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  1. OK guys. I'm running out of ideas on how to make this work!!
  2. I'd totally appreciate that! I know it's stubborn to no just buy what's best but I like the feeling of building it myself. That I know everyone here can understand. I had planned on buying 3" nipple reduced to 1 1/2" as a way to accelerate the air. I know it'll assist in spray. Likely not atomization but once up to temp it should be fine. I've toyed with a pump version for a couple months but either it used way more fuel than its worth or didn't work due to a lean mix. I've seen guys using the design Im using but I'm not all thrilled about the noise of a shop vac or air compressor. Forging should be relaxing and not sound like a airport runway on Christmas eve.
  3. I have already tried I live in the south and well I dont believe anywhere around here has those. Even scrap ones. Just doesn't get cold enough. I bump shoulders with many hvac guys. None have even seen one.
  4. I think this would fix the issue. I think the air acceleration is low and the fuel is puddling on the back of the reducer and trickling down the pipe and cooling it.
  5. Am I wrong to assume the cfm isn't nearly as important as air pressure with forges? I have many squirrel cages that'll summon Satan using only wood. Not coal or charcoal. Wood. But does nothing for a waste oil forge(my many trial and errors). So I assume for waste oil the pressure is what's required to atomize the fuel or at least whip it around enough to make droplets. I do know hairdryers are designed for pressure more than cfm but logically it should work since my first did. I'm wondering if adding a 90 on the exhaust would help? Working to give more hot surface volume for the oil to vaporize? Also a treat so it'll work like a vertical blower.
  6. That sir I don't know how to calculate. They are both from hair dryers. The original was smaller but I'm not certain of the cfm( as it has since melted due to accidents). Though I wouldn't believe there would be much difference. Would more cfm produce better results? I know the chamber is heating to workable temperatures. Not enough air for what it really wants?
  7. Hello my fellow smiths. This is my first post so I assume this is the correct place. I have built (after many months of trial and mostly error) a waste oil forge blower assembly. My new issue is that now it's not heating as it was. The old fan burned (from a hair dryer). The new one doesn't seem to produce the same results. I'd say a few hundred degrees cooler. I assumed it was the voltage or even the fan itself, perhaps the design. I guess I made a perfect match and changed a variable. Any ideas fellows?
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