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  1. Geez, looks like annealing is the missing piece. Going to try that in the morning. Thx everyone!
  2. I've seen folks use portable band saws with tables to cut out there knives. I recently picked up a portaband with swag offroad table however I've can trying to cut into 1095 and it's almost impossible to cut. I picked up 24tti and 10/14tti blades. 24 is useless, 10/14 is ok but am I doing something wrong? What is your setup with a portable band saw and what blades would you recommend? The steel I'm attempting to cut hasn't been heat treated. Just plan 1095. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  3. There is a bit of an issue with using an ammo can. A majority of them are not sealed enough and using some kind of compound isnt meant to be used under liquid for a long period of time. If anyone is interested I am picking this up: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Knife-Blade-QUENCH-TANK-Heavy-Duty-Pro-Quality-2-Sizes-Available-blacksmith/303033148282?hash=item468e2ee37a:m:m812Wa47vfaXSki6TkcGBoA:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!78109!US!-1&frcectupt=true
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies! Much appreciated. Need to turn on notifications now.
  5. So this will be my first official quench but my question is, since this will be a quench at home using oil, what do I use to put the oil in so I can get it up to temp before the quench? I was thinking of using a ammo can as I have a few of them lying around. How would I go about getting the oil up to temp safely? Thx
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