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  1. Gary is in another league. I'm going to be working at "T-ball" levels. Question................for any of you who do Damascus work. When you are cutting, like in ladder work, do you cut from both sides? If so, do you stagger the cuts so you aren't risking cutting the billet in two?
  2. "I did something very similar on this years KITH knife. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out." Picture?
  3. I'm just beginning to "grasp" this Damascus process. It's funny you mention this because I was thinking the other day that it would be interesting to cut X's in a billet and drill shallow holes at all 4 points in-between the cross. Is that what you did? At what point in the "80 or 90 layer pattern" did you do that cutting and drilling?
  4. I like that pattern. It's a free form rather than a rigid repetition. Did you do a twist or cut and stack or anything like that?
  5. I'd just like to get to the place I could actually end up with a "forgotten" blade! I like both of those blades, John.
  6. Well, Alan , I've been to every knife making supplier website I can think of and haven't been able to find a particle accelerator, so guess I'm outta luck. Oh well, hour late and a dollar short.
  7. REALLY??? Wow, that's something I need to learn about, I've been casting my own bullets for years and have a "ton" of the stuff. Send me the recipe!
  8. Well, I hope all of you know I'm carefully taking notes on all of this. I mean, how else am I going to learn all this stuff. I realize there's supposedly a lot of hocus-pocus involved in knife makinig..........................but didn't realize it was all this mysterious. I'm closely watching this thread.
  9. Aw shucks, Will, you say the "High tide, Low tide" thing isn't a real truism????? All this time.........................................................
  10. Only thing I can say is "WOW". I've never seen anything like it.
  11. Funny, my little wife never complains about when I'm in the shop making...................well, making anything. What she complains about is all the time I spend here at the computer talking with all you guys. Of course, I spend a whole lot of time just "learnin' stuff" from all of you. Still, she truly resents the time I spend here. Guess everyone can't be happy all the time, huh!
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