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  1. Survived HT and temper. Post HT clean-up on the grinder. On to hand sanding...
  2. I've been grinding the tip to match the parallel portion of the bevels, but was unsure if there was a distal taper (only on the tip) or something i'm missing.
  3. I cleaned up the bevels and profiled the tip. i'm just about ready for HT. I shortened the blade and tang a bit so it will fit in my oven for temper. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to grind the tip post-HT?
  4. Greetings, This is my first post after lurking a bit. I pestered @Salem Straub on IG after seeing him forge a cool Mainz gladius, and he suggested I post here. I'm slowly working on a Pompeii gladius (first sword), and trying to work out the pommel, handle, hilt details. I plan on having a wooden pommel/hilt (possibly with non-ferrous inlay on hilt) and a bone handle. I've searched the forums, and watched some YouTube. I'm looking for specific details on how the handle (mostly pommel) fit-up to the shoulders of the blade. I could also use suggestions for tang length, and thoughts about how the shoulders should be filed (eg; 90deg or radiused). Here's what i've done thus far... I used a big 'ol leaf spring and forged to pre-form. I want to end up with a thick medial ridge Forging the bevels took a long time. She's just under 2" wide and ~ 24.5" long (blade len). Rough grind pre-HT.
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