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  1. Doug your thoughts on CFV are spot on. It doesn't move under the hammer, it eats belts for breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, supper, and dinner and then asks for desert (and that is before hardened). Hand sanding takes three times as long as a more " user friendly" steel. Patrick, the heat treat is pretty much no more difficult than a 10XX series or 80CrV2. It takes a dog's age to put an edge on it. But once it has an edge it lasts FOREVER. One of the first knives I made seven years ago was from CFV. It almost made me give up knife making; thinking is this how making
  2. Been working on a lot of stuff for other people and decided I wanted to take a break and make something for me. My current EDC that I made 7 years ago, looks like I made it 7 years ago. IMHO I have come a long way since then - in large part from having found this forum. With out further ado, my latest finished piece. Steel is Cru Forge V Length from guard to tip 4 inches Width at widest 1 3/16 inches Thickness at ricasso 7/64 inches Guard is nickle silver and black and red G10. Pin is nickle silver. Wood is Paudauk Constructive critique always wel
  3. Very sweet! Love the brass guard.
  4. Spent 8 hours in the workshop today working on an EDC ( and staying out of the wife’s hair; she’s working on a video project for work and didn’t want me “tromping around”). 4.5 of those were spent hand sanding the Cru Forge V blade to 800 grit. Was a good day.
  5. I followed Jerrod's path and made my own FeCl just slightly differently. I took the "safe" HCl (only 20% instead of 32%) and put it in a large glass jar. Then I SLOWLY dissolved 0000 steel wool in it until it wouldn't dissolve any more. Transferred that to a large home made PVC dunk tank and then SLOWLY added H2O2 until it didn't bubble any longer.
  6. Thanks guys. Both sites had them but Auberins was far less expensive. Amazing that you can spend a week on line looking for something and not find it and then have someone say “look here” and there it is...
  7. I have a thermocouple just like the one pictured here: http://www.meter-depot.com/18-5-high-temperature-k-type-thermocouple-sensor-ceramic-kiln-furnace/ Problem is that a lot of the ceramic insulators have popped due to thermal shock and I need to find some replacements. I have been looking for quite some time, but all I'm finding is total thermocouple replacements (not just the ceramic parts). Has anyone else had this issue and were you able to find replacements. The other option I was thinking about is just packing the wire in cast-o-lite 3000, but
  8. Need to plant that apple tree now so it's ready when you are.
  9. That's the place. They're "still a thing". Right off of I-65 on Lafayette. They have pretty good prices on domestic, but their prices on exotics are a little high. But you can get some (up to)12/4 exotics there. Can't find that many other places... Yep, you go into the warehouse and pick out what ever you want, as long as you don't make a mess of their stacks. It's all rough cut and they will joint / plane sides for you at $0.50 / finished BF / side.
  10. Stopped by the local lumber supply house (a real lumber place - NOT Home Depot) on my way home from work this afternoon and (I feel) scored big. 8/4 x 6" x 97" of beautiful, knot free, as near straight grained as nature will allow you, radial cut plank of hickory. I can just see the handles (and maybe another bow) in this piece. $7.50 a BF with S2S.
  11. If you click on "select options" on one of the steels like you're going to order it and scroll down, he has started listing below the description active lot numbers to each size he has. Although recently I've been getting a lot of "PAGE NOT FOUND" errors on the lot links.
  12. Joël, That does indeed look closest to what I had in mind. I think you are correct about tungsten though, so it would probably be an absolute bear to forge. Now I just have to see if I can find someone who sells it I've got a bunch of the CruForge V from AKS and the analysis. If I'm not mistaken there was only ever one batch of that stuff ever made so the analysis is fixed. I think it makes a wonderful knife that takes a "hair splitting edge" and just never leaves. I buy a few pieces every time I order from AKS just to stock pile it. I think it has a bad rap because it is SO di
  13. You missed the joke. My brother-in-law's sister is my wife, so technically she already is holding on to it until Christmas. Actually I'm in no hurry to send it out. I like looking at it. Just got done taking some 50X micrographs of it on my wife's dissecting scope. The etching looks like canyons that close up - can actually see shadows and under-cutting. Usually he comes in to visit for Christmas and my wife wants to see live the expression on his face when he opens it. I'm just hoping COVID allows this to happen. We have a plan "B" to "open presents by ZOOM" if COVI
  14. I went to NJSB to look W2 up about a month ago as Aldo now lists analysis by batch and printed it out. Latest batch he had listed was from Buderus: C: 0.967 Si: 0.287 Mn: 0.22 P: 0.005 S : 0.004 Cr: 0.082 Ni : 0.033 Mo 0.006 V : 0.182 W : 0.006 Funny thing is now I go to look and I get error messages. Regardless, it's not what I was interested in. When I get a chance, I am going to call Aldo and ask if he has anything close. As you said Alan, never know what he may have lurking... BTW Allen, I guess I'm lucky for 10
  15. Oh it’s eating at me alright. I wanted send it to him early, but his sister says I have to wait.
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