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  1. I just sand to 1200, polish and then apply a coat of any hard wax that has carnuba in it.
  2. Garry, am I correct in assuming this procedure is used on un-stabilized wood?
  3. The only suggestion I can make is a smart @ss one.....................have it shipped to me instead! Mighty happy for ya. Just wish it were mine.
  4. Heck, Alan, I've done that with welders gloves! Yep, I "caught" what Blacksmithsdepot.com was doing. I've never found a decent price on their website so quit even going there a long time ago.
  5. Never wear anything on my hammer hand, Alan. I've got a pair of Ove-Gloves I wear when casting my lead bullets. I tried using them for forge work, but they only go to 400 degrees..............not far enough, at least not for me. I'll check into the link you suggested. Thanks.
  6. Alan, I'm wanting to upgrade my "common", single layer welders gloves. Are those Well Lamont Kevlars a step up?
  7. After being scolded for running my forge too danged hot and burning metal up, I pulled out my digital lab thermometer and adjusted the burn temp for for 1750 degrees. I was running it almost White Hot. DUH!!!!! It's a fair amount quieter and I can actually look inside now. Also finished my first set of usable tongs. Not a big deal to most, but a landmark for me. Made them with the "twist jaw method" out of 1/4"x1" bar. They certainly aren't purdy or anything to brag about, but they'll hold 3/8" square rod just fine.
  8. Chris Christenberry


    Truly sorry for your loss, JHP.
  9. I've got a PID and can't get the durned thing to hold a temp on anything it's connected to!!!!!
  10. Very cool idea, Rob. I like it. I don't stick pigs, but if I had to, that looks as if it would do the job, for sure.
  11. Those are just plumb purdy!!!!!
  12. I'll look forward to seeing that, Rob.
  13. Not "dodgy" at all, Rob. Your sketches describe the process perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to show me. By the way, you sure do a nice job on those sockets. I downloaded one of the pictures and "opened up" the shadows and could see the open slit on the socket. I had misunderstood thinking you'd forge welded the slit together.
  14. Well I'm glad you figured it out, C Craft, but I don't get it. Rob, I guess you're going to have to "walk" me through the process. Do you fold the two halves over a mandrel to make the socket and then pull out the blade from your fuller-ed down mid-section???
  15. That's a HUGE disappointment, Gary. I've really been looking forward to attending. Even planned the starting date of my wood carving class at the Vo-Tech around the Hammer-in! Hadn't heard the news. Heck, there's no reason to cancel an outdoor event like that. Oh well, it is what it is.
  16. A chicken tractor is a rolling/movable, bottomless enclosure for allowing to keep chickens captivated, but easily moved to new "pasture" around the yard. People build them in all different sizes. I've seen them as small as 3'x4' and as large at 12'x18'...............and I'm sure there are larger. Do a search on-line and you'll see lots of examples.
  17. Nice. As many years as I've worked with guns (non-commercially), I've never done any checkering. Need to look into that.............if I ever learn how to forge a knife!
  18. Heck, I look forward to any of Josh's blades. I'm acquiring a list of guy's who's shops I'd love to just sit in for a week and watch work. So much talent on this forum. I've got several knife forums I started watching when starting this journey and this one is the only one I've stuck with. You guys are "something" else!
  19. I'm no one to make any suggestions as to what you should do. But I do figure I've enough credibility to say that's one beautiful pattern you've got there. I'm enjoying this build. (oh, and I'm counting the days until the Hammer-in in September!)
  20. Well, Josh, I can say I approve of the remaining 5! Beautiful knives, one and all.
  21. Well, it has a 400# pull weight and only cost $90. I figure I'd have a whole lot more in time trying to put together one from salvaged parts than that.
  22. HOLY COW! That's a beaut! Did they deliver it in a Rolls Royce???
  23. Hmmmmm....................wonder if that would have a strong enough pull to use as a surface grinder magnet for a 2x72 belt grinder? I've been saving this link for an electro magnate. ttps://www.magneticlocks.net/model-400gf-weather-resistant-surface-mount-single-door-with-400-lbs-holding-force.html
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