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  1. I know what you mean, Gerhard, I'm eagerly looking forward to them.
  2. AUGUST 11 or SEPTEMBER 11?? I've got reservations for September 11.
  3. Steve, I signed in "just" to say WOW!!!
  4. There ya go.............ya dun went'n did it again! Absolutely beautiful Gary.
  5. And Blessed I feel for sure, Alan. I believe in copyright laws...............and as a artist mine have been violated and it ticks me off! I could never have afforded to pay the street price for this book and have to admit it will be a long time before I'll be able to read and understand it, but feel fortunate to have it so when I get to a point where it'll all make sense I'll have it.
  6. Yup, I understand the reasoning behind it. Have just never put a blade in a bag before. Okay, so I'll seal the bag with a piece about 1/2" long. My buddy David Mooneyham is going to treat it for me. Thank God for friends like David.
  7. I've got a blade I'm getting ready to have heat treated. I've read I'm supposed to put a "small piece" of wood inside the bag along with the blade so it will burn up any oxygen. But what is a "small piece"? If I cut a 1/2" piece off one end of a Popsicle stick, would that be considered a small piece?
  8. Love the knife............love the sheath. Winner/winner!
  9. Very impressive. Don't know if I could ever, in a million years, tackle a pair of scissors.
  10. Gary, I signed in just to tell you how beautiful I think that dagger is. But please, after making me a Bowie "convert", please don't make me start liking daggers too!!!
  11. Well I guess it's official. Gary Mulkey has ruined me for life!!!!! These danged Bowies are changing my mind about the style. Like'em more and more and this one has a certain "flavor" that I really like, but can't define. Excellent work, Steve.
  12. Said it before................and will say it again. I'm not a big fan of Bowie knives, Gary, but you sure do make me lean that way. That's really nice.
  13. Wow, Gary, you sure know how to put those patterns together.
  14. Good Lord, Gary, I wouldn't describe that blade as not having enough activity. A guy could get seasick staring at it!
  15. Thanks, guys. I bought a piece from Don Abbott of this site...............................only my old fingers missed a key and gave him the wrong mailing address...................so it was "un-deliverable". It'll soon be on it's way back to me........if the weather lets up.
  16. WOW! That's really sharp lookin' Alan. Sorry I opened my mouth with a critique. It's beautiful just like it is. Very appropriate.
  17. Thanks, Ron. COPPER? I retract my critique. In the pic it looked like "plumbers tape", or something similar. (reflections can be the greatest headache of every photographer.) Leave it as it is. Really nice touch. It'll eventually turn to a nice patina and look great. If it doesn't, there are plenty of ways to "force" it in that direction.
  18. http://www.chrischristenberry.com/ Click on the pics for additional pics.
  19. Well, the compliment was sincere. Your combining of Macintosh and Greene and Greene was very subtle and, I thought, very appropriately done. I have only one thing to critique. I think it would improve the over all look if you would ditch the metal strapping to hold the bell. Personally, I'd have made it out of leather. But now that it's done, I think it would be easy to cover the metal just by contact cementing a covering over it made of leather. I'd make it dark and weathered looking. Everything else is so organic in design the strapping stands out as "foreign" to my eye. Might just be me, but that's my take on it.
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