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    Dowagiac Michigan
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    forging, carving, sculpting, Norse and Celtic mythology/ culture, mushroom hunting, fishing, just being in the woods.
  1. Michael Chaddock

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Just have to put the final edge on it.....(yesterday)
  2. Michael Chaddock


    I am not sure if it is the right stuff, but it almost looks like you could make a cutlers anvil out of that giant chunk....
  3. Michael Chaddock

    New to Knife Making

    I have a grizzly 2"x72" for the money, it is a nice machine....just add a couple winds of electrical tape around the center of the tracking wheel, but be careful, it only has one speed (really fast) so you can mess up a knife or a finger in a heartbeat if you get careless. Good luck and have fun with your son!
  4. Michael Chaddock

    Important new innovation

    That was great! I am still laughing!
  5. I am selling my Hossfeld Universal Bender #1 with original cabinet stand, dies & pins, and manual. Asking $700.00 OBO but would sell to anyone who is a member of this forum for $600.00. works great for repeat bends and decorative iron work/ scroll work. I am located in Dowagiac MI, local pick-up only
  6. Michael Chaddock

    Iron worker conversion

    I have had the same thoughts as well.... it seems like it would be a much more affordable option, and easier than modifying a log splitter or something like it. I have been keeping my eyes open for an old Metal Muncher or Scotchman or something because then you have multiple capabilities with one machine.
  7. Michael Chaddock

    Life is getting in the way again......

    Sorry didn't mean to sound so bossy lol.
  8. Michael Chaddock

    linseed oil

    Depending on the handle construction, you may be able to heat the handles with a propane torch and rub with a block of beeswax, the heat opens the pores enough that the metal absorbes the wax on the surface layer. Allow to cool, buff lightly with a soft cloth. I do this with pendants that I forge from steel, I have been wearing one for two years and there is no sign of rust even though it is against my skin all day every day. Again, it would only work with certain epoxy free handle construction.
  9. Michael Chaddock

    One last new one

    That is a beautiful stabbing instrument!
  10. Michael Chaddock

    Life is getting in the way again......

    It probably sounds weird, but listen to your spirit not your head or your heart. In other words, you already know the answer, you just have to shut down emotion and let it come to light. Good luck with figuring it all out...whatever you decide will be the right choice!.
  11. Michael Chaddock

    304 / 308 Stainless

    Jeff and Jeremy, thank you both! That confirmed my suspicions!
  12. Michael Chaddock

    304 / 308 Stainless

    I put this question in the Beginners section because I am unfamiliar with stainless steel as far as blade making goes. How would 304 SS or 308 SS work for a stock removal blade? And, if applicable, what heat treat process would be best? I only ask because I have access to a large amount for little to no cost on my part, and although I personally prefer carbon steel, it might be fun to play with. Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. Michael Chaddock

    Sunsets of west Michigan

    That is an awesome photograph, well done!
  14. Happiness is a choice.