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  1. Richmond Virginia
  2. Ok is there any website's or company that yall could recommend that wont cost an arm and a leg to get metal from?
  3. Mike Weyan


    Will ar400 stell work for forging a blade?
  4. Ok that helps tremendously for some reason I just couldn't rap my head around the bevel but know it makes since ty
  5. Ok so maybe I'm miss understanding the concept of grinding a bevel if I'm grinding a flat bevel what degree am i trying to hold it off the belt?
  6. Thanks go all the advice guys and I know this isn't the place for noob questions but on the Bowie and my little rebar knife I tried my best to get a concave grind but ended up with a convex on both? Thanks Gary will try that on the next one
  7. This is my first attempt at a Bowie still cant get grinding the bevels down any advice?
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