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  1. Namaste, i am Ambar from Nepal, i am new here, we are kukri (nepali knife) maker, so i will teach more about bladesmiths..

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    2. Ethan Kempf

      Ethan Kempf

      I'd love to see your process, what kind of tooling you're using, etc. How long has your shop been established for?

    3. Ambar Bahadur Bishwokarma

      Ambar Bahadur Bishwokarma

      thanks sir, yes i start to upload pictures, we working around 15 years making and selling handmade kukries, 

    4. Sean McWilliams

      Sean McWilliams

      I have always wondered: what is the purpose of the two notches in the blade near the handle? Most Kukri's have them.

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