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  1. Not to nitpick, but while the interest in alternative energy sources is great, your premise that more efficient cars drive up the price of gasoline is simply wrong, what drives up the price of gasoline is the rapidely increasing demand for oil by developping countries such as China and India. The demand is increasing faster than the the increase in supply thus the price of oil increases. Buying cars with good fuel economy will not drive up the price of gasoline, it will likely decrease it or have no effect at all. On an other note, severale gas producing countries don't want the price
  2. I will relay advice I received quite often, investing in collectables is not a good idea, collections are the fruits of passion, collectors can sometimes make money from their transactions because they know their stuff thoroughly, they know all the ins and outs. You don't. And while certain collectables do go up in value most don't. Knowing beforehand the difference between the two is often very difficult or impossible. There are much better ways to invest your money, CDs, stocks, mutual funds just to name a few. The financial world is full of investments oppotunity and all you rea
  3. We received about a foot of snow earlier this week and it finaly stopped snowing, so I decided to put a little time at the forge. My brother took some pics You can see my state of the art high tech set-up, My forge beside it is my quench tank, my VHTA (Very High-Tech Anvil) wich is an engine support beam off a real big truck ducttaped to a stake driven into the ground. The problem is that the knife I was forging (52100) snaped in two while I had finished forging the blade and was working on the handle, is this decause of the low ambiant temperature, should I have annealed it
  4. As for burners, this site as a realy simple designe that seems to work reasonably well, some people on this forum have used it they might tell you more. Link Welcome Mike
  5. VG-1 is a high carbon high cromium steel, it probably offers good edge retention wile being a bit more dificult to sharpen, never used one though so its just a guess. Here's a link to a description. Hope this helps Mike
  6. Somehow it looks diferent when you hold it in your hand Nice knife, a few months well spent. Mike
  7. Here's a link to the website, it has some interesting info. Link It seems it is at least in part the show that the seb shared some time ago that aired on arté in europe.
  8. Well this is my second knife(or first, the other one did not harden) its forged from one inch thick cable, my first forgewelding, it has a 2 3/4 inch cutting edge and a 6 1/2 inches oal, edge quenched in room temperature canola oil. I tried to etch it in vinaigre, but the harden portion of the blade came out crisp and clean with a neat lizard skin patern wile the rest came out as a jumble of grey blobs. so i cleaned it up and started again with 2 minutes dips with thourough cleaning in between it came out really subtle but rather uniform. You can just make it out in the second picture.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement, The rebar did not harden to any usefull degree but the knife is still used regularly. Thanks again. Mike
  10. yeah DonFogg really is a looker mike
  11. I've been on these forums for some years now, mostly keeping my mouth shut. I promised myself a few years ago to make knives. I've studied for years,, I've read all I could lay my hands on, but at some point you need hands on experience and it was time I got it. And now this is the fruit of my first forging session. A utility intregral forged from 15mm rebar, quenched in brine. 2,5" cutting edge, 7,5" OAL. I'm actualy quite surprised it actualy looks like a knife Just having fun while waiting for my steel to arrive. Critisisme is always welcome
  12. I like it, clean and simple. I think you need a personal introduction page, something that says who you are and has your picture. Nice work Mike
  13. Have you read this, it's a good place to start? I suggest you post specific quetions, if you search of this forum did not provide the answer. And welcome. Mike
  14. There is also the fact that a ban rarely affects the criminal user, if you are intent on using a prohibited object to maim, injure or kill someone the fine you might get for owning said weapon is I imagine rarely a deterent. Making these object more difficult to obtain by in a legal manner also is pointless because criminals are already obtaining them in an illicit transaction. In urban areas, the proliferation of gang related violence has led in a sharp increase in the percentage of kids carying weapons (knives mainly, but more and more guns), most of them by nongangmembers for protectio
  15. Have you tried www.metauxprofusion.com, I've never dealt with them but they do seem to carry some of the steels we use. Mike
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