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  1. Ah thanks! Just pasting the link directly worked. I was try to use the link function. Derp Derp. Added part two to the top of the thread Any thoughts on how I drew out the steel? Working the 3inch bar down to the tip really took the longest of everything.
  2. Haha, I believe that's intended to be a gut hook, though in this case it's a false gut hook as the inner bevel geometry on it is not a true edge. The hook was hot cut to isolate the steel and help push it upwards and then ground and filed out. The center hole was also drifted actually. I messed up embedding the video, but if you click the link you can see the process. The drifting went great except for the part where the drift got stuck in my hardy hole ... Actually how do I embed the video properly? I searched over the site and found several different processes that didn't work...
  3. It was interesting to me not because of the design (I don't play the game), but how I went about achieving it, I suppose. I'm not sure I understand your question, unless you're asking if it works as a bottle opener Which... yeah it probably would.
  4. Destiny 2 Hunter's Knife I have to say, while I don't want to get pigeonholed as a guy that makes fantasy/sci fi/video game weapons, people seem to be willing to pay for them. This was another commissioned piece and the biggest "knife" I've made yet. I may have taken on the project before realizing it was 17.25" from tip to tang. 1084 high carbon steel, drifted finger holes, forged 90% (ish) to shape. This video is just the complete rough forging, but here's a pic of the final piece. I need to tie my anvil stand to the floor and really I need a bigger and more rigid anvil. Beyond that, I welcome and appreciate any thoughts, feedback, advice. Thanks!
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