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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to invite all to attend this years( bowie hammerin )in Knoxville Tennessee. Oct 15 -17 every one with a interest in knives ,will find some thing here this year , we have a great bunch of demonstrators , they each and every one are true masters and craftman in their feild with their dedcation and desire to promote this craft and each other. we have a chance to learn from some of the best knifemakers this country has to offer . theirs sence of sharing is what makes this happen ,the deomonstrator that teach here do so at their own exspense , and for that alone need our support ,they set up and manage ther own demos , and each one hoping to teach in the true sence of the word --(just to pass it on )--hoping to incourage us to strive to be proud of being knife people either as a maker, collector, promoter,anf most of all to injoy our either proffession or hobby, ever which side it falls on is up to you . We will have most every aspect of this knife thing covered here so try to be here and injoy the company of some really great people from all parts of the country . and show how much we appreciate their time and effort . the professinal as well as the beginner will walkaway from here with the teaching of of Sava - MS ,Lenn Landrum-JS, Larry Harley-JS,Richard Wlliams-The Master , Dana Acker, Alan L. , Burt Foster MS, Mark Zalesky editor of Knife World ,Rob Frink will be here with his great grinders .Darren Ellis will be here with his line of supplies.hopefully Rade Hawkens with his fine line of supplies will also attend , tail gate sales are also welcomed or trade or barter starts October !5 -- !7 From day light till dark ,. plained events each day Bill Wiggens and Lenn Landrum will have a cutting contest all can enter , knives will fit AbS standerds as to size for contest ,boy you better on on your toes for this one -- so build that cutter knife and enter , it should be fun . if you qualify you can take your JS test this year here with Master Smith Sava , or Burt Foster if you plan to do so contact me or the master you want to test you . there is camping sits here on the property for tents and campers i have no hookups but self contained campers are welcome we can park you here , resturant within walking distance a small deli, other resturants within 5 miles all types from fast food to sitdown finer foods . we will have campfire at nite for the chance relax and for you that can play music to do so , they will be forges for you that wish to to use them,and im sure teachers to help in any aspect of knife making . this a family event we will have a youth forging station with hands on , , i know this is long and im sure im not telling it all . we dont have a fancy place but we do have a place to get together and learn . Each and everyone are invited so try being here this year and make some new friends .your attendence well be greatly appreciated \ To get driving instructions-- do a web search at mapquest 2918 ellistown Rd knoxville Tn.37924 call 1-865-524-2054 cell 1-865-660-1569 let me know if you plan to attend ether in here or by phone Motels and resterants at mile marker exit 394 and more at exit 398 on I 40 -- thats about 5 to 10 minutes from my place _
  2. Don we hope to get things rolling at about 9 in the morning , hoping that this gives those from out of town some time to find us and to have coffee and talk abit befor getting in to the demos . Some are coming in on thursday nite , if you want to come in early to set up camp you are more than welcomed to do so . also some are staying at the Famley Inn On I-40 at the 392 mile marker exit they have set a block of rooms aside for this hammer in till wed then they will be first come first served the room rate is 39.77 a nite Call for reseveratons 1865-546-3910 tell them you with the bowie Hammer in
  3. Jason bring yourself and safety glasses we should have steel here to work with ,if you have a hammer that you like bring it Realy glad you will be here bowie
  4. Glade to know that you will be coming up Don , looking forward seeing you . I think that they may be a few that might want to test , Every one is invited and welcomed here it will have some thing for most every body from beginner to master stock removal to forging collectors and just knife lovers its a mixed bag and we will learn a lot .even if you've never made a knife but think you would like too or know a little more as to what goes into a fine hand made knife we encourage you to attend . all the demonstrator except James Gibson will be her all three days we allow each demonstrator to have as much time s as they feels they needs to teach so setting a time s is hard to do . depending on the amount of people as to if we have two or more demonstration going on at the same time , but if that happens all will still be able to see them all ; you can film if you want take pictures take notes for sure so that you might use what you learn when you get back home , Bring what ever you might want to work on we hope that evenings will be hands on time , with many knife maker willing to help out bring some of your work, if you have some thing that you want to sale bring that also we always looking for more stuff . do a map quest for driving instruction and looking forward see you all here Oct. 31-Nov.1-2 if you need more information feel free to call shop 1-660-1569 home 1-865-524-2054 after 6 est if you don't get me on the shop phone call the house leave a number ill call you after 6 thanks Ron Claiborne
