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  1. I'm a complete beginner and my first blade warped all to heck during the quench. I looked at YouTube videos, but would really like to be mentored by a more experienced smith. Anyone in or close to Collin County, Texas? And if so would you be open to helping me learn more? Thanks in advance.
  2. Jon Fisher

    Issues with drill bits in 1095

    Thanks to everyone. I did the whole sub-critical heat then air cool and it worked. I bought an Irwin cobalt bit and went through the second hole like butter. First hole must have been hardened. Now I'm stuck with a edge that keeps rolling. Time for a second quench I guess.
  3. Jon Fisher

    Issues with drill bits in 1095

    It was air cooled after every heating up while forging, but not quenched. Makes sense on maybe a hard spot but would that do that on only aircooled? I'm basically drilling holes before the quench for handle construction. Is the speed too low or high? I tried a few different speeds, no go. Have not tried straight flute carbide bits, but I will. Any particular brand better than others? I'm a beginner and have not attempted 1095 before, so any advice would be helpful. Sorry cant give you more details other than what I said above.
  4. Jon Fisher

    Issues with drill bits in 1095

    Hey all, Thanks for the add. So I am burning up some drill bits on 1095. I have my speed at 550 RPM. Any advice on a good bit that will last at least a bit longer and feedback on my speed. Appreciate the advice in advance.