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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to invite all to attend this years( bowie hammerin )in Knoxville Tennessee. Oct 15 -17 every one with a interest in knives ,will find some thing here this year , we have a great bunch of demonstrators , they each and every one are true masters and craftman in their feild with their dedcation and desire to promote this craft and each other. we have a chance to learn from some of the best knifemakers this country
  2. Don we hope to get things rolling at about 9 in the morning , hoping that this gives those from out of town some time to find us and to have coffee and talk abit befor getting in to the demos . Some are coming in on thursday nite , if you want to come in early to set up camp you are more than welcomed to do so . also some are staying at the Famley Inn On I-40 at the 392 mile marker exit they have set a block of rooms aside for this hammer in till wed then they will be first come first served the room rate is 39.77 a nite Call for reseveratons 1865-546-3910 tell them you
  3. Jason bring yourself and safety glasses we should have steel here to work with ,if you have a hammer that you like bring it Realy glad you will be here bowie
  4. Glade to know that you will be coming up Don , looking forward seeing you . I think that they may be a few that might want to test , Every one is invited and welcomed here it will have some thing for most every body from beginner to master stock removal to forging collectors and just knife lovers its a mixed bag and we will learn a lot .even if you've never made a knife but think you would like too or know a little more as to what goes into a fine hand made knife we encourage you to attend . all the demonstrator except James Gibson will be her all three days we allow each
  5. Larry what we don't have we will get for you just let me know what you need im calling kelly today for steel and some other things i think he has powder ill see what he has . Thanks Robert that's the reason its free so that those that normally could not attend might be able to get here camp out if they like, to learn from great knife makers like Larry Harley , and other supper fine makers we will have some thing for every body from the beginner to the advanced makers , But if camping is not your thing motels abound close By As for water to cleanup with i think we might
  6. started making knives when i was 20, im 58 now still in love with it. started forging after making a trip to Batsons and i think that was the third one , whent to learn silver inlay from Allen Aldridge learned a hole lot more never tured back and its still fun Bowie
  7. Thanks Don and we would love for you to be here , it would be great if you will atend .. Don its free we have about 5 acers clear for primitive camping . there are lots of motels within 3to 5 miles with all types of resturaunts near by there is a deli within walking distance of me place we will have a Iron in the hat drawing to help pay the cost particaption is not required . Donation to the Iron in the hat can be any thing knife related , we plan to have a good time and we also will have hands on in the evenigs lots to do and lots of good knifemakerswell be h
  8. this hammer in will be held on oct31 nov 1-2
  9. .Don I hope its ok to place this on your web site . Bowies Hammer in to be held in knoxville tenn at 2918Ellistown Rd each year Larry Harley and myself try to have a hammer in his in the spring the bowie hammer in in the fall all are welcome to attend . We have a great line up of demos I feel really lucky to get these guys here for three day s picking their brains and learning from them. wow what great people knfemakers are to take the time to pass it on, . it is what its about to me making friends and learning from each other .. We will have Larry Harley here this year teachi
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