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  1. that is true. before he closed, the closest propane guy here filled up the tank for $15 cash. now his property is bought and being turned into another strip center full or nail salons and check cashing stores.
  2. 20 pound tank exchange here is $16
  3. i understand the need for the leather. seems a shame tho to cover up the engraving.
  4. ya. the gap is an oops. i was carefully sawing the slot and checking fit over and over. then bam. its too long! ahhhh also. the bevel at the tip is different on each side. not sure why it did that. everything on the grinder is square.
  5. ya. i should have gone higher on the temp. its a bear to sharpen. figured that out after the fact though
  6. the sheath is veg tan. my hand got a little shaky putting my last name in with the wood burner. sheath is designed to be a pocket slip. when im hunting, i leave my knife in my backpack side pocket. hate stuff hanging off my belt and poking me in the gut when i sit down.
  7. finally got the grinder built and belts ordered. since my forge is not 100% i decided to grind out the first knife from an old usa nicholson file. first i brought the hardness down by toasting it in my toaster oven for an hour at 350. twice. after i ground the profile i stuck the blade portion in the dirt and softened the tang with a propane torch so i could drill the holes. to get the bevel angle i set the platen at approximately 10 degrees. then clamped my blade to a piece of angle iron. the handle is walnut. i think. held on by corby bolts and devcon 2 ton.
  8. here is one tutorial i found https://brisa.fi/tutorial_saami_knife
  9. whats the style of that middle sheath? what key words would i google for more info on that style?
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=dressing+hammer+faces&oq=dressing+hAMMER+FACES&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i60l2.6407j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. to sharpen a true scandi grind, you lay the entire bevel on the stone. very simple. i dont like secondary bevels on a scandi. seems to defeat the purpose.
  12. also received my burner from cgr customs. didnt get to hammer much. was more focused on grinder. i need to create a top plate of steel and weld the burner to that. IMG_2784.MOV
  13. what i did today finally after nearly 20 years of off and on knife tinkering, i have a 2x72 grinder. i've had a 1x30 and 2x36 the entire time and made due pretty well. this should increase fit and finish of future blades. it is mostly home made. bed frames make up the stand legs. wheels, d plate and platen are from origin knifemaker. high quality stuff. highly recommend his stuff. got a variety pack of belts on order. next week when my dad comes over we will wire in a switch for electrical.
  14. i bought one for $40 on etsy last week. wish i had done that in the first place. i spent $25 on parts alone trying to make this one.
  15. very nice. love the finger choil.
  16. i used ferric chloride on my buck 112 pro s30v. it did discolor the steel a bit but not much. i did only leave it on for a few minutes though.
  17. yall probably understand the delima. you spend more making it yourself but your okay with that. im going to play around a little more then buy one if it still doesn’t work right thanks for the help!
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