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  1. Neil Young

    seeking advice on my burner

    i bought one for $40 on etsy last week. wish i had done that in the first place. i spent $25 on parts alone trying to make this one.
  2. Neil Young

    A forged Field Hunter

    very nice. love the finger choil.
  3. Neil Young

    Patinas on S30V

    i used ferric chloride on my buck 112 pro s30v. it did discolor the steel a bit but not much. i did only leave it on for a few minutes though.
  4. Neil Young

    seeking advice on my burner

    yall probably understand the delima. you spend more making it yourself but your okay with that. im going to play around a little more then buy one if it still doesn’t work right thanks for the help!
  5. Neil Young

    seeking advice on my burner

    didn't measure the orifice pipe id is .812 x 9 = 7.308. my nipple is 8" i put a piece of tubing on the end and that got better results. it's just barely pressed on the end for testing purposes
  6. Neil Young

    seeking advice on my burner

    i am using a high pressure regulator. i will pull it apart tomorrow and measure the orifice and play with placement. thanks for the info
  7. Neil Young

    seeking advice on my burner

    i read up some on frosty's t burner and it seemed like it would work with this tip i recycled off a bbq smoker. i didn't measure the orifice before soldering. i chose to use this tip because i dont have a tap and die set so soldering was an easier option than spending more money on tools. issue seems to be that the flame is inside the 3/4" pipe. thats a 1.25" adapter on the end. can you diagnose from the pics? Thanks!!!
  8. Neil Young

    moddifying a multi-tool grinder

    it's a 3/4hp now. i have a 1hp motor waiting for me to finish making the frame for the 2x72. i guess i will leave it as is for now.
  9. anyone modded one of these to take 2x72 belts? looks like the platen arm is held on with two bolts. if i make a long spacer and bolt in there it may work. was thinking about modding this till i can build a true 2x72. im thinking in the end it would look something like the grizzly 2x72 knife grinder. im in the process of building a 2x72 using oregon knifemakers wheels. just waiting for the paypal account to grow enough to make the purchase.
  10. Neil Young

    Reclaimed Saw Steel Nariri 4.375"

    Looks nice!
  11. Neil Young

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    This is amazing work! now i want to build one similar with engraving. i too love sami style knives and tools.
  12. Neil Young

    Thanks for the help - here's the result!

    very nice!