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  1. Wow looks amazing! But now... I have a question. It seems you have some copper at the hilt on the edge. Is there any way for that not to happen?
  2. Hi guys, So the time has come to make a copper San mai blade. I was thinking of doing a nickel outer shell. Then copper, then hardenable steel core. I'm open to any and all tips, recommendations, warnings, step by step of how you would do it, and what you would stay away from. anything else that will help me with this new goal. Thanks so much in advanced.
  3. Man you a goat! I'm gonna try sometime. Thanks!
  4. Challenge accepted. Hahahaha what was it titled?
  5. Your brother honors you not knowing he's not honoring your work. Haha So Joel the mustard patina... Are qué gonna be lucky enough to get the recipe? Haha
  6. I absolutely agree with your mentor and you! I do want them to get used. I do like the patina that develops but it's the client that wants something that won't scratch. If it were for me I'd leave the knife as is so it can season with class. But I have to please the paying customer that wants his knife as new 1 yr later as when he bought it.
  7. Use it. But I'd love for it to get the least amount of scratching possible! The ceramic Coating is even more finicky than mirror polished steel.
  8. Same thing with bluing. For guns and knives. Those two Solutions (ceramic Coating and bluing) prevent rust. But they don't prevent scratching. Someone out there that has a solution for scratching would become a millionaire! I'd invest. Haha
  9. Awesome got it! Thanks Alan!
  10. Hi all, So I like to offer a ceramic Coating finish on the chefs knives to give it that mate black finish. But they scratch so easily. So I'm wondering what recommendations do you guys have in your vast experience in Coating. Because I can't powder coat since the temperature is too high and will mess with the hardness and temper of the blade. Any suggestions?
  11. They look incredible! Forgive my ignorance NitroV cryo quenched blade with FF grind. I sometimes don't get the acronyms.
  12. Awesome! Let it be done this way then! But I can do Damascus right?
  13. So you don't recommend Damascus at all. Or just another kind of 10xx? Joel! You're up to bat! We'll wait on your expert advise!
  14. So I could make it a thin Damascus say... 15n20/1095 to keep the hardness at a higher temp? Or would you use 1084? And would you sharpen it at 17º angle or would you go to 15 or 14º V edge?
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