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Nepal Khukuri (Khukuri Craft Nepal) is a best kukri (Khukuri) manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer (factory and store) from Nepal. It was established under the name of "Khukuri Craft Pvt. Ltd” and registered on the company register office with the endeavor of wholesaling, supplying and retailing the genuine kukris, Its running by Bishwokarma (Kami) family, we has been producing a variety of kukris for the past 15 years, during which we have produced and exported more than 1000 pieces (per month) of kukris making us one of the leading kukri producers in Nepal. Realizing the quality of our products. Our product regular exports in abroad countries include U.S.A, Canada, different countries in Europe, Australia and other countries. All our products are made by the very best, skilled and traditional makers of the kukri (Khukuri), producing always the best genuine Gurkha Khukuris in Nepal.

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