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  1. Much appreciated. I think my late Uncle would approve.
  2. Thanks, guys. My late Uncle was not only a good carver, but a very popular carving knife maker. One of his knives had this handle shape and has become my favorite. When I decided I was going to try and fill the void his death left in the carving community, this was the shape handle I locked onto. Of course, I won't be making the handles as fancy/complicated as this one.........it was for my own tool bag. The others will be single wood species handles.
  3. Not tickled with the photo, but when I finished this knife last night, I was too tired to set up all my lighting equipment, etc. This is a carving knife. 7" long. I call it Ebony & Ivory (what else?). Blade is 3/8" wide by 1 1/2" long, made of 01 Tool Steel. Handle is Gabon Ebony, Brass, Red Fiber, Walrus Ivory and Cocobolo. Handle is sanded to 000 steel wool, with no finish. Will eventually be electro-etching blades with the CC logo.
  4. Thanks. I was just trying not to wear everyone out with newbie questions. I'm going to have tons of them. Thought it might be helpful if I at least had a rudimentary understanding of this process before covering all you guys up questions you've probably answered a million times. Thanks for the link. I'll start studying.
  5. For most any hobby, there seems to be a consensus as to a special book that seems to answer most of the questions beginners tend to ask. So is there a Knife making bible?????
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