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  1. 13 minutes ago, Shane Atwood said:

    I have forged a couple cumai blades. Be super careful with temperature. Copper melts at 1984 deg.F I have melted the copper out of a blade or 2. Stack your billet up, outer layers, copper, then core and weld all the way around to seal it up. If you do over heat it the weld will help hold the molten copper in. My only concern with putting nickel on the outside is it is soft and scratches kinda easy. Maybe 15n20 and polish it after etch might work. Here is one I'm working on now. It was a Damascus jacket, copper, and 1084 core.


    Wow looks amazing! But now... I have a question. It seems you have some copper at the hilt on the edge. Is there any way for that not to happen? 

  2. Hi guys, 


    So the time has come to make a copper San mai blade. I was thinking of doing a nickel outer shell. Then copper, then hardenable steel core. 


    I'm open to any and all tips, recommendations, warnings, step by step of how you would do it, and what you would stay away from.

    anything else that will help me with this new goal. 


    Thanks so much in advanced. 



  3. 7 minutes ago, Joshua States said:

    I gave my brother (a restauranteur and avid cook) a Damascus kitchen knife that he refuses to use........

    Ask Joel how well his mustard patina holds up


    Your brother honors you not knowing he's not honoring your work. Haha 

    22 minutes ago, Joël Mercier said:

    Doesn't this bother us all...

    At least you don't have that issue with kitchen knives :lol:

    So Joel the mustard patina... Are qué gonna be lucky enough to get the recipe? Haha 

  4. I absolutely agree with your mentor and you! I do want them to get used. I do like the patina that develops but it's the client that wants something that won't scratch. If it were for me I'd leave the knife as is so it can season with class. But I have to please the paying customer that wants his knife as new 1 yr later as when he bought it. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Joshua States said:

    Do you expect them to use this knife or put it on display?

    Use it. But I'd love for it to get the least amount of scratching possible! The ceramic Coating is even more finicky than mirror polished steel. 

  6. Same thing with bluing. For guns and knives. Those two Solutions (ceramic Coating and bluing) prevent rust. But they don't prevent scratching. 


    Someone out there that has a solution for scratching would become a millionaire! 


    I'd invest. Haha 

  7. Hi all, 


    So I like to offer a ceramic Coating finish on the chefs knives to give it that mate black finish. But they scratch so easily. So I'm wondering what recommendations do you guys have in your vast experience in Coating. Because I can't powder coat since the temperature is too high and will mess with the hardness and temper of the blade. 


    Any suggestions? 





  8. 46 minutes ago, Garry Keown said:

    Maybe not relevant but this carving set I made would make ham carving as easily as beef carving. 10 inch .094 NitroV cryo quenched blade with FF grind and  a nice light flex



    They look incredible! Forgive my ignorance NitroV cryo quenched blade with FF grind. I sometimes don't get the acronyms. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Joël Mercier said:

    I would use 1084 instead of 1095. It's twice tougher at the same hardness. 


    You can go thin, but I wouldn't go as thin behind the edge as I would go with a chef knife. Perhaps 0.010" before putting an edge. And 17° edge per side sounds good. 


    A narrow blade is also important because you want minimal drag. 

    Awesome! Let it be done this way then! But I can do Damascus right? 

  10. 34 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:


    And you would be correct! :lol:


    I wouldn't use 1095 in the mix, it's too finicky.  And I don't know about edge angle, I tend to eyeball that rather than measure.  Listen to Joel, he makes lots of good kitchen knives. 

    So you don't recommend Damascus at all. Or just another kind of 10xx? Joel! You're up to bat! We'll wait on your expert advise! :)

  11. Hi all, 


    So I was wondering if someone has ever made a high Carbon Steel ham carving knife for Spanish ham. 

    I wonder if there's a difference in forging heat treatment etc? What's the best steel to use. Best thickness, quenching temp, temperin

    Check pics for reference 


    Cuchillo jamonero.jpeg

  12. Hi all, 


    So I screwed up and dinged the blade when polishing the handle and now it has a mark over the ceramic Coating. I need to remove the handle without damaging it (preferably) so I can glue it back again. It's carbon fiber. 



    Any ideas? 






  13. So... Now that we've got that fixed I have one more question. 


    As you can see there's the Damascus pattern but I want it to de more contrasted. I tried coffee but it darkens the whole steel not producing so Much contrast. 


    I would love you guys imput on how to achieve the contrast from the second photo. 






  14. Hi all, 


    Does anyone know how I got those "drops" on my blade after etching it in ferric chloride? 

    I don't understand it looks like something splashed on it and the etch didn't take just in those places but I made sure to clean with acetone and then water before etching 




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