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  1. I have some brass plate, almost the same thickness as the guard, I also have a belt grinder ;-)
  2. So this is where I’m at! Knife is done other than needing sharpened! Have my leather sheath made and formed! Need to work on the throat and chape. My sheath ended up being about 3/16 too wide at the base of the blade. Thinking I will glue some leather strips into the fold of the sheath to take up that slop. With that thought in mind I’m thinking about creating a throat with a top plate, to hide my leather spacers. My brass for the throat is .025 thick. Was contemplating making the top plate a little thicker… maybe twice as thick… Any thoughts?
  3. Not liking the selection of frog posts/stud that were available I did a quick and dirty of my own! Most of the sheaths that I have seen from the era had a much wider and flatter post/stud. Mine vers Tandy’s
  4. Thanks Alan that was super helpful! Have you been able to examine any originals? Do you know if the post for the frog was braised on or was it more of a rivet like the modern ones?
  5. Thanks for all the info Alan! I will look for some of Jake’s posts. I can understand the brass pins around the throat but how to line the pins up on the chape! It seems about impossible to feed a brass staple through the leather and into the chape… Aaron
  6. I was afraid you might say that Alan! I’m gonna go with country blacksmith….. I guess the only reason I would say that is the overall way the knife is fit together. If you look close at the junction of the garde and ferrule there’s some pretty significant gapping. Also, the guard was fit pretty loose to the blade. A metal shim was pounded through the guard into the handle to tighten things up. You can see a little bit of the shim sticking out in the picture. So are thier any good WIPS on making a throat and chape on a leather sheath? I’ve only ever made a throat and cheap for a dirk scabbard. Aaron
  7. So…. I am working on recreating a dagger that was found on the Civil War Battlefield of Perryville. It dose not have a sheath but I would like to make one for my recreation. Any experts in Civil War era dagger sheaths? Or just personal options? From what I have see on the net sheaths we’re kind of all over the place….center seam, side seams, brass throat and chape… Pics show original and my recreation. Thanks Aaron
  8. Hey Allen, at one point I remember seeing a post by you on the files you use on your hawks. Can’t find it now! A little help please? 

    1. Alan Longmire
    2. Aaron Gouge

      Aaron Gouge

      Thanks Allan!! That was the one! 

  9. Alan I like your cold lead idea!! I will give it some thought! I usually use GFlex epoxy. I may mix in some metal dust from my belt grinder into the GFlex that I put in the ferrule. Well see.
  10. So here’s where I’m at! Handle is pretty much ready to glue on! The guard has no movement to it. That said there are little gaps visible from the blade side. Do I use some stay bright silver solder on it before glueing the handle on?
  11. Had a friend figure out the torch for me…I must not have the magic touch. Guard is brazed on!! Working on the handle fit up.
  12. Things work so much better when you have the right tool! Borrowed my friends portable torch set. Did a practice run on my scrap pieces. Success!! But the oxygen tank ran empty, not a big deal because my friend sent me a full spare. Hooked up the full spare and I wasn’t getting any flow. No pressure at all to the torch. Pulled valve off and there was junk inside the regulator filter. There was also junk in the mouth of the tank! Cleaned things out but still not working! Did I just ruin his regulator?
  13. So my buddy is letting me borrow his portable torch l at some point today. I could not get it hotter with my hand torch. Keep you all posted.
  14. I don’t think I’m achieving enough heat with my hand torch…. Every time I do it the pieces of brazing rod turn into a puddle right on the edge of the inside of the tube. But it doesn’t flow in at at. It just sits there. One little tap of the backside of the wrought iron on my post vice and the tube steel falls off. Calling it a night until I get more feedback. I may see if I can borrow a friends portable torch set.
  15. So how hard should I be able to manhandle this thing if I did a good job with my brazing? I’m shifting over to a practice piece to try and figure out what I’m doing wrong. Want to know what my tests for success should be?
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