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  1. So. I should worry? Does it affect the steel? I thought is was a normal thing
  2. so i shouldn't worry about it.... great. hahha thanks guys
  3. My blades get this reddish scale when I am normalizing them. The harden perfectly but I'm curious to know why and if I'm normalizing wrong and for this reason they develop the red. Thanks!
  4. heres the link to the video if you'd like to check it out...
  5. hi all, I recently saw a video from a knife maker that said that after the quench, the knife shouldn't get colder than 170F. So after you quench you should wash the oil out with hot water and straight to the temper. I've always washed and rinsed in cold water. Does it make any difference? I've always thought that since you were starting a temper you should start from below 90. What are your thoughts?
  6. So I guess I'm doing some cupón normalizing! Thanks guys!
  7. Hi all I was trying to do a spark test but got pretty similar results and was hoping I could get some help from the masters in the forum... So I found what I believe to be a piec of spring steel from a truck's suspension in the highway and brought it back to the shop and performed a spark test on it only to be more confused it. I've attached a video where you can see me performing the test. The first is 5160 steel The second is the steel I found on the highway The third is a piece of rebar. I would love to read your comments. Thanks! 20191207_130917.mp4
  8. yeah, just had a flashback to a dagger i made, had the appearance of sugar crystals when it broke. hahaha thanks dan...
  9. now you make me wonder, is there a way to introduce more carbon into the steel while forging... hmmm... just a thought, im a beginner, thats why all the questions, its probably best to just do all the carbon introducing in the foundry and let it be born with it right? still so much to learn... i love this forum... theres so little knowledge in mexico thanks for all this guys, its great to have you as teachers.... so one more question... too much exposure of the steel to the forge heat is bad for the steel right? as in when im forging my billet into shape i shouldnt leave it in there too long after it has achieved a nice orange color, i have to take it out hit it and put it back in and so forth right? we dont want it to sit in the forge for too long...
  10. Thanks so much for that class! So no more hada for me! Haha
  11. Ahhhh maybe I heard it wrong. That was probably it. Doug marcaida's accent threw me off... So now that we know what we are talking about Alan (always to the rescue) could you enlighten me as to what the benefits of hada are? Is it true it makes stronger steel?
  12. hahahaah nice one but no, was it hatta? when you layer the same steel over itself so as to make it stronger? correct me if im wrong i just remeber.
  13. Thanks! And so what's it called when it's layers of the same kind of metal? I saw it in forged in fire but I can't remember what they called it...
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