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  1. Ok, I spent the evening ripping off the Winkler Compact Axe. I added more finger grooves. But other than that I think it is pretty close. I will cut it out of AR400 this weekend because it is what I have handy. I will see how it feels. The finished product will have a higher carbon content. I'm looking into welding D2 for the cutting edge. I will add black walnut scales for the grip. About welding the cutting edge. I could just do a straight line. However, I am considering cutting the two pieces like puzzle pieces so they are locked before the weld. It probably only means more work for me. I like the idea of the pieces being locked and a longer weld. This is the flat pattern. Opinions?
  2. Huh! That is a clever idea. I have loads of mild steel.
  3. I am using the Winkler Compact Axe as my inspiration. The dimensions are: Head length 5 1/2" Overall length: 10 7/8" I notice the blade thickness is 3/8" https://winklerknives.com/collections/axes/products/wk-rnd-compact-axe?variant=4219610562583 I am happy to let someone else treat it for me at this point. I don't have the equipment yet. We will have ceramic kilns online soon. Those should reach heat treating temps, but they are unavailable at this time.
  4. The goal is for it to be a conceal carry tomahawk. So, I'd like it to have a keen edge. I don't think it will have enough mass for a wood chopping hatchet. That will require a different project. So what do you suggest for a steel containing 55 points of carbon. My local steel guy has D2. https://www.hudsontoolsteel.com/site/products Thanks!
  5. OK, good intel. I can do it from 3/8" 4140. I like some of the mass/weight relief Ryan Johnson has on his. They almost look drop forged.
  6. Hello, I am considering a lazy man's tomahawk. I would cut the profile on the CNC plasma cutter. The profile would include the handle. (Full tang tomahawk?) Then grind away what I don't want and temper it. Any pointers? Steel selection? I figure 1/8" would be thick enough. 1/4" would be too much. Thank you, ß!
  7. Hello, I've have wanted a forge at our maker space for years. There is a large demand for bladesmithing. I'd like to build a large-ish forge to accommodate a variety of projects. We have access to plenty of oil burning furnace parts here in New England. I like that diesel is more convenient and safer to handle than propane. Can anyone suggest a set of plans for a forge that would meet this criteria? We have a CNC plasma cutter and welding equipment. So it won't be too difficult to fabricate once a design is decided upon. Thank you, ß!
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