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    so so many. bladesmithing and all around metal work. electronics. woodworking is my #1. winemaking slash brewing. music(only the classics). absolutely primitive weapons, actually not blades. pyrotechnics. ya know just about any hobby a man can have i want. learning is more important than food to me!

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  1. Personally I use a conair blow dryer in my oil forge and even the sound from it is ummm let's say not enjoyable. Let alone a leafblower. If it's propane then to some extent it should be self aspirated. So even a regular ole squirrel cage should do with slightly larger diameter pipe. Of course mine needs the air a dryer gives. Also if I may add, I did modify mine to run on DC. You'd be amazed how much power that heating element takes from the motor. Mine runs on 18v printer supply and I occasionally use it as a leaf blower to clean around my forge
  2. That things a beast. Only input I have is you'll very likely need an opening in the back lest you want ALL of that heat in your face, hand, and everything within 6ft of that orifice becoming untouchable. Of course welding some angle iron above and below both opening's to allow setting in fire brick will let you control exhaust. You'll lose some heat but not enough to value a single opening.
  3. I have massive chunks of something similar. except its very heavy, shatters when struck very very hard, doesnt oxidize either, conducts electricity but nonmagnetic. My HS teachers husband was a geologist and he couldnt reasonably ID it. Figured it was maybe meteor but never got a definite answer. This wasnt porous though.
  4. Yall better men than I. if my stuff warps after quench it goes to the scrap pile. big pile btw.
  5. already counted my eggs before they hatched @Conner Michaux hopefully this one hatches sometime tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Really hope blacksmith knife wins the poll
  7. Forging out that long thin tang has given me an epiphany as to why most of you fellas use power hammers
  8. Yall got me my butt off. I had to do some research and it looks similar to a rat snake but his head is a bit viperish. along with the way it curls for striking to. i went back in to shu it out but it moved, i panicked, grabbed it by the head and ran around the yard screaming for a good 2 minutes before finding an old fish tank to toss it in till i can positively id the sucker, either way not going to kill it. i love snakes. just not a fan of surprises. @Ron Benson had it been a rattler id certainly went for a nice little widdling knife set with matching handle and sheath.
  9. Glad I just finished up in the bathroom before grabbing my saw horses to cut some studs for a new work bench.
  10. Thank you @will. However in light of tonight's shenanigans I'll be abandoning this blade, and even more depressing, along with 9 others I've been working on. Unfortunately I must have gotten lucky woth my first 2 as they hardened nicely but tonight 3 did not. I suspect foul steel and I will be abandoning all including the steel itself. Sad, so sad, don't look at me I'm not crying.....
  11. If I find a decent steel, I do have some tool steel I'd like to attempt.
  12. @Clifford BrewerIf it has that look I think I'll do some research and refine it to be one :). I don't have a compass but it's a direction at least. Light research suggests: not even close
  13. That is the most likely scenario with payment. Most wouldn't want to do a money transfer. I've learned it's never about being a scetchy guy, it's people THINKING you're a scetchy guy and paypal is generally well trusted because of that IF. Of course you're not but nobody knows that for sure. Even I have to deal with people like that. On the rare occasion I do work for someone on the side and request half up front they say no payment till finish. Well ya see the world don't work that way. I have fuel, food, and time in I need money to cover that and generally speaking 3/4 of the money isn't even for me. It's for expenses and bills haha. I wouldn't be so shy as to not tack on 25-30% of what you'd lose in paypal. Explain that and most will accept. P.S. I quit Facebook years ago for that reason. It was exhaustive.
  14. I appreciate the help everyone! Sorry I meant @Alex&Will the edge doesn't roll or curl it's the entire blade. Thanks Alan. I get a bit zealous with my hammering and try to do one entire side before flipping. Admittedly the curve look kinda neat but to some extent makes it a little useless. Probably excellent at cutting but not so much hacking. Again not sure the steel but so far it takes multiple heats well, still harden's even after losing an insane amount of carbon to scale, and forges easy when hot. Doesn't do anything when cold. Ugh. I'll give it shot and try to slow my pace a bit. Also try and find a good stick to use.
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