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  1. Yup, popular among blacksmiths, but I can't see too much use for it in blade work.
  2. Yet another knife from my absolute favorite knifemaker. If only I could complete creations such as yours, Alveprins. I think my "Alveprin Album" has the majority, if not all of the knives you've shown here on the forum within it's files. Every single one is absolutely breathtaking. I keep thinking if I look at the pictures long and often enough, maybe someday I might subconsciously sneak in an Alveprins "touch" somewhere on one of my knives. I can only hope.
  3. I know what you mean, Gerhard, I'm eagerly looking forward to them.
  4. AUGUST 11 or SEPTEMBER 11?? I've got reservations for September 11.
  5. Steve, I signed in "just" to say WOW!!!
  6. There ya go.............ya dun went'n did it again! Absolutely beautiful Gary.
  7. And Blessed I feel for sure, Alan. I believe in copyright laws...............and as a artist mine have been violated and it ticks me off! I could never have afforded to pay the street price for this book and have to admit it will be a long time before I'll be able to read and understand it, but feel fortunate to have it so when I get to a point where it'll all make sense I'll have it.
  8. Doug, I believe the first two posts in this thread cleared that up.
  9. Yup, I understand the reasoning behind it. Have just never put a blade in a bag before. Okay, so I'll seal the bag with a piece about 1/2" long. My buddy David Mooneyham is going to treat it for me. Thank God for friends like David.
  10. I've got a blade I'm getting ready to have heat treated. I've read I'm supposed to put a "small piece" of wood inside the bag along with the blade so it will burn up any oxygen. But what is a "small piece"? If I cut a 1/2" piece off one end of a Popsicle stick, would that be considered a small piece?
  11. Love the knife............love the sheath. Winner/winner!
  12. Very impressive. Don't know if I could ever, in a million years, tackle a pair of scissors.
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