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  1. I've always wanted to try putting a bend in the blade before heat treated and using a hand file to create the fuller. I saw this technique somewhere on the forum.
  2. Could you solder the pieces together while they are flat, shape and then heat to separate the pieces. Or Make a mold from wood or steel and press in a vise.
  3. John you lit the fire with this piece. I also wanted to say thanks for sharing your etching technique.
  4. Nice set of knives Gilbert. Glad to see you made it through surgery. 56 here and I'm having non emergency hernia surgery this morning. I plan to spend my recovery time making 200 plus birch bark spacers. Take it easy
  5. I'm considering their blown burner. Forge looks great too. Let us know your experience if you purchase one. I think you'll be happy with the 5" × 13".
  6. Started working on stacked birch bark Saya. Since the bark is not under compression like a handle, I have been using epoxy to make the sandwich. Only 400 more spacers to go.
  7. Decided to make a tool box so it never gets lost.
  8. Like most of my tools this one went missing. I think it's somewhere on my work bench.
  9. Thermo-Loc https://www.ottofrei.com/Thermo-Loc-Sticks_2?quantity=1&custcol_of_xc_size=3547
  10. Well I appreciate the compliments. I quenched and tempered the fancy exacto knife and tested it's function as a tool by scoring sheet rock for the bathroom. I will clean it up and call it done.
  11. Thanks Brian. I'm not sure it lives up to the quality of work other's are putting out this year. Anyways the twist is done. Just need to sand out some defects and then quench.
  12. My inspiration was squashed when my wife had fractured and dislocated her arm this summer. I did manage to make a KIRIDASHI that will have cubic twist handle. Hopefully a worthy submission and I'm not too late to participate.
  13. Looks like a perfect weight balance and handle shape for chopping through a briar patch or a bamboo forest.
  14. I finished up a mushroom hunting knife with red canvas liner and Yew scales from a 140 year old tree. The scales have 160 growth rings from end to end. When making the sheath, I tried heating it up in the microwave for 15 seconds. That was a really bad idea.
  15. I was fortunate to get a permit this year to harvest a pacific yew. I split the tree into bow staves and have quite a bit of wood left over. If anyone is interested, I can cut to 11 inch lengths and fill a flat rate box and ship for $20. Im hate to see any go to waste. It still needs to be seasoned and dried a bit. Send a private message if interested.
  16. Nice one. The best way to judge your design is to put it to work. If you are interested, I have some Yew wood if you don't like the broomstick Osage.
  17. Thanks everyone. I have researched and read many of the threads on the forum and just got a little sideways on this key requirement. My intentions are to use this pattern to make a draw knife for this year's KITH. If I don't run out of steam, I will cut the WI in half length wise. From there I can forge weld a longer section on the spine for the extended handles. Then forge down closer to blade width, refine the teeth and finish with a wolf tooth forge weld.
  18. Making my brain hurt so I got out some playdo to imagine what could happen. Very distorted indeed. I may have to rethink this one.
  19. I'm attempting to make a wolf tooth billet from 7/8" WI bar forge welded to high carbon steel. I used one bar to forge in 4 teeth per inch. Each tooth is 4mm deep. I cleaned up the forge scale and was wondering if I'm on the right path? I was considering getting some 3/4" W2 round bar and hand forging the round bar into the teeth. Anyone have some critique or suggestions I would appreciate it.
  20. Here is some inspiration for this year's tool in the hat. Maybe Daniel will sign up and make another ruler. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/36911-pattern-welded-ruler-with-silver-and-copper-inlays/&tab=comments#comment-359848
  21. Alex Now that we've decided on shop tools can I put in a short wish list for what I need? Maybe someone will take pity on me and I can pay it forward to someone else on the list. Just saying that not everyone has a machine shop. I personally would like to ask Santa for guillotine dies for a Cloverdale guillotine. Next on my list would be machine lathed pommel nuts or a center scribe for marking blade edges. In return I could hand forge dividers, Kiridashi or bladesmith tongs. Feel free to kick me off the island. Doug
  22. Stupid question. What are the tools hanging on the steel rail in the photo labeled, "the plan"?
  23. Excellent! I'm amazed you accomplished this in a mere fortnight.
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