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  1. Knew I'd forgotten to put a picture in there. I havent done enough cannister damascus to have real good idea when to cut the can. More or less just intuition at this point for me. I'm slowly gathering materials to build a press which should greatly aid with cannisters & most other forging for that matter.
  2. Finally got enough other crap done & stuff to show up to get going on this. Decided to do some 1084 & random odds and inns 15n20 cannister damascus. Used a piece of 50mm x 50mm square tube, 75mm or so long. Went this way for one simple reason. Got a new welder & I wanted to play with it, so I made a can. A birthday present to myself, that I've been waiting on for years. The old one was a super turd. Got into the fire last night to do the initial weld & yup, this works so much better with the new forge. I still wish I had a press. Today I squared it up, drew it out,
  3. I was planning to fit it to her at 250-255mm OAL. So I'd have a bit to play with. She likes the Texas Ebony a lot. So its a solid choice, but I've found a new peice of wood this morning. Needed to kill a few minutes waiting on a loading dock. Walked over to the wood shop & found this. Haven't found any this nice locally in a long time.
  4. Primarily for just general use. She thinks paring knives to be to small & chefs knives to be to big. So I'm hoping to land in the middle somewhere. She's not a big woman & has delicate hands. Add in one arm that's all but useless, kitchen jobs give her a lot of grief. I'm hoping a blade suited to her will help her to get some self esteem & confidence back. Since invariably someone will ask, she's got nerve damage from an illness that affects her left arm. Sometimes it works, other times it don't. Ive got a whole trees worth of maple out back I've been working through.
  5. So I've been absolutely squat lately while waiting on some new equipment to show up. I decided to give some attention to a shelved project for the wife. I'm really hoping a new kitchen knife will help soften the blow when the price tag of my nifty new welder hits the bank statement. I'm not very hopeful though when combined with the new forge as well. Anywho. This is for her, since the little heathens keep "losing" her kitchen knives. It's one of the first blade shaped things I forged a while back & then got side tracked by people who'd pay for stuff. Can't remember what type steel. Probab
  6. I have on one machinist forum, but I don't believe it was that one. I'll have to check. Thank you.
  7. Good catch. I'm hoping to stay at 1hp since that is what it already is. But I'm not set in stone on that. I'll give the site you showed a look. Ebay has been a busy. I can find spindles but no motors so far.
  8. Afternoon folks. I've got myself a grinder problem that is rather far outside of my realm of knowledge that I'm at a stand still. Some background: A few weeks back I bought a old used surface grinder from a machine shop acquaintance of mine. He had bought a new surface grinder as this one was always under powered for his needs (I now know why). He was going to just pitch the whole thing in the scrap bin & be done with it. Mag chuck & all. Now I like putting my blades on a mag chuck for filing. Also good for taking the occasional slight warp from a blade right after he
  9. My humble addition. My little little one man smithy (mostly blacksmithing & now working into blades) is called Florentine Fire. The art & craft of the Italian renaissance has been a inspiration to me since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Especially that originating in the city of Florence. So my mark is also a tribute to the city. Was adding a FF on either side, but it looked tacky.
  10. For what its worth, I've been using a big 16" Brazilian made Nicholson half round single cut pipe fitters file for rough stock removal for several years now. Its held up well through my stupidity (wasn't always night enough to grind off or vinegar soak the scale first). I've also been happy with German made Pferd files for general work. But I'm starting to see the occasional non German made file from them. Don't know about those personally. Good thread.
  11. That's pretty. I like it. Wenge definitely does like to splinter out. I've moved to using high speed cutters in a dremel to work it, verses chisel & scrapping. I love it with an oil finish after it darkens up some more.
  12. Yes sir, that is what it says. Carving Wenge is known to me. I've used for several scabbards in the past. With fair to middling results. The Texas ebony is a newer one to me. I've never personally worked it as yet. But I'm somewhat eager to give it a go. Except for the price of screwing it up. The stuff sure ain't cheap. Wood work is an old hobby of mine. I made gunstocks & pistol grips once apon a time. I'll probably stick to the Wenge since this is for a friend & I'm more comfortable with it. Then use the Texan ebony for something personal.
  13. So a friend of mine has been bitten by the genealogy bug & is wanting a Sgian dubh to go with his new kilt. Me being me, I said I'd give it a go. I'm always willing to screw up in new and interesting ways. Its how I learn. Taking advice from others here, I've tried drawing something out first. Please forgive my poor artistic abilities. Drawing has never been a strong suit for me. Hopefully everything is in the picture & please feel free to shoot holes in my design. I've never done ones of these before. I plan to light the coal tonight. Thank you
  14. Oh no sir. I didn't take it as a personal attack. Not in the least. Ive got two 15 year old daughters for that. They be vicious!! I ask for criticism & critiques from those who have a better eye than mine, so I know where to work towards improvment.
  15. I'd like to say that it looks worse in the picture than in person. But that would be a half truth. The phone camera does suck, but wasn't given leave to do a few things I wanted to which I think would have helped. I don't like the guard. It detracts from the whole thing. Doesn't flow at all in my opinion, but its what the kid wanted & he was paying. So who am I to argue. Much. I wanted to polish and rust blue the blade. Would have been a nice contrast with the lighter tone of the wood. He wanted something simple to touch up finish wise though. Not sure it gets easier tha
  16. Been lurking here many a moon soaking up y'alls info. So I figured I may as well share something of my own. So here is my 1st posting here. Made for a feller at work to replace a skinner he lost in the woods. He wanted something with a short blade & a fat belly. With a guard of some sort (I'm not thrilled with the guard). Started with a 1/2" thick chunk of 5160 2"x4" or so. Forged to the rough general shape. Kinda over grown puukko ish in shape. Went with a hidden tang, despite that I hate making them. Ground it to the final shape & profile before normalizing again
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