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  1. Thanks for the advice. I stopped at 4 folds (16 layers actually - math was never my strong suit ) because every thing was going so well I didn't want to mess it up by "doing one more weld". I will take your expert opinion and run it through a few more times. I actually was worried it may have still been a bit high in carbon. Any advice on the first puck that just seemed to want to crumble? Also, I have about 3.5 Kg of material from hearth furnace runs that all spark as almost pure iron. Any advice on consolidating them? I'm thinking I'm going to consolidate them into o
  2. Spent 6 hours consolidating 4 hearth steel pucks with mixed results from crumbling mess to a beautiful bar of steel.
  3. I don't think it could be. The only time I use borax now is when I'm welding these billets together after making them into a initial bar. I usually cut hot an fold when doing these (thus the need for some flux), but other than that, I have become a flux-less forge or furnace (also except for axes...). Maybe material from the fire bricks? No idea what they are made of...
  4. Finally got some time to try to consolidate the high carbon pucks from my last hearth furnace run. Had very variable results. Starting material (not in the same order as the bars). Noticed something strange on the largest of the pucks. It has been sitting in a fairly cool dry environment since November and it has developed these white crystals on the surface. Only this one had it and all the pucks were stored together. Any thoughts? 6 hours later, the variable results: From RIGHT to LEFT. First puck did NOT want to w
  5. Finally finished a prototype I've been working on for what seems like forever. So many new things to try on this one (posted questions on a different thread).
  6. New questions concerning getting a rose on the pommel. Here is a picture of my prototype for the idea I have. I have two initial questions. The first is any ideas on how to get a tighter fit between the rose and the wood? I basically threaded the last part of the tang and used a filed down nut to hold it all together. I put the petals on flat and cranked down the nut as tight as I could. Once I turned up the petals there was more of a gap than I wanted. I could try filling the gap with epoxy to at least seal it, but I would really like it to be a tighter junction
  7. Tried my fist canister damascus. I've got four garage doors worth of springs sitting around and finally decided to try them in a canister. Worked out pretty well. A small amount of the springs I have all straightened. Cut into 4 inch pieces. Packed with 1080 + 2 % nickle powder. The canister pictured above is not the canister I ended using. The stainless steel was so thin that I burned a hole in it as I was trying to weld it up. Ended up with a "standard" mild steel canister coated in Kiltz. Wasn't too difficult to get out.
  8. I figured that out after posting my OP. Watched several YouTube videos on how to make one but the roses being made all seem really big (too big for a pommel). How big was your outer-most set of petals for the rose you put on the pommel? Thanks!
  9. As I said, I'm on "bed rest". Was a nice relaxing thing to do since I'm not allowed to really work in my shop for the next 2-3 weeks. Had to something otherwise I'd be going stir crazy.
  10. If I wanted to cast a rose out brass or silver like on this bodice dagger, what would be the best way to go about it? Lost wax? Thanks!
  11. Very cool! What's the handle made from?
  12. Do to forced down time (doctors orders to stay in bed - not going to happen - or sitting down) finally gave me a chance to try casting. I don't think I did too badly for a first go of it. Made it easy and cast in pewter (actually hard solder; tin, copper and silver). Wax master After casting. and all "cleaned up". Two inches in diameter. Going to become a Christmas tree ornament (yeah my family does very non-traditional ornaments - we have a Cthulhu ornament...)
  13. I'm a biochemist ... But yes I should have known better. No, no they don't.
  14. Those results aren't bad for a first go. I'm now getting what you're trying to do and I like it. Unknown waters for me. The silicon I use is actually a electrical components potting compound and is meant to stick to EVERYTHING and make a weather/water proof - most chemicals resistant permanent seal (forgot to mention that this silicon heat cures at 100C so it's high temp resistant too... but it is expensive!). The only thing it won't stick to is...silane (and that's iffy). The only "glue" I have used with this silicon - and this is only to glue this silicon to itself - is
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