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  1. So top is coffee middle is black tea and bottom is natural! How do you like them best?
  2. Awesome!! I figured coffee would be one and I tried it! It actually worked but I will try to get the potassium and I'll let you know how that turns out! Thanks sensei! Ohhh and I found the potassium permanganate so if you have the recipe I'd love to have it so I can "bake that cake" hahahaha
  3. Hi guys this has more to do with handles than steel but I believe it to be equally important. Does anyone know how to patina antlers so I can bring out the natural contrasts of the antler?
  4. Hi guys so I'm looking for a substitute for 15n20 steel since I can't find it in Mexico. I got the 1095 and 5160 but having a hard time finding 15n20 for damascus. Do you have any recommendations on what steel I can use to get a good damascus contrast? Thanks,
  5. Ohhhh ok ok got it! Thanks! But the quench is the same as you taught me before!
  6. Wait so that means I won't have to quench it? Or what do you mean?
  7. Thanks for your replies! So I guess O-1 is my best option for replacing 1095 if I don't find 5160 or 15n20 or something more common.
  8. Hi guys, I have a question I'm only getting D2 and O1 steel in Mexico where I live to make knives has anyone made knives with this type of steel? Is it good? Do you recommend them? Should I keep looking for other types? What are the pros and cons of these types? If they are good which one of these would you use? Any other info you'd like to share? Are they any good for damascus? If they are good for damascus Do they work well with 1095? Thanks!
  9. I will check it out... The thing that might crew me is the weight. Shipping might go through the roof. Thanks!
  10. Hahahaha it did... Not only in this but in other subjects that were quite clear. Not decalescence though Alan explained that to me perfectly as I read he did to you too! I'm gonna try to get my hands on some 5160... But it's kinda hard here in Mexico. If not I'm just gonna have to keep on practicing with the 1095 I've got. I don't think it's too bad from what I read in your post it's just the quenching right?
  11. Hi all, So I've been making knives with 1095 steel and I'm wondering if you recommend I use another type of steel or To stick to this type to get more experience on forging, normalizing, quenching, tempering, sharpening, and once I get better change steel types?
  12. I do pass magnetic... The thing is I thing I overshoot every time... I'm overheating that's what we deducted on previous posts cause I go for bright yellow instead of cherry read or orange.
  13. Yes I normally do 3 heat cycles to critical temp and cooling in air temp in sand... But I guess I did heat it too much as well. (I don't have another way to do it that is not by color) I use 1095 steel i leave it for a even heat but I'm gonna do the pipe for a More even heat usin wood coal to withdraw any oxigen. Perfect will do that. Thank very much. Cherry red right?
  14. How's this one in the pic? I'll weld it shut on the other end. Or is a thicker one better? Wood charcoal or mineral charcoal? I'll swap it for cooking oil then (also heated to 200º F?) One last thing... Should I wait for the pipe to be up to temp and then put in the blade cold and let it heat up or let it all come to temp together from the getgo? And it's too bad you don't have that unplugged recorded it would have been like taking a semester of forging college... I would have payed for it! And probably many more people.
  15. I will wait for night and do it then cause my shop is very well lit! And will aim for cherry red or dark orange. Thanks a million!
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