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  1. Well I guess it's official. Gary Mulkey has ruined me for life!!!!! These danged Bowies are changing my mind about the style. Like'em more and more and this one has a certain "flavor" that I really like, but can't define. Excellent work, Steve.
  2. Said it before................and will say it again. I'm not a big fan of Bowie knives, Gary, but you sure do make me lean that way. That's really nice.
  3. Wow, Gary, you sure know how to put those patterns together.
  4. Good Lord, Gary, I wouldn't describe that blade as not having enough activity. A guy could get seasick staring at it!
  5. Thanks, guys. I bought a piece from Don Abbott of this site...............................only my old fingers missed a key and gave him the wrong mailing address...................so it was "un-deliverable". It'll soon be on it's way back to me........if the weather lets up.
  6. WOW! That's really sharp lookin' Alan. Sorry I opened my mouth with a critique. It's beautiful just like it is. Very appropriate.
  7. Thanks, Ron. COPPER? I retract my critique. In the pic it looked like "plumbers tape", or something similar. (reflections can be the greatest headache of every photographer.) Leave it as it is. Really nice touch. It'll eventually turn to a nice patina and look great. If it doesn't, there are plenty of ways to "force" it in that direction.
  8. http://www.chrischristenberry.com/ Click on the pics for additional pics.
  9. Well, the compliment was sincere. Your combining of Macintosh and Greene and Greene was very subtle and, I thought, very appropriately done. I have only one thing to critique. I think it would improve the over all look if you would ditch the metal strapping to hold the bell. Personally, I'd have made it out of leather. But now that it's done, I think it would be easy to cover the metal just by contact cementing a covering over it made of leather. I'd make it dark and weathered looking. Everything else is so organic in design the strapping stands out as "foreign" to my eye. Might just
  10. Ah and in my favorite style...........Mackintosh. (or very close to Greene and Greene) Nicely designed and done. I've made a lot of furniture in both those styles.
  11. "Buss Bars"!!!!! I didn't think of that. Just found out McMaster-Carr closed their place in Oklahoma City, so I'll check out the electrical supplies. Thanks for the tip, guys.
  12. Thanks guys. We've got a McMaster Carr in Oklahoma City....................(no shipping) I looked through their catalog, but didn't find that offering, Alex. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Don't mind buying a 6" piece, but just couldn't see spending all that money on a 12" piece. Thanks a million.
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