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  1. Be careful Joel. Getting into electronics is certainly a dangerous hobby. I HAVENT FORGED ANYTHING IN OVER 6 MONTHS TRYING TO PERFECT THE FAN AND OIL CONTROL CIRCUITRY FOR MY FORGE!!!
  2. Oh yea that 3/4HP is worlds of difference. I cant bind the motor, just the belt. The motor just keeps on going. I appreciate the advice everyone and ill certainly buy some better belts if they come in 4x36"
  3. @steven smith my belt grinder is a HF 36" that i rigged a full 3/4hp central air system blower motor onto. ITS WAYYYY BETTER. but even then its not quite what i want. I did plan on building a much stronger 72" but i havent the time yet. At the moment i cant afford decent belts but i did discover with more HP, even plain Aluminum oxide belts for wood work ok with a bit of cooling fluid. I took the advice of Alan and use windex. works quite well. Ive just been looking for an old laminator or printer for spindles. Cant really build those.
  4. Thanks for the replies FRIENDS!!! I noticed a trend and I now see im not alone with the sanding/grinding process. I think its mostly because of my crap equipment but even then i just dont think itll move me with better stuff. Applying handles bother me because im worried if im off any then its all a ruin(i rivet my scales/handle). But holy crap i hate sanding them down. I love the ugly diamond in the rough and anything else is just work hahaha. I will say very fine hand sanding i like because it feels similar to finishing cabinets to me. I love decorative wood work so that fine final polish is ok by me. just hate the pre-pretty junk. I wont even begin on sheaths....I am not good at that. As i try to respond to everyone, there are more posts than i assumed there would be. Id love to try to damascus but i worry about the same thing. The ole oil forge gets the heat but my ego isnt quite big enough to let me risk it yet. About the only way I usually finish is when i have a deadline, a purpose, but for myself ya looking at 5 to 10 without possibility of parole lol
  5. Im curious how yall, if anyone aside from me, push past that annoying part of smithing to finish your work? Doesnt have to be blades specifically. I have 4 fully finished blades, for nearly 2 months now, that still dont have handles, much less the thought of sheathing them....laaaaazzzzzyyy. For me its the full finish. Tempering, blade grinding and applying handles. I personally love the heating and shaping process. Not so much the rest. Anyone else?
  6. Absolutely not necessary to apologize nor to add more to the original kith @Jeremy Blohm
  7. Id suggest smoked sunflower seeds as a replacement. I know several ppl that have quit that way.
  8. Elder Scrolls Series. Especially TES3 Morrowinds DAEDRIC DAGGER......ohhhhhhyesssssss
  9. Ive smoked for 6 years now(since i met my wife) . Its horrible but ive noticed i slow down a heck of alot when im doing something. Anything really. Especially while forging. A pack in a normal day an half or less if forging or working on the yard ect... Alcohol. well thats another beast. Ive been drinking everyday for over 10years. Granted ive slowed down a bit since i have hobbies and a family. I know the struggle. I mostly use to pick on smokers because they just couldnt stop but now i understand. More than anything it may not help stop smoking but if you keep your hands busy it will slow you down. I dabble in electronics and i cant smoke at all while soldering, sometimes for hours. I cant do the double smoke lol.
  10. Test design. Ease of ignition and will not extinguish itself. Very fuel efficient. Heat lacking.
  11. So it's fair to say that "brut finish" is essentially "on purpose" forging marks? Meant to provide an aesthetic pattern? Not unlike Damascus I guess, but without the.....Damascus.
  12. Ahhh forging marks correct? haha i had to look up brut finish. personally i love it. but im just 1 of billions. to me it proves it was hand made. I have close family that have seen me pound hot steel but still dont believe Ive made some of my blades.
  13. Ill be done tomorrow regardless. Ill finish inside if need be so count me in.
  14. To quote chris...Ok but close to a quote.. Its certainly cute Wish id thought about parameters being a suggestion and not law haha. Wife Approved!
  15. Only 4 so far? Thats damn near a coin flip.
  16. I dont mind. Im ashamed ive had so much time but the weather here is hahahaha and my forge is fully open to the elements......
  17. Storming fairly bad here. Power is um, umm, hmm, so i cant finish today as i hoped. . All it needs is the final grind but fate aint on my side it seems. Where do we ship and preferred method?
  18. Appreciated. Will finish tomorrow. Sheath however, Im likely unable to do regardless of deadline. No material.
  19. Looks damn good! Now im worried mine is to lean
  20. Ill be finished tomorrow if thats not to late??
  21. Tries its butt off to use a 7018 rod but i think my clamp isnt letting it get a good start(rusty old jumper cable clamp).
  22. Devours 3016 rods. Burns through 3/32" metal. Good bad here. I'll try thicker rods and metal. Oh yeah shorted it out through my puny flesh and well just a little tickle, 34.8v open circuit.
  23. Worry not Will i do my best to stay the side of caution. Its mostly for fun and because while i make decent money for my trade my bills are equally as high. So money is tight. Ill probably still buy one but until taxes come around ill have to build one for my smithing needs at the moment. Ive been jerry rigging all of my forge blowers and they only last a week or 2 so i just want to build one now to finish my current projects and paying a weldor is way higher than buying or building a welder. Building just happens to be on the cheap side for now. Control i can do. im a novice but control and amp circuits are my muse aside from working hot steel. Honestly i think alot of you fellas here would be happy to build your own speed controls for the fans yall use like i did. Next on my list will be a thermocouple sensor for forge temp, automated oil/air feed to maintain atmosphere. Oh and a decent AMP to go with all these darn speakers i keep buying from yardsales . However this welder is more kin to forging than to electronics
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