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  1. I'm with Garry on this one. If you have the right cut and it is tight grain, white oak can be quite interesting and beautiful (the stuff you get at the box stores usually DOESN'T fit this description). I've used it on a couple of handles finished to 6-800 grit (unstablized) and it has held up very nicely. Of course the white oak I am using came from a 280+ year old white oak (was about 5 feet DBH) that "had to be taken down" because it was in the way of widening the road. Long story short but I got about 1000 BF of the 6-12 foot long 12/4 trimmings after the owner processed it into beams for his niece to refurbish her barn. Was told what I got was only good "as fire wood" . I air dried the wood for several years and I haven't seen any rust develop on the knife. The wood is separated form the steel by epoxy though.
  2. Finally getting around to posting this: BTW if anyone is looking for a way to make stencils, I found the Brother P-touch personal label printer with a stencil ribbon does a pretty good job. It's probably no where as good as adhesive vinyl stencils, but it allows some pretty good detail as it is a thermo-laser printer.
  3. Does anyone know of a steel that is high vanadium ( like CruForgeV) but low in chromium? The closest I’m finding is W2 but that’s not quite as high as I am looking for ( plus it’s got W). The closest description to what I’m looking for would be a 1084-1095 with 0.5-0.8 vanadium.
  4. Curse you Alan ...Four hours down a rabbit hole last night. At 12:30 AM realized what time it was and decided I needed to stop as 5:00 AM (when I have to get up for work) was coming up real fast...Very cool site though. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the new search term Alan. knifesteelnerds has never shown up in my searches. Will give them a look.
  6. Brian, that was my other thought on what would happen. I just didn't know if, because the ingredients in question are powdered, they would get to enough of a molten phase to actually take up the other alloy ingredients in a true alloy fashion.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I figured that was going to be the case because if it were actually that "easy" everyone would be doing that instead of the wootz path. I was going to use pure vanadium (thanks for the warning Alan - didn't know that - somehow/where I got the impression that the ferrovanadium was the toxic species) , but I would have been doing all the measuring in a hazardous chemical hood anyway (due to the analytical scales there) if it had been a possibility .
  8. I have been wondering about a question, searching the forums to try and find the answer, and coming up empty. The question is; is it possible to use "canister damascus technology" to add alloy ingredients to a steel? For example, would it be possible to take something like 1095 powder, mix in a little pure graphite to up the carbon %, add in 1% pure vanadium powder, mix very well, pour it into a stainless canister, heat to welding temperature, soak for a while, then weld it together like a regular canister damascus, and have it all alloy together? I've read on this forum you can do something similar with steel stock, add a carbon source, and get a bit of carbonizing on the surface. But as what I'm purposing all starts as mixed powder, will it alloy together at just welding temperatures (not melting temperatures). Thanks. BTW, what got me thinking about this is seeing the 1080 + 2% Nickle powder being sold at Jantz. Thought if it can be done with nickle can it be done with other ingredients?
  9. I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy. From Despair.com: Overconfidence : Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you could survive the odds beating you.
  10. Don’t know where you are but if you’re in the states look at Coal Iron Forge. I got their 16 ton 120 volt press and it does everything I want it too. They have a 12 ton press that looks like the cheap things from Harbor Freight but this one is made for forging and is is not nearly as expensive. opps just saw Adam already made mention of them. Adam, don’t know how the 12 ton works but the videos of the 16 are not exaggerated. I really love mine and the fact it runs on 110 really is a bonus.
  11. This is great. I'm almost in the same boat as you except I have to pull everything out into the backyard. I am going to shamelessly copy this .
  12. That's a bit of a commute for me from central Indiana . Have to see what the boss says after I show her this thread. Your pictures of the area are beautiful and she would love to get back to mountains (we used to live in NH). $20K is a LOT less than what I've been looking at in OH....
  13. I am so jealous. My wife and I have started looking for property in southern Ohio to do something similar but we haven't found anything we like (that we can afford). Must be like a slice of heaven. The picts sure make it seem like that.
  14. Well, here's the final product. I know two things that I need to work on (forging more to finished shape, distal taper). Would appreciate any suggestions to make the next on better. Specifics of the knife again are: 192 layers random 15N20 / 80CrV2 7 inches from tip to front of riches 7/64" thick at ricasso ~1.75 " wide at heel Handle is "Gerhard micarta", brass spacer, patagonian rosewood And as always, thank you for your time. A special thanks to Gerhard for the idea of the wrap micarta. Really good stuff. Made a second block just to test to destruction. Has a tang slot and everything. 10 good whacks with a 16 oz ball peen hammer on an anvil and not even a chip. Haven't destroyed it yet...
  15. Alan, are there any restrictions on posting video directly on the forum? I don't have a YouTube account to post a link but I have a video I want too post. It's a 90 second video and is 175.2 MB. Thanks.

    1. Alan Longmire

      Alan Longmire

      Technically no, but every so often we get a warning about storage space, and when that happens I go through and take down all the videos.  Just to let you know if it disappears suddenly!

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