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  1. I did not, but it is homemade. I live stream all my work, and one of my viewers is an Army Vet. He took his pants that he wore while in the service (which went around the world 3x) and cut up the left leg to make this micarta.
  2. First forged knife.... but I assume not your FIRST KNIFE. Because thats wayyyy too clean for a first try haha
  3. Can confirm that Stephan Fowler makers some great stuff. I watch him on Twitch regularly.
  4. Handle setup is going to be: Neon green G10 liner bolster and pommel made from RoyAlloy digi camo micarta (homemade by one of my viewers from his OWN PANTS he wore when in active duty- around the world 3x) Texas mosaic pin and stainless acorn bolts, with nickel pins on either side of Texas pin
  5. Right on @SteveShimanekand thank you for your service. I know that this sort of event may not be in line with the interests of most forum members since its a live-streamed event on the interwebs, but I felt compelled to share. Spreading the word gets more people in the stream, which means more potential money raised for Stack Up. Also more exposure for the ending auctions.
  6. You may also look for electric leaf blowers. I used one for my initial heat treat coal setup and worked very very well. I had to cover up the air intake on the lowest setting because of the CFM it produced.
  7. How are you planning to get the hand shape? I assume since you've felt his grip strength, he is local. You could use some sort of modeling clay and have him squeeze that, and model as closely as possible once dried. The more accurate to that mold you can get, the more force he will be able to apply, which I think is going to be important in this case. He will likely not have accessory muscle strength to compensate
  8. Utilizing Twitch.tv, CHicks0904 and BuildMakeShare have devised a series of events that will be coming up next month. We are entering into the #MakerBreakBattles2019 challenge along with WoodworkingWithMrJim and a select handful of special guest artisans. What is MakerBreakBattles2019? MakerBreakBattles2019 is the first of its kind (we think) Makers & Crafting streamer showdown for charity. We have partnered with StackUp.org to raise money for veterans. Stack Up is a veteran focused, games-based charity that has a passion for suicide prevention. Stack Up brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming through their primary programs: The Stacks, Supply Crates, Air Assaults and the Stack Up Overwatch Program [StOP]. How will MakerBreakBattles2019 work? Our plan is to have a 3 week long knife build off between CHicks0904 and BuildMakeShare that brings people together to watch the crafting of two unique blades. WoodworkingWithMrJim will also be crafting a very unique wooden flag in his channel. During this time, there will be donation links available to those who want to show support, as well as sponsor driven side content showcasing their products. ALL PROCEEDS will go to Stack Up. At the end of the build, an auction will be held so you can have a chance to own one of the knives or flags from the build! The link to the auction will be available after builds are complete. Again, ALL PROCEEDS will go to Stack Up. When will we know that streams are live? In order to watch the making of each piece, get on Twitch.tv and follow each of the makers. Be sure to turn on “go-live” notifications so you’ll be aware of when the stream starts. The links to each maker’s channel is as follows: BuildMakeShare https://www.twitch.tv/BuildMakeShare CHicks0904 https://www.twitch.tv/CHicks0904 WoodworkingWithMrJim https://www.twitch.tv/WoodworkingWithMrJim
  9. Well yesterday I worked on the blank. It's 1084 and she's lookin real nice. Ready for bevels
  10. Good morning! I am wanting some input on a charity blade I'll be making on stream starting Aug 10th for a charity called Stack Up (www.stackup.org). They utilize video games for crisis/suicide intervention for Veterans. This is a friendly competition between myself and another maker on Twitch (livestream platform) that we are calling Maker Break Battle. I've been mulling over this design for almost a month trying to perfect it. The only parameters we have to abide by is a 12" OAL. I will be using 3/16" 1084 for the blade, Royalloy (from a previous post of mine) as the guard, and digital camo micarta scales for the handle material, with a neon green G10 liner and Texas mosaic pin. By the way, the digi camo scales were handmade for me by a Veteran who took his own BDUs from when he served in the Army and cut up a leg to serve as these scales. That means a lot to me. At the end of this competition, both of our knives will be auctioned off for Stack Up with 100% of proceeds going to them. I was thinking about doing some filing in either the spine or back of the handle. Any input is appreciated.
  11. Finished the second knife and sharpened/etched it. VERY happy with these. Finally got to have some celebratory drinks while admiring the reflection!
  12. Thats what I've heard @Robert D. and I think I'm lucky that my setup has a very low HP motor (not to say that I'm underestimating its danger potential). I've mentioned to my viewers that many ppl regard a buffer as the most dangerous tool, so I try to always keep that in the back of my mind and keep a tight grip on the knife when using it
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