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  1. Still haven’t tried the coffee yet. I did give the knife to my sister though. She seemed pleased!
  2. Thanks Allan, Never having made or used a etched blade I was not sure what to expect. So the cold blue will help keep the dark on the carbon steel longer? I may buy some instant coffee just to see what that dose. This knife is going with my sister to Argentina. So having a simple and cheap way to keep it looking fresh would be ideal. Aaron
  3. Good morning all. I hope your weekend is off to a good start! I’ve done a lot of reading on the form related to general etching of Damascus steel. Yet I haven’t found a lot related to San Mai. Also have no past experience damascus as I’m just now dabbling in forge welding . When I etched this knife I did about 5 1 minute long soaks in ferric chloride. Between soaks lightly scrubbing with a little bit of baking powder and neutralizing with Windex. Top pictures is the finished look. I used the knife over Fourth of July weekend to prepare a large batch of ceviche. Second picture is after that w
  4. Thanks guys! This is what I assumed but wanted to ask. I knew y’all would know :-) As always thanks!
  5. So many of you this may be a silly question yet here go :-) this is my first time working with some stabilized wood. It’s curly mango. I have it sounded to about 300. I’m not 100% sold on handle shape. Would like to use the knife some before final finish on the handle. It’s a kitchen knife. Any hazards with using it for a week in the kitchen before final finish? thanks
  6. We had a tree in Bolivia that they called Palo Diablo. It was a tree that Edison biotic relationship with ants. You never found the tree without the ants. The ants were a 3/8” long skinny almost translucent red fire ant. The branches of the tree and trunk were hollow. Had a little holes in them and ants lived inside the tree. They would kill every plant underneath the tree, it would be just dirt. If you unknowingly bumped the tree and shook it the answered come out and drop down on you. There’s stings hurt like a son of a gun!! It’s rumored that a indigenous tribe would tie their wife’s to the
  7. Well I cut into the wheel rim yesterday. I did a beak test as well as etched it. It is not a wrought iron rim! :-( so that’s aggravating!!
  8. Thanks once again Alan! That would make sense that the hub lining would be cast. I might offer them 10 bucks apiece on the cultivators. If they turn out not to be wrought then hopefully I could at least resell them for that much :-)
  9. So I went ahead and bought a complete wagon wheel today. The smaller bands around the hub I could see the scarf welds. I couldn’t locate any indication of welding on the main rim. I’m at home now and have the rim off of what remained of the the wooden wheel. Still can’t locate any forge welds on it. Couple more questions for you all. Number one any idea what kind of steel the shaft in the middle of the hub is? Also he had 2 old little cultivators. They look like they would of been horse drawn. I was wondering if they might also be rought iron. If you look at the picture of the one that is pret
  10. I love seeing your work Jake! So clean!!
  11. I was at a Peddlers Mall yesterday burning some time between meeting with clients. One of the little booths actually had a wrought iron wagon wheel rim for sale. They were asking $35. Another day I may see if they would come down on their price some. This afternoon Im going to look at a wagon wheel listed on Facebook marketplace about 10 minutes from where I live. We’ll see if it seems to be wrought for not. I was actually given the latch from a old KY tabaco barn last week. The kid where you have a strap with a loop on both doors. Both pieces were wrought.
  12. Thanks Vlegski! I will remember that. It makes sense but not necessarily something you would think about or through first time around!
  13. As always Allan, that’s super helpful! What kind of price are any of you willing to pay per wheel?
  14. Hey all, I hope you’ve had a good Saturday! Was out this morning cruising some antique stores with the family. We drove by one that specialized in outdoor decorations. They were some old wooden wagon wheels with metal rims. Never having really been up close to one before it surprised me how thick the rims were. They were a good 3/8 thick. I know I’ve read on this form that the rims are a good source of wrought iron. Is there any kind of parameter to look for in buying old wagon wheels for the wrought iron rim? I guess if it’s an old wooden wheel and it has a metal rim what are my % o
  15. Thanks Allan!! That is super helpful!! I ran into Simeon England at a muzzleloader event a few months back. We talked quite a while about early American hawks. I surprised me how small the cutting edge was on most early hawks.
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