  5. Larry what we don't have we will get for you just let me know what you need im calling kelly today for steel and some other things i think he has powder ill see what he has . Thanks Robert that's the reason its free so that those that normally could not attend might be able to get here camp out if they like, to learn from great knife makers like Larry Harley , and other supper fine makers we will have some thing for every body from the beginner to the advanced makers , But if camping is not your thing motels abound close By As for water to cleanup with i think we might find some for you ,lol Ron Claiborne--Bowie
  6. started making knives when i was 20, im 58 now still in love with it. started forging after making a trip to Batsons and i think that was the third one , whent to learn silver inlay from Allen Aldridge learned a hole lot more never tured back and its still fun Bowie
  7. Thanks Don and we would love for you to be here , it would be great if you will atend .. Don its free we have about 5 acers clear for primitive camping . there are lots of motels within 3to 5 miles with all types of resturaunts near by there is a deli within walking distance of me place we will have a Iron in the hat drawing to help pay the cost particaption is not required . Donation to the Iron in the hat can be any thing knife related , we plan to have a good time and we also will have hands on in the evenigs lots to do and lots of good knifemakerswell be here. if any have goods that they want sale or trade we encourage them to do so i will have prices on motels in a few day i will if its ok place them in here as well thanks again Don we are hoping that you can be here .Ron Claiborne --- Bowie
  8. this hammer in will be held on oct31 nov 1-2
  9. .Don I hope its ok to place this on your web site . Bowies Hammer in to be held in knoxville tenn at 2918Ellistown Rd each year Larry Harley and myself try to have a hammer in his in the spring the bowie hammer in in the fall all are welcome to attend . We have a great line up of demos I feel really lucky to get these guys here for three day s picking their brains and learning from them. wow what great people knfemakers are to take the time to pass it on, . it is what its about to me making friends and learning from each other .. We will have Larry Harley here this year teaching Damascus pattern and working with powder steels ,Larry always put on a great Demo ,he's fun and keeps you interested , we also have Len Landrum he well be showing us heat treating methods that he uses to heat treat 52 100 and others as well he also very learned in the art of heat treating and builds a great knife ,we will be giving out handout this year to remind us when in the shop what to do next ., James Gibson well be here teaching forging to shape and flint napping if you have never seen this guy forge you owe it to yourself to be here he is the best to me when it comes to hammer control he will be showing us easy ways to get it done faster and better all ways a treat to watch and he well show us flint napping he makes it look so easy and those that do it like Dana have a great time doing it some day im going to try . Ken Durham of Buzzards Roost Forge is coming in to teach silver sheathes and how he makes those fantastic bowies he builds some of the best that money and begging can get I am amazed each time i see them he is very talented and free with his information and likes to pass it on we are very lucky to have him here this year Alex Daniels will be here teaching sheath making and forming silver furniture my long time mentor i have for years i don't need to mention admired Alexs knives the best reproductions in the country his work is some thing to aspire to a real treat for sure he also is loaded with tremendous information , Richard William's of Dolly wood Master at his craft and a great knife maker that has been on number of Tv show showing his skilled craft to thousands will be teaching forging and the right ways to use the tools of the trade a true master of the knife making trade he taught me more in 1 hour the real usage of the tools of our craft than i had ever known, A demo i will never forget , Mark Zalesky well be here ,aaaaaeditor of Knife World well be giving a talk on Antique Bowies and the makers of yesteryear and the methods the makers used to build their knives s and im thinking he will have a few of these great and hard to find knives for us to look at and admire to hold one of those knives is a treat to feel the knife not just see a picture of it they are truly different . i have already had knife makers from all over the country telling me they will be here this year and we want each and every one of you to feel welcomed here its free gust bring you smiling faces and join in the fun. I will post more as it get closer but we really what a number breaking crowd this year so be here and we talk knives for three day . as you can see it`s building into a true bowie knife hammer in , bring your work , looking forward see you all Ron Claiborne
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