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  1. I'm a complete beginner and my first blade warped all to heck during the quench. I looked at YouTube videos, but would really like to be mentored by a more experienced smith. Anyone in or close to Collin County, Texas? And if so would you be open to helping me learn more? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks to everyone. I did the whole sub-critical heat then air cool and it worked. I bought an Irwin cobalt bit and went through the second hole like butter. First hole must have been hardened. Now I'm stuck with a edge that keeps rolling. Time for a second quench I guess.
  3. It was air cooled after every heating up while forging, but not quenched. Makes sense on maybe a hard spot but would that do that on only aircooled? I'm basically drilling holes before the quench for handle construction. Is the speed too low or high? I tried a few different speeds, no go. Have not tried straight flute carbide bits, but I will. Any particular brand better than others? I'm a beginner and have not attempted 1095 before, so any advice would be helpful. Sorry cant give you more details other than what I said above.
  4. Hey all, Thanks for the add. So I am burning up some drill bits on 1095. I have my speed at 550 RPM. Any advice on a good bit that will last at least a bit longer and feedback on my speed. Appreciate the advice in advance.
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