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  1. Thats what I've heard @Robert D. and I think I'm lucky that my setup has a very low HP motor (not to say that I'm underestimating its danger potential). I've mentioned to my viewers that many ppl regard a buffer as the most dangerous tool, so I try to always keep that in the back of my mind and keep a tight grip on the knife when using it
  2. Thanks fellas. I've never really looked into the metallurgy side of things, so this is all relatively new to me.
  3. This handle finished up nicely. I'm just hoping to replicate it on the second one. Glow liners are brighter than expected, and once the micarta was hit with the buffing wheel it was a WORLD of difference. I'm beginning to think that the buffing wheels are the single tool in the shed that make the biggest difference on the final product.
  4. Thanks guys. I am pretty excited to have a low cost chance to play with thicker metal for furniture. Should make some good looking additions, and at an excellent price. Again... 44 lbs for $20 ain't too shabby
  5. @Gerhard Gerber The brochure only says N + so I'm not sure what that means, as this is the first info sheet I've ever really looked at for metallurgic properties. The guy said he simply grabbed it from outside and wiped it with a rag and WD40 to get the finish in the pics. It seems that this may be destined for handle and bolster material, which is perfectly fine. This is going to be 44 pounds of known quality steel for $20 shipping The brochure also points out that the steel is delivered prehardened and tempered to 320 HB (which the Google says is about 34-35 HRC)
  6. So I’ve got a chance to get ahold of some Royalloy (which I’ve never heard of). Found a super nice guy through my livestreaming who has 4 chunks of the stuff who will send them to me for free if I pay shipping. Never heard of the stuff, but here’s the composition (see pic). It’s been sitting outside in the dirt for 4 years he said. Sure doesn’t look like it, which make me think it’s some type of stainless alloy? Is this hardenable? Or will it just make beautiful bolsters/guards? Any help is appreciated. Also, here is a link to the product brochure: https://www.uddeholm.com/app/uploads/sites/54/2018/05/Tech-Uddeholm-RoyAlloy-EN.pdf.pdf Reading over it, it seems hardenable. What is the HRC equivalent of 310-320 HB?
  7. I really like that handle shape, especially how the heel curves on the palm side and then flows into the slight palm swell.
  8. Thanks @Stephen Asay I think its quite comfortable indeed. Since it is made from 1/4" stock, it is very heavy, lending itself to being a good chopper. I've got a friend who's just getting into leatherwork, and he's making the sheath for it. This is my 3rd knife, and it will be his 2nd sheath. So we are both at the beginnings of our learning curves.
  9. Just be sure to not have these corners here. You'll want them to round down and not take straight angles. Hard angles like that will create stress points prone to breaking.
  10. I'll agree with Gerhard here. I'm only on my 5th/6th knife, but I have probably drawn 3 dozen designs out. I've also looked at THOUSANDS of them to find inspiration. Some days I just search "custom knife" and do a google image search to see what piques my interests. Once I find one I like, I see what that person called it (bowie, drop point hunter, etc) and then refine my image search to that specific terminology. You'll find that specific elements of one persons design don't fit your overall vision, but maybe then handle from another looks cool. Maybe it won't fit exactly as planned, but you can modify it and take the soul from that element and apply it to your design. Many of my own designs are just outlines/profiles, and they're waiting to be filled in with those details.
  11. That ouroboros though.... NICE
  12. Cason Hicks


    I really dig that beavertail hide
  13. Clint I think they look great. Good balance of finished/rough. I really like your swedges too that run almost the entire length of the blade. What was your hardening process?
  14. Bought a couple of buffing wheels and got to try them out. Had never used them before. I hand sanded to 600 and then buffed with grey and green compound (HF stuff). Pretty impressed with the results overall, and MUCH easier than hand sanding. Although the finish is not as shiny as going to 3k grit. I'm ready to assemble the second set of scales tonight, and get the handles mounted soon.
  15. Nice hamon! And I do like the way that black palm grain looks. What did you treat the handle with?
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