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  1. I've been a fan of Dan's since I first started thinking about making knives, Joel. I believe you are the first person I've heard of who built one of his grinders. How long have you had it? Happy so far? Care to review it for me?
  2. Really like it...........but have a question. How is the pin on the butt end of the knife brass on one side and black on the other? Looks like your hand would love that handle. What are the dimensions of that knife? Nice leather work. That's something I have to force myself to get into. Someone on the forum was kind enough to send me some leather working tools to "prompt" me off my arse to get started. Just haven't ventured there yet.
  3. Dreary weather, indeed, Gary. Turned sunny here late in the afternoon. It' headed your way.............I hope. That's a beautiful Pommel.
  4. Makes me sick to even look at it, John. Prayers are with you.
  5. Looks to me the Pheer uses solid bars for it's accessories. I've worked on a 2x72 that vibrated and it was no fun. These grinders need to be absolutely rock solid, in my opinion.
  6. What a loss, John. So sorry to hear of it. Nothing I can do from here, but if I could, I'd be right there. Hope to heck you had good insurance.............of course, even when you do, they make sure you come out "up-side down"! Sending prayers your way that things turn out well and you can get back up and working soon. Man, what a loss!!!!!
  7. I've been saving money in an envelope for quite some time now to buy what I truly consider one of the more important tools/investments in the shop and that's a good belt grinder. I've only used three different grinders and only one of them would be what I'd call "really nice" to work on. But it was way out of my price range. I've looked at all the recommendations that have been made, and I've considered all the plans I've seen and kits that seem to be available. I'm a good fabricator, so making my own wouldn't be a super problem....................only I don't have all the other tools and skills to do a really good job of it. In a "complete" metal working shop I could do it. My tools are mostly of the wood working genre. I was watching videos the other day and stumbled onto one about a grinder that has been on the market for a long time but I'd never heard of it before. It was a Pheer. I was very impressed, but then most advertising does a good job of making the product look like the panacea for all situations, right? I've never heard anyone speak about the Pheer grinders, which makes me think maybe they aren't what the advertising cracks them up to be. I've done my research and read every thread on the forum concerning the Pheers, but most all the dates seem old. A lot of improvements have been made to them since the majority of these posts have been made. So my question is does anyone have a recently made Pheer they could share their opinions about?
  8. Congrats, Rob. I've got an envelope where I keep my "2x72 Belt Grinder Someday" money. Been working on it for quite some time. So I'm happy to see anyone get a new grinder. Oh, and I like the blade.
  9. Just stole your emoji, Jeremy. It's a perfect response to so many of the beautiful creations on this forum. I honestly feel so blessed I stumbled onto it when I was looking for a bladesmithing group.
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