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  1. Thank you, Gary. Your comments mean a lot. I'm taking all of these criticisms/comments to heart and trying to learn from them. And, yes, I realize that '"some" of them are merely opinions and others are valid tips. I'm trying to work through them and define which is which. I've a bunch of wood carving knives to work on since I've set those aside recently, so my mind will be on other things for a while. Still have to get my forge finished and up-n-running. Thanks for the tip on the Brass. Everyone I've handed the knives to seems to really like the Brass..............but your comment makes me wonder. What would I be better off using for finger guards and bolsters? I've considered forging the finger guard into the knife blank itself, but I read this is a pretty lazy way to get out of making guards. I wouldn't know............I'm new to all of this. The only sheath knife I've carried in my life with a finger guard had it as part of the blade blank. Thanks again for you comments. They are much appreciated.
  2. Thanks, Gerhard, I hadn't thought of that. Will consider that on the next knife design.
  3. Well, I don't know exactly what it was that caused it but I knew I wasn't safe to work on any machinery that could harm me. On the other hand, I'm going through a series of appointments to see if I have the beginnings of Parkinson's. At the end of the first appt, the Doctor said he didn't know if it was the first stages of just Central Nervous System tremors. (so what's the diff??) I don't think this is associated with yesterday afternoon, but I'll be mindful of anything like either tremor.
  4. Well, of course, I think................maybe, who knows! Yesterday in Services at Church a woman we didn't know came up to the little wife and me and during the introductions she asked what we "do". Vikki is an artist and both teaches and paints/sells her work. When I told the woman I'm an aspiring bladesmith............well, she looked at me like I was crazy. Hmmmmm, I must be. Who knows? Beginning to wonder myself.
  5. I'm fine now, Garry. Just didn't think I should be messing with spinning router bits and small pieces of wood used for handles on my wood carving knives. Heck, I couldn't even make my marks so I could set things up. I'll get back at it tomorrow when I'm normal............................if there is such a thing!
  6. Like that Maple Burl and those knives, Garry. Shakes went away after I ate, Joel. Guess I just didn't eat enough today.
  7. Surface planed some Basswood for my wood carving class's projects. I've also been making handles for 5 of my custom wood carving knives. Not sure what caused it, but my hands started shaking uncontrollably and I couldn't use my dial calipers and mark anything accurately. Came in to eat some dinner to see if that helps. Not sure what's going on. Oh well, guess I'm just gettin' old. But all kidding aside, it does concern me a bit.
  8. Gary, I've withheld my comments because I had my doubts about this guard..................but I have to admit I like it. Think it's really going to look sharp when you get it finished. Sorry for doubting you on this one.............I should have known you wouldn't blow it!
  9. I'm in love with the vertical, rolling concept as my space is going to be limited.d
  10. Nope! If it were, I'd have already bought it! He says it's a horizontal.
  11. I'm really liking this...........especially with the curve in the handle.
  12. I spoke with Jason Knight on the phone about a month ago about HT ovens. He told me he uses a Jen-Ken and really likes it. Says it's producing the most even heat treating he's ever had on knives. Since they are vertical ovens, the foot print is small...........and portable (because they are on wheels and can be rolled out of the way when not being used, where as a bench top oven takes up permanent space. He couldn't say enough nice things about them.
  13. That's going to be interesting, Gary.
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