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  1. Amazing! I love to see a good mind at work to make things differently. Hat off to both of you
  2. Thanks for all that valuable info Daniel!
  3. Wow! Awesome. So Im gonna do that hahaha
  4. So I'm just gonna have to keep buffing when it gets dull. Got it!
  5. So... If I stretch before then we're good right? It won't look weird if I drill the holes on the wide stretch. I think that's my best bet. What would you do? And would you use high layer or lower layer Damascus? What looks nicer?
  6. So I'm trying to make a raindrop Damascus cleaver but here's the kicker... I only have 2 inch wide steel. And my cleaver has to be 4 inches wide by 8 inches long. So my question is. Should I press the Damascus layers wide wise so I can reach teh 4 inches and have enough layers to reach the 8 inch long goal. Or can I make 2 Damascus layer 8 inch long billets and forge weld them side by side and then punch in the raindrop patten. If I widen instead of lengthen will it affect the pattern? Thanks,
  7. I'm in Mexico so it makes it a bit tougher they will probably just say use lacker or something like that haha
  8. Yes I know. That's why I turned to the forum to see if you guys had a vmbetter solution
  9. Yes. But I need something that will stand the test of time and exposure to water.
  10. I use walrus oil cutting board oil but it needs to be reapplied after a couple of washes.
  11. So... I'm made a kitchen knife, I have my stabilized burlwood but it still loses its shine if I wash out the knife after using it. Is there anything you guys recommend so I don't lose my finish on the handle?
  12. In my case 8t hasn't worked at all. I've given it up to three layers and nothing. I don't know if my can is too thin. Or too thick or maybe I'm doing something wrong but it's not working.
  13. That peeled off beautifully.... I bought titanuim dioxide at 16% when I have a chance to make a cannister I'll let you know how it comes out! But yours is master level. Haha
  14. We'll just have to see if your theory is true. Let's hope so.
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