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  1. Very nice! I really like the shape and look of the handle .
  2. You were lucky. We had to make due with a rolled up newspaper ... Very nice. Much nicer than the two I made years ago for my son's martial arts teachers.
  3. Watch this video (first pinned topic in this sub-forum). It is what started me down the rabbit hole when I saw "how easy it was". If you have nice compact charges (like wrought iron or 1018 / A36 biscuits) you can lay the material right on top and bury it in charcoal. I've been having "fun" with my charges as I am using all kinds of scrap. The charges are big and lumpy and /or full of air (it is REALLY hard to pack bottle caps together). I've been having to pack them down a little otherwise I can't load the charcoal charge on top. I actually made a clay base from mater
  4. Do you think sand or charcoal briquet ash work?
  5. I have the coal. I have the bottle caps. I have the time. No harm in doing it to see how big a mess I can make... Besides the wife keeps asking when I'm going to do something with the two big bags of coal that I've had for 6 years (first bought it for use in my coal forge - didn't work too well there).
  6. This is what testing method they were quoting me plus some incidentals for lab prep, etc. The incidentals actually ran more than the actual test. 8 different runs, one run for each element I had said I was interested in. Chemical analysis for Low Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, and Aluminum Alloys ASTM E1097-12/CTP 3005/ DCP
  7. @Kreg Whitehead,I think you need to cut back on the caffeine! Warning, this stuff can become addictive. Alan wasn't lying about sucking you in. It's just hardwood lump charcoal. I've been buying 33 pound bags of Cowboy hardwood charcoal at Costco. If you run furnaces sequentially, you get more bang for the buck as you don't have the waste getting it started and a bed of coals made. It took only a little more than 2/3 a bag of charcoal for my last three runs. I'm debating trying a run using anthracite coal sometime here (or at least mixing some in with a ch
  8. Just looked back through the email stream and think I started in the Wixom lab and got shunted over to the Daleville IN. lab. The only "name" I have as contact there is DM and the quote came from Elizabeth.They were quoting me for RFQ Chemical analysis. At +$300 I turned them down, but will re-contact them and ask about OES. If they still can't help me, I will take you up on your offer. Thanks! I would be happy at knowing +/- 0.1 . Is it closer in spec to 1095-10100 or 1075. Quench speed and all.
  9. @Alex Middleton, I am horrible at describing things but I'll give it a go: What if you got rid of the spring. Make the hole on the arm slightly oversized so the bolt spins freely and hold the arm at the top of the bolt with washers and a double nut. Then thread the base plate so the arm moves up and down by screwing it into the base plate. That way the motor and spindle are at a locked fixed height based on how far up or down you have screwed the bolt and don't bounce. You would have to add some blocks underneath to account for the travel of the bolt. You would also have to angle the hole
  10. So I contacted both companies, but have only heard back from one, Element (the Wixom lab). Just received the quote this morning and it was for $308.00. I am guessing I was asking for the wrong tests. If I contact them again, what should I ask for as far as testing is concerned to get the much more reasonable rates?
  11. Is there a way to measure viscosity by the home user? I've been using a high flash point vacuum pump mineral oil that I liberated from work. Have no idea on the composition or specks (other than it doesn't even flash when I stick a 1500F blade in it to quench).
  12. Hearth furnace Run 3 - Experimenting how to load 100 bottle caps at a time per charge. First idea was to load them in paper sacks and toss a sack in per charge. As is often the case, theory falls short when put into practice. As soon as the paper went up (obviously very quickly) the bottle caps scattered far and wide across the top surface of the charcoal. Trying to herd them back to the middle while trying to get a charge of charcoal on the top didn't work out very well. Final puck looks like this spark test very uniformly across all surfaces. Only i
  13. Before it gets crazy: Congratulations Joshua! Was wondering when we were going to see this. Can't make out all the writing on the blade, but is it indicating that you bent the blade 90 degrees and it sprung right back?!?!?!?
  14. Jerrod, Thanks for the post. Have contacted both companies to see about quotes and requirements of material. Now to wait...
  15. Thanks Dan. I'm just curious. Mainly I'm interested in carbon content (to have an idea on quench speed) and to see what else is in there (there WAS a bit of stainless in the second run). Also to know if it really is worth taking the time to forge this out (if for some reason the S or P is sky high). Sometimes I think I'm part cat...Hopefully it won't kill me!
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