RR spike Hawk. First knife a chopper. Most recent knife in progress is hand forged 64 layers of folded 1084/15N20. I'm learning quickly from the masters on this forum.
  12. Finished the W2 Camphor burl fighter. I found that after 2000 grit sanding, liquid bar keepers friend brought out the hamon nicely after hand rubbing for 20 minutes then a quick buffing.
  13. I am impressed with your work. It looks like you are from the Ukraine? I visited this beautiful place back in 90. Would enjoy going back.
  14. Really nice work. I think the sheath alone is worthy of the price you're asking. Curious what type of stone is in the first picture of your copper smelt?
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