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  1. Geoff the rust cleaned up pretty easy. I just thought the pattern it created looked interesting. Here's another one from a while back.
  2. I was forging out a tsuba and left some water on the anvil face. A couple hours later I found this
  3. Nice anvil. I do think you have a hammer addiction and should probably speak to a therapist.
  4. Cool stuff. What anvil do you have there? It looks like your hardy hole is next to the horn?
  5. I always find this tutorial by Cashen very helpful. http://www.cashenblades.com/damascus.html
  6. I forged the 131 gram bearing into an 85 gram blade. I am in the middle of draw filing the spine. Next up is the edge bevel. I also salvaged a Kogatana from the delaminated Damascus.
  7. This is a gorgeous billet and an excellent journey. Thanks for sharing
  8. I would never have the guts to cut such a beautiful piece of wood in 3 pieces. Really quite perfect. I really like how the bevel grind line looks like water.
  9. It was a little phantasmic watching that bearing heat up. Maybe I found my inspiration
  10. I went back to 1.25" ball bearing of 52100 and have a good start on a hidden tang.
  11. Two bubbles of delamination showed up in the blade.
  12. I was thinking of starting with a 1.25" ball bearing. Then I got the idea to go low layer Damascus twist with a few raindrops. Here's my progress from yesterday. I'm feeling a Tanto is the direction I go next if I don't find any delaminations.
  13. Anyone have a source for 1.25" W2 ball bearing
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