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  1. Great, happy to have you there, and I hope it gets you some sales. You can attach as many pictures as you like to your place / listing. There is not a separate gallery feature apart from listing and store at his time.
  2. A few updates: 1.) "Friends" page has been created (bladesmithsforum.com) is featured there. This page is for saying thank you to individuals, organizations, and communities that are helping let people know about Smithlist. https://smithlist.net/smithlist-friends/ 2.) Badges - When creating a listing additional questions have been added depending on categories you select. For example "Bladesmith" category now has four possible badges: - ABS JS - ABS M.S. - FIF Contestant - FIF Champion FIF standing for Forged in Fire. 3.) Custom map markers that better represent different categories have been added. 4.) The blog is now live. 5.) The dark theme is about 95% complete. User profiles have more information and easy access to places, events, and the marketplace.
  3. The marketplace is now open, Smithlist does not take any fees, there are fees for using the Paypal gateway which the seller pays. These fees are: 2.9%+ flat fee of $0.30CAD (per transaction) In comparison here are Facebook and Etsy fees: - Etsy: 9.5% + flat fee of $0.45 USD - Facebook: 5%. If sale is less than $8 USD you pay flat fee of $0.40 USD. Here is a short demo video of the seller dashboard:
  4. A post on the free stuff that Smithlist offers to the community. https://blog.smithlist.net/basic-smithlist-directory-guide/
  5. Smithlist has hit 150 listings, and continues to grow daily! Marketplace I am hoping to have ready for mid next week.
  6. My dads side of the family has essential tremor running down it. I have it worse than my dad, it is quite noticeable and effects my writing a fair bit. You learn to deal with it quite well, time the shake is an art lol. I am still a good shot even though I shake, all about timing!
  7. I have seen video of the bend test, it is brutal. I cringe hard watching it and it is not even my knife lol.
  8. I am not real familiar with how the ABS course and tests work. What would have happened if anything if one or both would have failed testing?
  9. Welcome, glad you like it. I have made a short video of how to get the most out of a listing, and why.
  10. Lucky you are not litchenfried! Very cool hammer.
  11. I cleaned lol. Slowly but surely getting my shop ready to start forging, still a ton to do. It does not help when the wife constantly is shipping me stuff from the house! My forge has been sitting in the same place unused since I got it.
  12. Ticket sale system for events is now live. It needs some prettying, but it is functional. smithlist ticket demo.mp4
  13. It is, yes. You should have received an activation email with a link to click. If you did not, can you DM me the email you signed up with so I can have a look please. Note: When entering password on account creation it needs to be shown as "Strong" or it wont will be accepted. I have added a note on account creation about password strength.
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