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  1. Which is what I did..............but the blade still ended up more narrow than I'd meant. One of my problems was that I forged a "hollow" down the length of the blade on both sides. Not quite sure how I managed it, but it was there none the less. I think that was mostly what caused the change from my original design. Still going to be a nice looking knife in my humble and inexperienced opinion. We'll see when I offer up the pictures for the critiques. on the forum.
  2. That's exactly what happened to the knife I'm presently making. I'm not too disappointed because this is my first forged knife and I've a WHOLE LOT to learn.
  3. That's why folks love the 2x72 grinders.............in spite of the cost!
  4. Well, to my eye at least, EVERYTHING on that sword is as it should be. Beautiful work and excellent hammer control.
  5. You can forget.................but it sure doesn't take long to remember!!!!!
  6. I surely do envy you. Gary's a great guy. Just wish I "qualified" for one of his classes.
  7. Dang, that's a nice looking pattern. Well done, guys.
  8. i know what you mean, Alex. His PH EDC is just about my favorite of his designs. Been really fighting the urge to just flat out copy it!
  9. Funny how that works, billO. "Fair weather" friends aren't really your friends. I help anytime someone asks...........and usually offer when they don't. Don't normally get that in return. I just chalk it up to "life". I just learned a long time ago............never keep a count of favors given or accepted. A "Pay it forward" attitude always comes full-circle...............and though usually, not always from the person you paid it forward to. Interesting how that works.
  10. Well, now that you put it that way, I guess I can't argue the point. I think what I meant was I don't plan on creating any knives that are so heavily embellished they need a gaudy overly fancy sheath.
  11. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I've been told you can also simply take the fitting off the propane tank and fill it full of water. Water in, gas out. Someone correct me if that's incorrect. I'd hate to have someone blow themselves up and haunt me for the rest of my life.
  12. One of my favorite (I've many favorites ) blacksmiths on Youtube is Torbjorn Ahman. He has a good video on forging a Scyth.
  13. May be, Alan, but I don't plan on makin' any knives that require gaudy sheaths.
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