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    so so many. bladesmithing and all around metal work. electronics. woodworking is my #1. winemaking slash brewing. music(only the classics). absolutely primitive weapons, actually not blades. pyrotechnics, games, stuff and junk.

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  1. Trying out my new forge. Why build it if ya not gonna use it eh?
  2. Oil burner for my forge. It's been a rough several months getting free time and I finally got around to improving my designs.
  3. Made myself a new air supply. 3 hair dryer fans powered by 12v@1.5amp. Shown at 3/4ish power. 20210627_201047_1.mp4
  4. Starting to think I prefer making forges more than forging hahaha, also I can't seem to find steel cheap enough 20210623_195209_1.mp4 20210615_113746.mp4
  5. Gasoline only. Oil will increase temperature. Color maxes out at yellow(appropriate 2 minutes from cold using 3/4inch rebar). Preheated for 2 hours while wet. Hand tested after 5 hours.
  6. 20210623_195909_1.mp4 20210623_195909_1.mp4 20210623_195155_1.mp4 20210623_195209_1.mp4
  7. Color correct after 60 seconds of in forge
  8. 20210615_113719.mp4 20210615_113746.mp4
  9. My brain still hurts on how you guys make Damascus. I can get steel up to nearly white but it still won't stick to anything else or itself clean or fluxed
  10. New, more compact design. I'm getting closer to perfection.
  11. It can also be changed to work vertically with double exhaust. This setup was proof of concept. Was run less than 30 minutes using strictly gasoline and kerosene. Not yet oil tested.
  12. Worry not. Wont do it again. I was just taking a quick looksee. Normally when its flared up like in the pic its at its coolest. It was only a "do i need to adjust something?" Peek
  13. Consider my self lucky. Looking inside burns my eyes. Its hot. Hot hot. A glance revealed white inside.
  14. Fire drying a smelter. Considering ditching oil for charcoal to forge but definitely keeping for smelting. Hippocratic? Yes. But smelting is by far more important to me as forging is a hobby. Smelting billets would help me accomplish other things.
  15. tomorrow ill post pictures of the dimensions of everything and a clearer view of the atmosphere inside the forge.
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