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  1. Can anyone tell me if the steel this knife is made from is ok? It seems they are a 200 year old company. I'm not looking to do anything outrageous with the knife? I'm after a big Bowie with the antler handle that I can buy easy and not pay any extra taxes. UK BASED. Thanks in anticipation. Rich.
  2. Doug. All. Any thoughts what I may fit three into, and some idea on a design? My throwing Bowies don't have big handles, just a leather wrap, so a sheath for three would not have to be bigger at the top than bottom. Any thoughts have you seen any before? Thanks Rich.
  3. Guys, you're all correct in many ways. I'm not looking at any of the other knives attributes like cutting wood, but purely for throwing. However as you all (rightly) say I could buy an out and out throwing knife, but hate all the non looks of that kind of knife. I'm after building a knife around a heavy 15oz Bowie frame, 15'' long for what is called Mountain man throwing, hence the knives I've just brought are all over a pound in weight, with heavy steel to stand up to a lot of work. The question re clip points was what I do with them in relation to making them into good/better throwers. Thanks for all your interest and helpful advice. Richard.
  4. Charles, you're dead right. However they all look like things from out-of-space and nothing like a knife, I have those. I'm looking now at Bowie style knives like this one for throwing. Even buying something close to it and modifying it to something I can really throw well, get me? This is a big piece of steel with a clip point and would make a nice thrower I think? The other knife is known as a thrower and made in your Country for throwing, hence the leather grip.
  5. So would a clip point be better for throwing knives? What would a drop point knife be better for out of interest Alex?
  6. I've managed to get a Jeff White clip point knife for throwing. Can anyone advise what simple sheath style this would best fit into? It was a mountain man style knife I understand? It's a heavy knife with a big blade. I may try and make it myself, or buy one from a maker if I can find one? This set are my other knives and i'm looking for a carry idea, with knife tip protection, a sheath?? Thanks all Rich.
  7. Charles. So one bellies out from the drop, widening then going to a point? The other thins away to the point. Is that correct, if it is I'm in. I'm talking about the throwing knives I look at in the relationship to this question. Thanks Buddy.
  8. Doug. Its not in that good a nick really. Just thought someone collecting the American knives might like to see it anyway?
  9. Anyone know anything about this knife. Is it rare and the maker good, would it be worth $600 in fair condition? Just I've seen one for sale in the UK, just wondering in truth? Rich.
  10. I thought I'd understood the difference, but now I'm unsure. Can anyone explain with some diagrams what both are and the benefits/downside of both please? Or point me to a thread I've not been able to find please? Thanks all Rich.
  11. Jeremy. False edge is exactly what I mean, he took that back about an inch so he could thin it better to stick in. Thanks, steep learning curve for me.
  12. That's Brilliant Michael thanks. If I do the back grinding I'll just use a hand file and take my time doing it. I know you're right about the thicker more robust edge, it's just getting it slightly thinner will make it stick in better according to the guys that throw them. I'll go steady thanks again my friend. Pat Minter a well known thrower is doing just that on one You-Tube clip.
  13. All. I've brought a Condor Hudson Bay knife and wish to modify it a bit better for throwing Mountain man style. There is a You-Tube clip of one having been UNDERTAKEN , but not how. I have a wet grind wheel and a harsher non wet wheel. I'm a very non tech, non do it yourself person and would just like a guide how to start and get it right. The chap on the Tube has made the knife sharper than thiner at the front by taking the start taper further back. I'm sorry I don't know the exact terms, but maybe someone will put me right. Hope it all makes sense, but now in my late 60s and having cancer I'm having a go at things I've never done before. Thanks again. Rich. UK.
  14. Sounds sensible to me. How would you put the leather wraps on, with a glue of some kind glue that would stick to leather and metal both? . Also would you put anything under the leather to balk it out a little. Thanks kindly for the advice. Rich.
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