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  1. PatF

    Annealing 1074

    Beauty, thanks. The guy with the forges helps folks on Tuesdays, so if I can get my work done early enough today I might be able to head over tonight. Awesome.
  2. I bought a piece on amazon from Rose Metal Products labeled as annealed 1074/1075 - 0.187x1.5x12. Well one side seems decently soft, the other seems really hard. I have a brand new file that's just skating across the one side while biting into the other and I can't get a hacksaw started on the one side. This was intended to be for stock removal knife. I figure at this point I should probably just anneal the whole thing. I know one guy with a forge and another guy with a kiln. Am I correct in thinking the easiest way to anneal this chunk of metal would be to run over to my buddy with the kiln, put the metal in, bring the kiln up to 1600, turn it off and leave it closed to cool for the next couple of days? There's probably no way to go at this with a propane torch right? Is there a better way to go about this?
  3. Thanks all, I'll keep this all in mind. @Alan Longmire re: 1070, I'll reserve that piece for a stock removal knife and find another chunk of metal. NJ Steel Baron is out of .250 barstock in all but 52100 and 80CrV2, though McMaster has some 5160. I guess I could also show up with a round bar/rod? @Geoff Keyes good point on just asking him, now to figure out how to login to facebook again since I seem to have failed to get his actual phone number and he seems to actually like facebook messenger.
  4. Anything I ought to bring with me to be a good student? I'll bring in a piece of 1084 or 80crv2 bar stock to work with; and he's got the tools and safety equipment. Anything I should bring other than myself, a good attitude, and adult beverages? Earplugs? I'm guessing my own gloves would be nice. Are there any other consumables he might appreciate (he's using a propane forge but it seems bringing an extra cylinder might be a bit much). I don't know how much we'll get done in the first session, but it might be useful to bring some quenchant or something right? Any suggestions on what size stock to start with? I have a piece of .187x2x12 1074/1075, but was saving that for a stock removal knife (dunno what I'll like better, forging or stock removal).
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