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  1. Well, Josh, I can say I approve of the remaining 5! Beautiful knives, one and all.
  2. Well, it has a 400# pull weight and only cost $90. I figure I'd have a whole lot more in time trying to put together one from salvaged parts than that.
  3. HOLY COW! That's a beaut! Did they deliver it in a Rolls Royce???
  4. Hmmmmm....................wonder if that would have a strong enough pull to use as a surface grinder magnet for a 2x72 belt grinder? I've been saving this link for an electro magnate. ttps://www.magneticlocks.net/model-400gf-weather-resistant-surface-mount-single-door-with-400-lbs-holding-force.html
  5. This has worked well for me when I want to replace those stupid Californicated "safety" gas can spouts. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/ez-pour-hi-flo-replacement-spout?solr=1&cm_vc=-10005&st=Gas Can Spout
  6. Sure, but those nozzles only fit that G.I type can, I think.
  7. Okay, thanks. That's what I did, actually, Alan. Figure out the answer to my own question by trying to blacken a handle I'd put BLO on about 6 months ago. Much easier to blacken "before" than "after".
  8. Thanks, Jennifer. I really meant to make a more flat-sided handle when I started. Just didn't end up that way! However, it may be hard to see the handle actually is pretty much flat-sided. I think I'd like a handle just like your Cross Peen in the second picture because handles tend to twist in my hand.........or at least my blacksmith hammers do. I'll probably bring that swell in the center down a little bit. And yes, the handle drift was positioned so the face of the hammer was at a 7 1/2 degree angle................so it was absolutely intentional. I have blackened two of my handles in the forge and really like the feel. I did the blackening on unfinished handles. I plan on blackening this one. Should I do it before applying Boiled Linseed oil..............or after?
  9. Well I made the handle. I'm kind of embarrassed to show it to anyone. Doesn't look anything like any blacksmiths hammer handle I've ever seen. On the majority of Dog's Head Hammers it looks as if the maker used a "Tomahawk" handle..........just straight. This looks more like a carpenter's pin-nail hammer with a thinner neck. I've always liked thinner necks on hammers because they allow the head to whip a little and they also don't seem to transmit vibrations back up the arm to the user, which I believe contributes to what many call "Blacksmiths elbow".........or Tendonitis. Of course, that's just my (uneducated) opinion. As good as the handle feels in my hand, I think I'll post a picture of it before actually installing it to see if there are any "no-no's" I've committed. Originally I was going to shape the handle on my new belt grinder, but I didn't have a belt that did well with wood, so I used what I'm most skilled with, knives and a spoke shave. I like the faceted surface and only hit it lightly with a 220 grit 3-M pad to slightly soften the facet edges. For reference, the handle is 12" long from the heel to the top. I would appreciate any critique on this handle before I make it permanent. I've honestly not swung a hammer enough to see the flaws that you folks can probably spot right off, so don't hesitated to comment.
  10. Well, it's been an interesting journey. but this is my first hammer head. It's a whole lot different from the picture in my first post of this thread. Not real purdy, but kinda cute. Here's my Dog's Head Hammer Head in all its shining glory. 3 1/4" long. Butt end measures 1"x1 1/4", head upset to 1 3/4". Weighs 1 1/2 pounds. Now to find some Hickory for the handle.
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