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  1. I am impressed with your work. It looks like you are from the Ukraine? I visited this beautiful place back in 90. Would enjoy going back.
  2. Really nice work. I think the sheath alone is worthy of the price you're asking. Curious what type of stone is in the first picture of your copper smelt?
  3. Gary that PH EDC with quilted macrocarpa over buffalo horn is going to be nice. I patinated some copper furniture by quenching in boiling borax to get pink, red and purple colors.
  4. Very helpful. I need more tools. I appreciate you forging this vs stock removal.
  5. Finished up the Camphor burl handle with Tru Oil. It's a little too glossy for my taste but it does have some character. One lesson learned, clear your alignment pin holes of super glue. My first attempt cracked the first handle during assembly and I had to start over.
  6. Looking sweet. Speaking as a New Maker and best laid plans... I have been following your methods, learning and making lots of mistakes.
  7. Finally making some progress on the camphor burl. So far I have found it to be very soft. You can bed alignment pins without drilling any holes, just slow and steady pressure from a screw vise. I'm not sure it will make good handle material since it is very soft. Once I get this shaped, I will try to stabilize. Thanks Joshua for sharing your techniques on finishing handles off blade.
  8. I have collected a few pine burls overthe years. Finally turned this one into a bowl using a Kutzall shaping disc on a grinder. These are fun tools for wood carving https://kutzall.com/products/dish-wheel-extreme-4-1-2-diameter
  9. He is going to love it. I like the hint of a classic tanto shape hiding in the spirit of the design
  10. I like the design but it doesn't seem like a good choice for someone starting a career in forestry. Maybe ask his son what he prefers unless it's a surprise gift
  11. Wow I'm amazed. In the fourth WIP, I thought you had installed glass eyes. Really appreciate you sharing this Rob.
  12. Ford Hallam is doing a series of excellent videos entitled Tsuba School. Here's lesson one. https://youtu.be/79wVi94NKNQ
  13. Dave l don't recommend any welds that aren't absolutely clean. For a finer grain, maybe try material that is 0.005" instead of 0.020". Something you can cut with scissors. The copper I used was that thin and seemed to work well with 4 layer in between the 0.020 " brass and silver.
  14. Really nice. I like the 4" blade a lot. Is the red spacer after the guard copper? If it is, how did you get the color? Great contrast between the three carbon steels.
  15. After two heats, I had a solid billet with some ragged edges to grind down. Thanks for the lesson Joshua.
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