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  1. I did something similar years ago, a kind of hybrid between a noodle knife and a eel knife with a 45 degree point and right handed chisel grind. Really liked it, didn't take pictures before giving it away. I keep wanting to make a new one to keep, but it's been a few years since I have been in the shop. The "corner" was great to start cuts in difficult materials.
  2. Have you tried dietary interventions, some foods or eating habits have a big influence on inflammation. For me it's sugar and carbs, if I cut them out or do intermittent fasting all my chronic pains go away. For my sister it's fruits and veggies containing fructans. Different things for different people , but I think there are tests to see what you react to.
  3. I rather like the alternating grain direction. I'd get rid of the hump in the spine, and drop the point a bit to be more in line with the center of the handle. I'd like to know how you got the blade so hard yet functional, the cryo? My results are not nearly as good.
  4. Belle job! I would have rounded the corner below the lanyard hole, and had the butt of the handle flare out a bit more. I really like how the patina came out.
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