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  1. Would quenching a short length of this before I do any work with it be informative enough? And on a side note, would acid flux be acceptable for acid etching? Or would I need something stronger? I vaguely recall hearing that it can be used to highlight hardened vs not hardened steel.
  2. That explains why there is still "a bit" of bite with the file. I am going to be remaking this knife with a much better steel. I feel like this should do the trick.
  3. I followed the recommendation to heat treat it anyway just in case my steel was misidentified. It does seem to be harder and the file doesn't bite anywhere near as easily as it did. So in conclusion I would have to say that while it is not a HIGH carbon steel; it definitely seems to have some carbon content. I made an improper assessment based on the sparks thrown off while making the initial cuts. Makes me very appreciative of the trove of resources to be found here.
  4. Well, it's not as refined as I had hoped it would be. It is heat treated now. The bevels are a bit more defined and I am trying to decide on the scales now. I decided to make the pommel into a bottle opener and the thumb grip thingy has a single seration in the middle of it for cutting rope/cord.
  5. Thank you for the advice. The fiscal vacuum that is my life can probably manage to fit that in the budget next week. Is there a specific grit you recommend? Or just wing it? Like I said. It is a mild steel so right now it's all about practice and refining technique.
  6. I did this with an angle grinder switching between a low grit and high grit wheel. I used a cutting wheel to get the rough shape. It is, unfortunately a mild steel but nonetheless it is my first blade. Criticism is not only welcome but encouraged. Thank you.
  7. In my search for steel I have been google-fuing (a phrase I adopted from this site thank you.) and have had some thoughts on what might guarantee some reasonably good steel for a better price. in short: could I spend $10 on a broken jack, bottle or otherwise and use the core on the assumption that it would be a good high carbon steel? what about other things such as ball hitches or padlock shackle (masterlock or brinks for example). Google has provided nothing definitive.
  8. Hypothetically I could use my hydraulic Jack and just drop my car on the canister...
  9. I will look into that too. Still gonna get a couple of those rounds though. I am sure I could do something with them.
  10. Thank you! I will contact the seller in the morning. Presumably they still have some left. I will see what other materials they may be offering while I am there.
  11. https://nh.craigslist.org/mat/d/fremont-4-thick-steel-circles/6836325629.html would these work?
  12. Well, his prospective minion is struggling to get proper equipment within a very tight budget...lol I may have my sights on an I-BEAM as an improvised anvil.
  13. maybe an acrylic paste to make a positive impression? I am just looking for a material fine enough to pick up the most minute details. I may just be grasping at straws now. If you get the lighting just right your camera may be able to see the variances with different filters.
  14. Maybe I over complicate things... lol
  15. Thank you Alan. I will not deny my interest in forging was piqued because of Forged in Fire. I lurked here for about two years and it has done nothing except increase my determination to learn. The fact that you have been immersed in this site for as long as you have been and still have the patience to answer a inexperienced person like myself is immensely encouraging and inspiring. Your dedication is noted and appreciated.
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