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  1. try it chris, let us know if you found a new way to etch blades.
  2. No muriatic acid etch then hahah! Thanks for your imputs guys!
  3. Why do you prefer fc for high carbon? What's the difference?
  4. Hi all, I was reading about etching Damascus steel with nuriatic acid instead of ferric chloride. Does anyone have opinions on this? Which do you recommend? Why? What are the pros and cons? What I'd the difference in the finish between them? Thanks!
  5. I can't because it's supposed to be one piece. It's a hidden tang knife any other ideas?
  6. Hi all, I've got a problem and need your help. I was drilling through water buffalo to. Make a handle and the drill bit broke inside and now it is stuck. Any ideas on how to get it out? It's in deep.
  7. Wow looks amazing! But now... I have a question. It seems you have some copper at the hilt on the edge. Is there any way for that not to happen?
  8. Hi guys, So the time has come to make a copper San mai blade. I was thinking of doing a nickel outer shell. Then copper, then hardenable steel core. I'm open to any and all tips, recommendations, warnings, step by step of how you would do it, and what you would stay away from. anything else that will help me with this new goal. Thanks so much in advanced.
  9. Man you a goat! I'm gonna try sometime. Thanks!
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