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  1. Finally making some progress on the camphor burl. So far I have found it to be very soft. You can bed alignment pins without drilling any holes, just slow and steady pressure from a screw vise. I'm not sure it will make good handle material since it is very soft. Once I get this shaped, I will try to stabilize. Thanks Joshua for sharing your techniques on finishing handles off blade.
  2. I have collected a few pine burls overthe years. Finally turned this one into a bowl using a Kutzall shaping disc on a grinder. These are fun tools for wood carving https://kutzall.com/products/dish-wheel-extreme-4-1-2-diameter
  3. He is going to love it. I like the hint of a classic tanto shape hiding in the spirit of the design
  4. I like the design but it doesn't seem like a good choice for someone starting a career in forestry. Maybe ask his son what he prefers unless it's a surprise gift
  5. Wow I'm amazed. In the fourth WIP, I thought you had installed glass eyes. Really appreciate you sharing this Rob.
  6. Ford Hallam is doing a series of excellent videos entitled Tsuba School. Here's lesson one. https://youtu.be/79wVi94NKNQ
  7. Dave l don't recommend any welds that aren't absolutely clean. For a finer grain, maybe try material that is 0.005" instead of 0.020". Something you can cut with scissors. The copper I used was that thin and seemed to work well with 4 layer in between the 0.020 " brass and silver.
  8. Really nice. I like the 4" blade a lot. Is the red spacer after the guard copper? If it is, how did you get the color? Great contrast between the three carbon steels.
  9. After two heats, I had a solid billet with some ragged edges to grind down. Thanks for the lesson Joshua.
  10. Stacked between steel plates then pressed with drill press vise. I put the whole thing in the forge and heated till brass just started to bubble out. As it heated I was able to crank the press one full turn.
  11. I followed your general process and was able to make my first 21 layer billet of Cu/Brass/NiS mokume. After cutting 1 x 5" strips, I cleaned with vinegar and bar keepers friend. Water rinse then into Isopropyl alcohol.
  12. Sorry couldn't help myself had to go pick some shrooms. I didn't breathe, cough or poop in the woods.
  13. Looking good. If you want to minimize the objects in the background try throwing a canvas drop cloth over the shelves and clutter. I like the low layer damascus.
  14. Maybe incorporate it somehow into an opaki knife handle or karambit sheath
  15. Terrible let me know if I can help with anything
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