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  1. “BTW, nice furniture “ Thanks Brian! Some of that wood is probably 200 years old! Some one else will have to help with the quote. You lost me! Aaron
  2. I was curious becouse it dose make a great hawk or hammer handle!! My dad he’s home with a woodburning furnace. His word choice is Osage Orange. I am always pulling pieces out that I think I can use when I’m visiting. Actually we were cutting out some Osage Orange today down in a gully so we could run some cattle fencing through. Picture of the trunk I’m saving! I was just looking at your profile Alan to see where in the US you were located. Historically my family settled in your area Tennessee. I understand there’s quite a few Gouges in that area thought I don’t know any of them! Great grandpa moved to Illinois to farm but when my grandpa retired from farming they bought a property close to Elizabethton. Both grandma and grandpa are buried in the family cemetery in that area.
  3. Alan do you ever use Osage on your tomahawk handles?
  4. Thanks all for your positive feed back!! Josh I wanted to make a larger historical blade and the Dirk really caught my eye. My family was from Scotland a long time ago so I figured I’d give it a try!! Dirks are such a cool blade! Alan the Osage was a bit of a bear to carve. This is the first carving project I have done in probably 17 years. Last project I carved was out of Bolivian Guyacan or Leguma vita as I think it’s called here. The shaping of the handle before carving was all done with a farrier rasp and then files. I may have to make a Shian Dubh to go with it!!
  5. I’m a little late to this but oh boy we have had a lot going on!! Because four out of the six in my family had a bad bout with pneumonia in February and March we decided to evacuate Ecuador and sit out the virus in rural Kentucky. So we put a garden in. We eat a lot of eggs so why not get a few chickens! Well buying chickens leads to needing a place to keep them so I built a chicken tractor. Also I have been working on furniture to make the house more comfortable. It helps when your dad has a pile of old barn wood!!
  6. So I do a lot of reading on this forum and occasionally ask questions. You all have been a big help to me in my blade making! So thank you for all your tips that helped me complete this project. So many first on this one! Thanks Jake Cleland and Alan for answers to parts of the build that were totally new to me! Blade is forged from the leaf springs of a 94 Chevy. Blade is 9 5/8“ long and 3/16 at the spine. Handle is Osage Orange from my fathers farm. So after 1 1/2 years I can call it finished!!
  7. Thanks Allan! It’s been a very tedious build. Largest and most complex I’ve done up to date. A lot of firsts on this one. I am pleased with it.
  8. So I know it’s been a couple of months but life has been crazy!! So I went with the Sil Fos and it has worked great!! Finally have the Dirk and scabbard all finished up!! Thank you for all your advice!! Aaron
  9. Thanks Joshua for chiming in. I appreciate your insight. So right now I only have my eye and a magnet for my heat control when doing the heat treat. The next one I may try to soak for a few minutes but don’t want to over heat it. I was counting on my thermal cycles to help refine grain before fine quench. I know without the soak I am not achieving full potential but as my skills grow and I have more time to play with O1 I hope to be able to give it a soak. The stove I am using is a gas stove. I like the sand in the tray idea. What size tray? I guess that may depend on the knife. How about how deep of a layer of sand? Good to know about the not bending unless it’s had a really hight temper. My family picked up a terrible bacteria that has lead to pneumonia for my wife and one son. Broncistas with the begging of pneumonia for anther son and thankfully with a 3rd son we knew what was going on and have been able to stop it before it was out of control. So I have not had time to finish grinding the blade down to final thickness yet. So no results on a brass rod test. Looking forward to how this one turns out and improving the next one!! I would like to be able to dial in on the O1 since it’s the only knife steel I have found available here in Ecuador. Although I was looking through Bohlers web site here and it seems they have 52100 available. I need to call to confirm. Thanks again
  10. Temper color after 1 two hour temper at 455F.
  11. Thank Jake for chiming in. Would you say one 2 hour cycle at 450? I would include a pice of the cupón as well to see how it dose after one temper cycle. Aaron
  12. Thanks billyO. We actually had a pan full of potatoes, carrots and chicken in the oven with the nife for the second temper cycle. But I will keep that in mind for the future.
  13. Alan that makes sense. Yes I am familiar with the brass rod test. So I guess I will continue on with grinding the blade. If it seems to brittle on the brass rod back to the oven. If it goes back to the oven I will try to find a better thermometer. Should I try 1 more 2 hour cycle at 400? Aaron
  14. Thanks Alex and Alan! So the oven just has a knob dial in Celsius. I do have a thermometer in the oven but it’s not the best quality... it was reading at 400F. The knob was set at about 240c witch should be 460F but this oven dose not reach as hot as the knob says it dose. It takes longer to cook things than it should. Some of that is from being at 9,000” above sea leave thought. Should I try to find another oven thermometer before I do much grinding to double check? Or do I move forward with grinding and try the brass rod test like Alex suggested? Aaron
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