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  1. Thank you. Was originally just something to play around with. Now I've got some guy at work wanting one for their wives. Should give me a chance to refine the concept some. Gots an idea for the next one anyway
  2. Been busy with other work. But this is a thing a ma jiggy. But my wife likes it & has laid claim to it for her kitchen. She's vegan and needed a veggie killer she said. Wished it would have etched darker. Something I've struggled with is retaining a dark etch.
  3. Dug some cut offs out of the ole scrap bin to mess around with in a canister. Had no real goal or plan in mind for a end product, just something to play with while waiting for my waterjet guy to do his job (he's slow as molasses, but free is a price I want complain about). 1095 / 15n20 twist bars in the corners & a strip of 15n20 in the middle with 1084 powder to fill everything out. In a 7ga 2" x 2" can. I've never tried a can under a power hammer before & I still think a press would be better. But this is so much better than by hand. Forged together & drawn out & bent. I really dont much like dining kitchen choppers in damascus, as there's to many little obnoxious spots to file/ sand. But whatever. What's done is done. Started hand filing but didnt picture it. Chasing a cold shunt I didnt notice sooner.
  4. Kinda what I figured the answer would be. Was just hoping someone had better google-fu than myself. Most places just give me a blank dazed look when I even ask them about a swiss pattern file.
  5. More specifically. I'm looking for well assorted set of swiss pattern files in particular. Not needle files. I've got plenty of those. But full size files in the 8" to 16" range of length. I prefer the swiss pattern for finish filing. All mine are getting long in the tooth so to say. I've always bought one at a time as I find them, but would like to just get a set this time & save myself some time. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. You sir have acquired one of my dream items with that double horn. You have excellent taste. A gentleman not to far from me has a 350# soderfors which I drool over as well. But I'm still happy with my kohlswa for now. Congratulations. It's a beautiful chunk of steel.
  7. Purdy. Eager to see it finished. One of these days I need to come see your shop. Not like your one the other side of the world or anything.
  8. Figured it'd be something funky like that. Could probably cut something on the waterjet at work, but not really worth it to me. Least it was free.
  9. I went to a machinist acquaintance of mine looking for a small chunk of W1 for a project. I didnt score any W1 but he did give me some CPM 10v (smaller piece) & M4 (bigger piece). I dont particularly know what to do with either. I'm not finding much on the site about the 10v & essentially nothing about the M4 (probably searching wrong). Can anyone tell me how to work this stuff or if I should even try?
  10. True. I was just fooling with this. I've never worked 1075 before (always 1084 & 1095) & was worried about breaking the welds, so I didn't push it. Practice breeds confidence, so maybe on the next one. I've also had a strong desire to try to do some Merovingian pattern....
  11. Was kinda thinking broken seax myself.
  12. New stack & I've no idea what to do with it. Stopped by they local steel supply the other day for some 1095 for a job & surprisingly they had some 1074/75 material as well. Ive never worked with 1075 before & I think I'm in love. It like it wants to stick to 15n20 on it's own. Any who, started as 9 layers 1075 / 15n20 4" L x 1.5" W x 1 something tall. Drawn out to 8" and twisted a few times. Then drawn to 16". Squared & cut in half and stacked side by side. Then welded again. Ground to 240 & etched for 20 minutes. I'm gonna lose an inch from the end with the bolt due to an inclusion probably. Right now its sitting at 2"W x 12"L x 3/8" thick. I've got no idea where to go with this metal. Ideas?
  13. Tool holder. But of a poor design in my opinion. Can't change a bottom die without removing it first.
  14. Thank you. There's definitely a learning curve with it. But the wife ordered me a bunch of 15n20 today, so I'll be experimenting with it a lot. Yes, it does give me a fright on occasion. This should keep me from getting cocky & tearing something up.
  15. Changed the clutch material. Went with some leather instead of canvas. It works right well once it got broke in a little. Can hit with a slight tap to faster than I can keep up almost. First bar with the power hammer. 40ish layers of 15n20 & 1095.
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