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  1. That is what I have tried to do with this Hudson Bay Camp knife.I still have some hand sanding to do as well as seal the handle.
  2. As always you guys are super helpful!! C Craft I actually have one of the books ordered and another soon. The two I am starting with we’re also recommended in another forum. Don, thanks for your insightful reply. In my college years I did some Civil War reenacting. I am very familiar with the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah well it could’ve been. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yeah but did you know….;-) at this point I don’t plan to do any reenacting. But I have connections to colonial era, mountain man and civil war reenacting communities. I thought if I cou
  3. Hey all, Have more recently been interested in knives of colonial-fur trade era knives. A couple books I have seen for sale are “Knives of Homespun America” and “ American Primitive knives of 1770-1870” Wondered if any of guys had read them? Preferences? Or other sources of information on early American knives would be great. Thanks
  4. Thanks Allan. I have some leaf spring steel around so that should work well for a comparison. “Actually what you want is not to abuse a perfectly good tool by throwing it at stuff, but I digress... “ I hear you. I use a knife for slicing chores. A machetes or hatchet for chopping chores. I will say that a tomahawk thunking into a chunk of word is a pleasing sound! Aaron
  5. Allan and any others At the less than 45 Rockwell range what kind of edge holding are we talking about when using it to cut wood? I think this one will mostly be thrown. Just trying to gather as much information as possible. Is there another hardness that could be recommend for a hawk that would be more for chopping with some throwing? Also since I don’t have a rock roll tester. I want another piece of steel I can run a file down to help with pitch and feeling of metal in the 45 Rockwell hardness. Any thoughts? Aaron
  6. Help with edge hardness on tomahawk! So I have a tomahawk that I just re-forged the bit. I made it two years ago for my cousin’s husband. He throws it a lot. When throwing it at a pallet he hit a large nail head and put a sizable chip in the blade. He continued to use it and eventually broke a corner off the blade off. It broke on impact when pitted against a seasoned Cherry log round. So now it has been reforged and he treated. Tempered for 2 two hours cycles at 400°. This particular hawk is made from an older American ball peen hammer. So not sure what metal. I also blue backed the
  7. Hey Wayne, I am just east of Danville. I have a Lancaster address but live at a point not much farther from Danville than Lancaster.
  8. Hey all, So long story short. I am in central KY about 30 min south of Lexington due to Covid. Most fo my forging and knife making tools are still in Ecuador. I am especially missing my 2x72 belt grinder. I am working on 3 knives as Christmas presents for family members. Though i do have access to a belt grinder its platen is not the most desirable. Also it is permanently attached to my brothers work truck so it availability is not regular. Are any of you all in Lexington KY area and willing to let a fellow smith use your belt grinder. I have my own belts I can bring . They should
  9. Hey all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! So I am looking for a used 2X72 belt grinder. Are their any smiths in KY who are downsizing or upgrading that would be looking to sell a belt grinder? Looking for something in the $450 range. Thank for your time Aaron
  10. Thanks Jerrod! I wondered if it was not going to be useful for knife making. I will probably just pitch it.
  11. Good morning all, I recently had a friend give me some lengths if metal band saw blades that are made of M42. Ive not found much info regarding its usefulness for forging into knives. I assume that is because pro vers con it’s not a good choice. Any of you have experience with forging and heat treating M42? Would it be useful in a San Mai blade. Thanks
  12. Garry, I like that idea if wet sanding but here’s the catch. With the two wood colors that could go south real quick.
  13. Garry, Are you using pure tung oil of a tung oil finish?
  14. Good morning all, This may be somewhat of a silly question but do any of you do a low sheen or non-polished superglue finish on knife handles? I’m working on a small hunter with Wenge and African Padauk. Up to this point I have always used pure tongue oil cut with citrus solvents on my knife handles. But because of the open grain poors in these two woods that’s a bit of a concern. I guess I just don’t like those little holes open to be filled with crud and gunk. I’m not a huge fan..... OK the superglue finish looks amazing on certain knives with the high polish but that’s
  15. I’m not one who loves to mow the yard. Maybe that’s because I’ve never had a nice lawn! :-) Anyways when we lived outside Salem Oregon I would stop mowing grass before the Fourth of July and not start again until the end of September!! Friends are like you need to water your grass it’s dying. I be like no then I would have to mow it! We did have to water the garden quite a bit though to keep the vegetables growing
  16. “BTW, nice furniture “ Thanks Brian! Some of that wood is probably 200 years old! Some one else will have to help with the quote. You lost me! Aaron
  17. I was curious becouse it dose make a great hawk or hammer handle!! My dad he’s home with a woodburning furnace. His word choice is Osage Orange. I am always pulling pieces out that I think I can use when I’m visiting. Actually we were cutting out some Osage Orange today down in a gully so we could run some cattle fencing through. Picture of the trunk I’m saving! I was just looking at your profile Alan to see where in the US you were located. Historically my family settled in your area Tennessee. I understand there’s quite a few Gouges in that area thought I don’t know any of them! Gr
  18. Alan do you ever use Osage on your tomahawk handles?
  19. Thanks all for your positive feed back!! Josh I wanted to make a larger historical blade and the Dirk really caught my eye. My family was from Scotland a long time ago so I figured I’d give it a try!! Dirks are such a cool blade! Alan the Osage was a bit of a bear to carve. This is the first carving project I have done in probably 17 years. Last project I carved was out of Bolivian Guyacan or Leguma vita as I think it’s called here. The shaping of the handle before carving was all done with a farrier rasp and then files. I may have to make a Shian Dubh to go with it!!
  20. I’m a little late to this but oh boy we have had a lot going on!! Because four out of the six in my family had a bad bout with pneumonia in February and March we decided to evacuate Ecuador and sit out the virus in rural Kentucky. So we put a garden in. We eat a lot of eggs so why not get a few chickens! Well buying chickens leads to needing a place to keep them so I built a chicken tractor. Also I have been working on furniture to make the house more comfortable. It helps when your dad has a pile of old barn wood!!
  21. So I do a lot of reading on this forum and occasionally ask questions. You all have been a big help to me in my blade making! So thank you for all your tips that helped me complete this project. So many first on this one! Thanks Jake Cleland and Alan for answers to parts of the build that were totally new to me! Blade is forged from the leaf springs of a 94 Chevy. Blade is 9 5/8“ long and 3/16 at the spine. Handle is Osage Orange from my fathers farm. So after 1 1/2 years I can call it finished!!
  22. Thanks Allan! It’s been a very tedious build. Largest and most complex I’ve done up to date. A lot of firsts on this one. I am pleased with it.
  23. So I know it’s been a couple of months but life has been crazy!! So I went with the Sil Fos and it has worked great!! Finally have the Dirk and scabbard all finished up!! Thank you for all your advice!! Aaron
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