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  1. And another non-knife project I just finished last night. My brother likes wearing great kilts to ren-fairs and his wife wanted something to match the sgian dubh he had me make for her. I *offered* to make a Scottish dirk but she was a no-go on that idea. So we came up with this for his kilt. Took me 6 learning tries and making three special tools to get this done right. The joy of blacksmithing - need a tool - just make it! Stones get a bit lost in the picture, but live they really pop. Now it's back to knife making and increasing "inventory".
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. My "long term goal" is to make a complete set (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20). The 20 seemed like the daunting task but the "how to guide" will make it childs-play . Don't know if I etched deep enough to take gold leaf, but that is an interesting idea.
  3. Side project I did yesterday. Not knife related but thought some here would appreciate this. Each face is 0.625+/-0.007 inches and all angles are 90 degrees to as accurately as I can measure. Numbers are electro-etched. All done by hand (grinding). Why? To challenge myself; and I'm a gamer - can never have too many dice .
  4. Nice little skinner. I noticed in the top picture that you have the same issue I get sometimes with a little uptick in the plunge cut at the ricasso (and on the same side of the blade as I get). For the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing differently between the grinding on each side and how to stop it. It doesn't make a big deal to me at the moment because I usually take all my blades to a full flat grind, but it is annoying when it happens and I have to correct it.
  5. Of course I search and search and nothing pops up. Yet here is a whole tread on it.... Thanks!
  6. As my looming retirement (hopefully - come on stock market) gets closer, over the weekend, I went searching for, and ended up being offered, a unique business opportunity to support my hobby. In talking with the owner of a “knife” store, I was offered the chance to sell anything I make (meeting certain quality parameters of course) on consignment. During the conversation, one of the questions asked was what warranty I had on my work. This was the one question that caught me off guard as it’s never been a question asked by the few buyers I’ve had and I've never had to think about it (probably should have, but...). To get an idea of what is a reasonable warranty, I tried searching through past posts and only came up with one that even came close to mentioning it: Not really helpful. So, my question to the collective is, what kind of warranties do you offer on your work? Thanks for any feedback.
  7. For various reasons I haven't been getting much time on the forge in, but the last two weekends have been too perfect not to do some work. Started on a project for my SIL as a present for my brother. Then I decided to try making another billet of canister damascus. 1095 rods, two thin plates of 15N20, and 1080+2% nickel powder. Tried something different for lining the canister. Used the Kiltz paint and then lined the sides with paper (remember seeing this on FiF). Worked great. Next time will draw this out and twist the snot out of it.
  8. Just looked at Pop's (they seem to be the only distributor in the US). One, they are already sold out. Two, for the price they are charging, I hope it lives up to the hype . Will be very interested to hear your report @Daniel Cauble.
  9. Just finished my first sword-shaped-object. Tried lots of new stuff on this one. Not perfect, know where I can improve, but very happy with the results. 18 inch blade of 8670, mild steel fittings, and a leather wrapped handle. Oh, and the pommel nut was turned on a wood lathe with hand held tools...
  10. Found this on Knife Steel Nerds. Described as 52100 with V and W, Seems Larrin Thomas of KSN is one of the developers. https://knifesteelnerds.com/2021/12/02/laboratory-development-of-apexultra-forging-knife-steel/?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=laboratory-development-of-apexultra-forging-knife-steel
  11. Was just on the Pop's website and saw a pre-advertisement for Apex Ultra Steel. Looks interesting. Wondering if this is going to be the new CruForge V? Has any one had a chance to work with it? CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Carbon 1.25% Tungsten 2.60% Vanadium 0.40% Chromium 1.50% Manganese 0.30% Silicon 0.35%
  12. Well I already stole it myself so... The gentleman who came up with the idea makes scissors.He uses it to align the blades. Wish I could remember his name to thank him. It really helped a lot. Mine is a Craftsman. I've had it for about 22 years. Thanks on the compliment.
  13. Finishing up two weeks off of work and spent some time (after repainting the bathroom ) working on finishing some projects. Finished a retirement present for a friend of mine at work. 15N20 and 80CrV2 twist. Nickle silver and Patagonian rosewood handle. The rose pommeled bodice sgian dubh ordered by my brother for his wife. Stones (just CZ - brother couldn't afford real ones) are the birthstone of the family. "Imitation ivory" bolster, padauk handle, nickle silver rose (thanks @jake clelandfor the inspiration!). Re-discovered an old tool I had (laser plumb bob) which works GREAT for helping aligning things. Can't remember who first posted about using the laser on the miter saw (blanket thank you!), but that was the inspiration for trying this as I don't have a laser guided miter saw... Then made an EDC from a piece of the first canister damascus I made. 1095 garage door springs and 1080+2% nickle powder. Handle is a bit out of proportion for the blade size, but it fits real nice in my hand and is super comfortable. Bolster is 304 SS / G10 and wood is desert ironwood. Been a busy two weeks. Man, I can't wait until retirement...
  14. Thanks for the advice. I stopped at 4 folds (16 layers actually - math was never my strong suit ) because every thing was going so well I didn't want to mess it up by "doing one more weld". I will take your expert opinion and run it through a few more times. I actually was worried it may have still been a bit high in carbon. Any advice on the first puck that just seemed to want to crumble? Also, I have about 3.5 Kg of material from hearth furnace runs that all spark as almost pure iron. Any advice on consolidating them? I'm thinking I'm going to consolidate them into one bar and use it for a couple of ax / hawk bodies.
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