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  1. I appreciate the help everyone! Sorry I meant @Alex&Will the edge doesn't roll or curl it's the entire blade. Thanks Alan. I get a bit zealous with my hammering and try to do one entire side before flipping. Admittedly the curve look kinda neat but to some extent makes it a little useless. Probably excellent at cutting but not so much hacking. Again not sure the steel but so far it takes multiple heats well, still harden's even after losing an insane amount of carbon to scale, and forges easy when hot. Doesn't do anything when cold. Ugh. I'll give it shot and try to slow my pace a bit. Als
  2. Solid advice, I try to use chalk on sheet metal. Works. For a little while. My primary issue is since I try to do little stock removal I always try to forge down my edge. Helps reduce grind time and heat transfer. The downside is that it puts a curve in my blades. The issue I have is that even doing a little at a time it's nearly impossible to keep the blade staight. If I try to hammer the curve back out the whole thing turns into a snake on hot sand, even a curve of 1/4inch tang to tip, will curl the blade if I try to straighten it.
  3. Haha! Sir let me tell you what. While I don't know much about your country I can say that if you ship you can find buyers. Depends on how you feel about Facebook and craft sites. In the U.S you'd have no problem selling them. I can't say how to cater to a particular market but then again not catering would be best as to broaden your clientele. If I decide to sell then I'd probably do fine but darn do I get attached to things I put hours and hours of work into.
  4. Ha that's how I felt to. I'll add more pics as I go along. It is indeed bar stock. The steel I'd unknown but definitely harden able and seems high carbon. I've done a bit more to it since but the tang design seems to meet my needs and I'll need it to be that thick and wide. I'm not much a fan on hidden tangs(this one is meant to be seen, sort of a half hidden, half full tang, and this one is for a round the house heavy chopper. So it's going to be heavy. Approximately 18+ov/2+lbs(haven't measured it). Did not cut off any part of it. I do not do stock removal unless I have to. Trying to learn a
  5. Nice indeed. Seems lately that kitchen knives may be my calling card. Bet ya could sell every set!
  6. I generally have an idea what I'm attempting to do but I never do stock removal and occasionally my work gets away from me. Not really good or bad but never ends up exactly as I want but close. Lol I find barefoot much safer than shoes. Really hate them red hot scales getting trapped between my shoe and dainty flesh.
  7. Beautiful knife. Skinners should be simple and functional. That's the kith it wanted hahaha. Nearly all of my small knives resemble that! Love it!
  8. My wife would murder for that candle holder @alan. Pleplease hide it. I'm to young to die.
  9. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I think I'm wanting a bush chopper but it looks more like a tree chipper. Should I do some fancy to it or just keep it as it is?. It's been a very long time since Ive made something this big (nearly 2ft). Be harsh. Be nice. Just be honest.
  10. Off topic but my brother has commissioned me...well not for a knife but for a forge?? So perhaps going to add a new member here?
  11. I know what you mean @alan. Its now banned in a lot of places for supposedly meaning white power. That in my opinion is crossing the line with pc culture. Really hope thumbs up and down aren't next....going to make pouring a slab much more difficult hahahah. When Daniel Tosh refers to us as a "kindergarten country" I agree. My wife and most friends call me a professional @$$hh013, while true, doesn't hurt my feelings in the least. I've had some pretty messed up things said to me but never once did it go deeper than my ear drum, ya know maybe their having a bad day. Seems nowadays everyone fee
  12. Noted! I don't mind trying anything new. I certainly need to expand on my styles and techniques. I apologize for not being very specific about the parameters. I meant open style within parameters. Of course any set standard is just fine by me, ya know gotta learn somehow and forced criteria is a good teacher. Though for me sales aren't important. If I sell any then yay? If not then meh. I just enjoy the craft. As a beginner I do have a signature style and I'm trying to get away from it. I've made 6 in the last 2 months and they ALL LOOK THE DAMN SAME! I didn't even realize it until last night
  13. Hey brothers in fire. I haven't been here long and I certainly don't have enough experience to suggest anything but has there ever been an ambiguous KITH? Say a blade or item with little requirements(except of course weight, size, ect). Something everyone wanted to just make or do that doesn't exactly fit into any normal criteria? I guess like a signature style of item. I'm certainly not able to this year but I'd love to join in kith the next go-round.
  14. Thankfully I'm young so it healed nice but around 8 months age I to got my thumb on a table saw. Split it horizontal from tip past joint. All I could say was "Hey baby (wife) I think I f*%#ed up real bad". She almost passed out. I just went for the tp and scotch tape. Best believe I use a push stick for every cut now.
  15. Sounds like a nice cup of tea. I suppose I'll try out when the next round open's up
  16. What's the requirements for doing KITH? I'm not all that great but I'd like to offer up one day when I get a fuzz better.
  17. @Charles du Preezthanks friend! That's sounds pretty interesting
  18. I get the point though. I didn't see anything wrong with it but I'm not everyone. I suppose thinking about a post before posting it would be a bit more productive in the long run. My wife seems to prefer bar-'s. Not bad but not amazing. I know someone that makes deer hotdogs, not sausage mind you, hotdogs. Pretty good actually. I'll look up A36 @Alan. It seems to work though.
  19. I apologize but I can't find the meaning of KITH?
  20. @Jeremy Blohm I see what you mean brother. I think it does give that feeling of "hey a noob ban them". I did forge some about 10+ years ago but I recently got back in because I just love doing it. It's a good coping mechanism. I do construction for a living and maybe like you guys get asked a lot about simple stuff I feel everyone should know but my eyes still sparkle and my smile still wraps around my head when someone asks me how to do it or what something is used for. I love to teach them and explain the best I can. There is so very much I don't know about smithing but I want to learn. Hone
  21. Addendum: ban rescinded but all of my comments or posts go through moderator scrutiny. Takes a looong time to reply to my own threads. Also the hodgepodge metal is in the pic.
  22. Objectively i can understand the moderators decision. Personally can't. I know in this day and age everything is taken out of context from fear of being labeled as something(undesirable). Not torn up about it as much as my snarky, yet clever remark went down the drain without a single giggle. Being Anti-semitic would be pretty difficult for me as I don't know anyone of Jewish descent, let alone I doubt anyone of any racial or religious group has it out for me. Hate is a waste of my precious time. Also the post was originally about my belt grinder in I felt it wasn't removing stock as quickly a
  23. My remark, if I don't get banned on here to, was referring to a metal I'm using as being "hotdog or Hebrew National". Since I have no idea what it's makeup is and assuming it likely is a hodgepodge of metals my remark translate's as "cancerous garbage or misunderstood perfection".
  24. Seems as I just, 10 minutes ago on another blacksmithing site, recently got banned for a remark I made I'd like to openly discuss rules and site regulations pertaining to this topic. Most specifically the misunderstanding of someone's remark or wording if you will. I'm all for PC culture but I think it's gone a little to far. Anyone game?
  25. JohnK

    Tongs I made

    Currently using tonight. Not ideal but can't afford a welder atm. Works amazingly actually. Made from a cooking pan and pot. Approximately 1 gallon 2 hours just under forge welding temp. Color is 90% accurate. Slightly cooler.
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