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  1. Looks awesome. Very similar to what I'm making as my first blade right now.
  2. Would love to see more sanding blocks.... anyone?
  3. Read up on sharpening at https://scienceofsharp.wordpress.co mostly on razors but i learnt a lot there
  4. Gerhard, tks for this post. I'm just starting out learning forging after many years reading etc. Its become clear to me to learn making knives with stock removal while forging odd things such as plant hanging hooks, handles. So easier stuff first. ...and learn forging blades slowly the old fashioned way in charcoal and coal forge. Cost of equipment has allways been my main stumbling block luckily I can make my own pine charcoal and offcuts are almost free and a neighbor is helping with steel for grinder.
  5. A friend gave me a tool for dressing the wheels. A single segment from circular diamond saw welded to a 6" handle. Its lasts very long.
  6. Gerhard, tks for the wax paper idea. What epoxy or resin you use?
  7. Thank you Alan. I've seen them done on ends of square bar but not into ball end of hammer. Was thinking to use a piece of clay to figure out how to.
  8. Hi, my 2nd post. Just getting started w forging with main interest in bushcraft stuff such as heavy camp knives, cleavers, machete as well as light axes. I have been searching for examples of axes made from hammers with decoration on the ball end, but have found nothing. Any pointers please. Thanks Jack
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