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  1. That's a beautiful blade, Alex. Can't wait to see the finished piece.
  2. Now that's an interesting trick, BillyO. I'll keep it in mind. Which is what I think I did...........but I've been known to screw things up before.
  3. My stamping was deep. Just lost a good part of it that went over the handle of the knife. I'll be more careful next time.
  4. Indeed I did, Alan. Thanks. Kind of thought it best to leave the knife in the sheath until it was dry, but one video I found said to dry it without the knife in it. Didn't make sense to me. Oh, when fitting the knife, I kind of washed out some of the stamp impressions. Kind of hard to re-stamp them now, but in the future, is there a trick to keep from doing that? Onward and upward.
  5. Okay, got the sheath stitched and the knife is form fitting right now. (is that a verb??) Anyway, my next question is how long to do leave the knife in the sheath as it dries?
  6. Thanks, Alan, just what I needed to know. Appreciate the heads-up, Alex. I keep that video in a file on my desktop. So I'm very familiar with his Paraffin soaking treatment. Plan on using it for some of my sheaths, but this one is just a sheath to protect the blade for a knife that will only leave the display case to be shown to someone. Don't think a waxy sheath quite fits that need. I think it's a perfect treatment for a sheath that will be used out in the weather..............but this one won't be.
  7. Working on my first folded sheath. Getting ready to sew it. I need to "moisture fit" the knife to the sheath. Is that step done before putting a finish on the sheath, or after?
  8. I picked up a heavy Engineer's hammer head at a garage sale many months ago. About a 4 to 5 pounder, I imagine. Turned it into a double diagonal cross peen and put a handle on it. Finished it up today. Haven't blackened and treated the handle yet but thought I'd post a picture. The handle beside it is one a good friend sent me for a template. Thought I'd include it for size reference. Sure do like that shape handle. It's pretty square at this point, with heavily rounded corners. I've found I like to radius the edges based on how the handle feels with a particular head. So this one
  9. Dang, Garry, that grind looks really nice on the dagger.
  10. Indeed. I've only sold three full-sized knives in my "extra long career" as a knife maker. (though I AM working on two more!) I'd say that makes you a high ranking expert!
  11. A Kukri is on my list for "someday"..................someday when I'm qualified to make one!
  12. I'm watching this closely, Garry. I'm a Knight's Templar.
  13. Thanks, Alan. My plan was to ask if he prefers cross-draw or strong side carry. Also ask if he's right or left handed and what color sheath he would prefer. Those are the easy questions to answer. My concern was about style of sheath and complexity of decoration. I'm thinking folded sheath with minimal decoration............but enough to not make it dull in appearance. Maybe Josh will chime in with some thoughts.
  14. I sold this knife today. The fellow who bought it told my dealer he wanted me to make a sheath for it................my design. It's far from a plain knife and my thinking is I don't want the sheath to "compete" with the knife. With that in mind, I'm thinking a folded, cross-draw sheath with simple tooling. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  15. Thanks, Doug. Getting ready to finish the edges in a few minutes.
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