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  1. Sorry guys. Microwave oven transformer. Unfortunately they come in greatly varying sizes so it's difficult to get 2 or more the same so wrapping them isn't consistent. Ohhh I've been shocked plenty and by much worse, case in point: fully energized 2000v mots, crt flyback transformers(generally 10kv), 277s, fluorescent light transformers, multiple ignition coils (those hurt like hell), should I be dead? Probably. But I'm not. Not once was this on purpose and I do avoid shock hazards to the best of my ability. However a typical car battery is 12v at 800amps. Think tractor then it's 24v at 800+ or 12v at 1600+ depending on how it drives the starter. I fully agree the input of 110v is a hazard but 30v out at best 150amps should be fairly safe. I can definitely feel the charge but it's less tickle than a piezo grill igniter pinch. @JeffMworry not its a 6x6" #10 lens. Planned on building a mask for it. Also consider commercial welders using similar methods. Most initial starts are with HV to begin the arc, v collapses, then the amps take over....those are much more powerful than mine.
  2. Actually quite low voltage. 30v is what it's maxed at the moment. Guessing around 150amps. Enough amps just not quite enough voltage with my new design. It's no more hazardous than a car battery and at only 110v in, my calloused hands barely register when I slip up hahaha. I should have mentioned they were rewrapped. I'm not foolish enough to play with 2000v
  3. Alrighty friends I decided to build my own ARC welder today. Using 6013 1/16" rods it blew well past my expectations. Near instant arc and easily kept the bead running. However.....of course. all good things must come to an end. Two of the MOTs i used burned out. Not sure why, possibly loose coils, but one didnt. A survivor no matter what i throw at it. While weak the meek shall inherit yes? Well using 3 of them they will just not give up but on the other hand they arent strong enough to strike the arc. Now i planned on using 4 as im using 3 atm but has anyone here made a arc welder before? If so any suggestions? Its been a fun day piddling around with these things and im hoping someone else here has done the same. The funny part of all this you ask? I bought a welding lens......I held the lens to close......No more lens
  4. Rewired 3 MOTs into a homemade arc welder. Exhausting
  5. Must say i love the idea of what youre trying to do there. I wanted to do a tanto design but it didnt quite work out. I worry mines to thin but its made from steel designed for stress so it should hold
  6. You guys are lucky. My wife loves everything about this hobby.......except when i actually go outside to do it............
  7. Dont feel bad. my first attempt shattered into 4 pieces when i quenched, my fault mind you. But hey my current one does look better atleast.
  8. 2 1/2" chamber with 1 1/4" intake/exhaust. Turns out just about any size will work. The smaller chamber is much more aggressive with flare up but generates the same heat and is a little more fuel efficient.
  9. I agree with Alan. That's why I suggest using a brazing tip instead of the jet style tips. It'll consume more fuel but will generate much more heat, if you intend to continue on using torches that is. @Wayne CoeI believe he's heart set on using torches. Could be $ or where he lives ect...
  10. Its angled down my friend. Also appears youre now using one torch.
  11. If those are cast brick(or not) then plain clay or bentonite clay/ aka cheap kitty litter will work just fine. Now i believe those tips should work but in my opinion id switch to a broader brazing torch tip. theyll consume more fuel but should certainly provide adequate heat. if your forge is for heat treating and minimal forging then that shouldnt be an issue.
  12. Id think more likely your heat is being directed on that there hot spot and isnt being dispersed throughout your forge.
  13. Itll always get there my friend. I just apologize to whomever gets mine
  14. Addendum. If 6"ID or greater chamber is used id suggest shorter length, say 8" or less(6"x6" is great). this of course may not work as a double burner design but will make an excellent single burner for a smelter or small knife/general use forge though a 1/2" pipe as a flame holder, opposite of exhaust, is needed. Also the fuel flow should be finely controlled. 1/20th of a turn on mine is the difference between oxidizing, neutral, and carborizing atmospheres and im using the valves from an oxy/acet torch head. Inline fuel filters a must. I dont care how much you "think" youve filtered it.
  15. I may have missed something. I apologize about spelling.
  16. It's a plain ole drip feed with the fuel outlet near the end of the intake tube/tank joint. It doesn't atomize the fuel but it does turbulate? It. Is very simple and reliable method. Intended to be simple so anyone can build it. I'll try to make a better schematic later. The fuel in is about an inch from the tank end of the air intake tube. I doubt it's important. Keep in mind the chamber must be hot before the addition of just oil. I use gasoline but propane should work just fine.
  17. @Zeb CamperI fully agree with you on that. Brutal truth is always best. I don't go looking for trouble and avoid it at all costs but like you sometimes being in the area is unavoidable. Personally I'm generally in fight mode. The places my job takes me is usually those where fight or flight means shot in the face or shot in the back. There's no middle ground and giving your wallet and keys just saves them time digging through your pockets. It's unfortunate but I'd rather at least try to fight and maybe die than certainly die running. Although I failed to mention the knife is intended to stay in the vehicle, not for carrying. A situation where someone tries to open the door and whatnot. Everyone asks why I drive a crappy car. Ha it's simple. One look and you'd never guess there's over 10k worth of tools inside. The first line of defense is to be unassuming. But there's always those who shake the bag and look inside when they know it's empty, hence the knife. Wife has a phobia of guns
  18. I appreciate that Will. The 10xx series seems like a winner. Unless I need to work fast then obviously there's no reason for me to. Fuel is on the cheap cheap for me, at most 2gal of gas a week if i go for 6+ hours a day average, and electrical consumption is a joke. I could power my fan on a cheap HF solar panel or SLA batteries for hours. Id rather this be a relaxing hobby than a day to day rushing to meet a quota.
  19. HA! Yea Alan i should have read about it a bit more carefully, the 5#er did its job but at the cost of my redlight weekend I was tired, wife was mad. I got to say i do like it though. Once i reduce it just a little its almost butter but that first half hour or so i nearly want to junk it. Now this isnt due to forge heat, hammer, anvil, or anything tool wise, but do you guys recommend a steel for the slow and steady guy? i can forge fast but i honestly get lost gazing into the fire, darn it.....Im not worried about losing to much carbon but ill admit ive heated steel for over an hour after getting lost in my own head and oh wow crap at the scale once i snapped out of it. I try to run my OilBurner over neutral but Im not sure really of how much carbon i do lose.
  20. I appreciate that friends. Perhaps this thread could be used to discuss the reality of our trade/hobby. I doubt most any weapon we sell or gift is going to live it's life as a fancy dust collector. They are intended for use in some way and unfortunately even potentially in a way they should never have to be. I myself have been "attempted" nearly robbed. Once by gun and twice by knife. I can say in most cases your demeanor, and a very large claw hammer, can be more of an asset than a gun or knife. They gave up and ran and that's all that matters at the end of the day. @steven smith you certainly was not rude. I just don't want to be misunderstood. Messages don't convey intent very well . Might add that hoOK does worry me but had a solution by rounding it into a closed loop to prevent snagging. Personally I think it would make a great fillet knife. And whoever said 5160 is great for beginners is out of their mind or what I have isn't 5160
  21. That'll make all the spiders jealous and give every bug in a mile radius a heart attack . Super beautiful work!
  22. I apologize guys I didn't want this to be viewed as violent. Definitely kills the mood and for me the purpose of forging in these times. It's meant to be fun and creative. Perhaps a moderator should delete this thread?
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