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  1. i could build one if i could source all the metal for a build, it would just take me a while since i only have the weekend to do anything. the only thing that would be difficult for me is the welding. i can weld good but i have never welded anything that absolutely needed to stay together, it was all small things. i dont know how my welds would hold up with thicker steel and plus the vibration of t he hammer.
  2. a tire hammer does sound more feasible for me but i dont think i would be able to deal with those guys. not that i have an issue with them just when i checked out raymon's page it said you have to pick up the machine, i am guessing at his place, in alabama. i unfortunately dont have that kind of time to make that kind of trip. not to mention the gear i would need to transport it back home. thats not something thats doable for me. i appreciate the info but i think i would need something closer.
  3. doesnt seem that bad. at least, the smaller end is decent. 6k for this one https://www.anyangusa.net/33-lb.-hs-hammer.html. i think a tire hammer or a smaller version of that would be ideal for me though, i dont have an actual worshop so i need something i can move if i have to.
  4. unfortunately buy once and cry once is not feasible for me when i have to save up from nothing. if i had 10k in my bank and could afford it sure, buy it once and be done with it. it'll make the money back. i dont have anything near 10k. i dont have anything near 5k. reason i am pricing things out now is so i know what i have to save to. this logic, while understandable, is only good to people who have the money to be able to buy it in the first place. also, 3k is a lot easier to save to than 26k that some real nice power hammers go for.
  5. I'm hoping someone can give me some info on where to find power hammers. i'm looking for something on the smaller side, slightly more heavy duty than a treadle hammer but not a monstrous 20,000 dollar beast. as much as i would love to give building something like this a go, i have next to no time. my forging has been reduced to the weekend as my day job takes up the entire week. anyone from the new england area know anyone who makes power hammers, price range i am hoping for is between 1000 and 3000. trying to price things out now so i know what to expect later. thank you.
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