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  1. Thanks Alan I would have never guessed railroad spikes to be as such, considering the abuse they take. That is a very valid point in regards to being stuck with a knife shaped object. No point in wasting what can be utilized as a tool.
  2. Jerrod, that should have fallen into the common sense section, and I completely missed it lol. That is some spot on advice!
  3. Thank you for the welcome Doug. That is very good advice thank you. Fortunately for me my predecessor was very particular about organizing the steel we have. Everything that used to be ordered and everything I order now is labeled and organized by size and steel type. Why, I have no idea but it makes inventory a breeze. All the scrap iron is kept in the same location so it can be identified when it’s needed to be used. Now for some odd reason we have some pre annealed 1095 cold rolled steel that was ordered 7 years ago. Their theory was to create our own cutting blades for our bags (I work for a bean/popcorn production company). I have heard files and railroad spikes are great materials for making blades but like you said, I will stick with what I know as far as steel type is concerned. Through trial and error of learning the process and getting familiar with form and shape, I’m not against using items such as our cold drawn C1018 and C1045 rounds. Practice materials that will most likely be disgarded until I feel comfortable. Unless that is suggested against. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the most cost efficient process for freshly jumping out of the gate.
  4. I wanted to start an introduction to let everyone here know a little bit about this new guy that will be lingering around everyone’s posts. My name is Jason and I am from the Northeast corner of Colorado. I have hunted and fished my entire life so a quality blade is always on my side regardless of where I go. I have vested more money then I would like to admit on various knives from Kershaw, Boker, Benchmade, DiamondBlade, Tops, Esee etc. Recently I contemplated purchasing a Rob Bayley S-4 when my more sensible half said that wasn’t happening. I was at that point discussing crafting my own and she was quite alright with that. I have crafted duck calls the last few years so I have a knowledge in crafting your own products which put a much higher appreciation for items then just purchasing them. I will say, I am starting off with a hammer and an anvil, nothing more. So I will be starting from the ground up. I am currently a maintenance technician and a welder so I have access to an endless supply of scrap metals to craft my own forge as well as steels to be forged. So that is my incredibly long winded, yet short life story of how I ended up being here. I look forward to going through and learning from all the masters that are here and hopefully one day get to that point myself. Thank you all for having me.
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