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  1. Also, storing wood inside your house and not in the cold workshop might be a good idea in the future?
  2. @jeffM Ok, what kind of moisture meter should one go for? I've never heard of measuring the moisture of a piece of wood before. About the epoxy; it had been sitting for a few weeks actually before I started shaping the handle. I wasn't home for quite some time so it had a lot of time to cure.
  3. @Doug Lester@steven smith Ok, is there any way to accelerate the drying? I mean, warming the wood up for some time might make it as try as it can get? Or do you have to wait a couple of years?
  4. Hey guys I had recently bought a lot of bocote and some ziricote (both unstabilized) to make a knife. It looks fine, but after a few days I started to feel the pins and the transitions between the wood and the brass I had in the handle and guard. Here's the knife: It was really annoying, since I spent a lot of time researching for a wood that's relatively cheap, easily workable and somewhat stable. Now, I still am planning on using the bocote. I think it looks beautiful when finished with boiled linseed oil and it was easy to work with. But the question is; how do
  5. Oh, what about both? This actually resembles my original thought, but as a full tang knife instead. A really dark wood around the first pin and a medium dark around the last two, separated by brass plates
  6. @Alan Longmire @Ron Benson I don't know what monitors you have, but I noticed that on my screen it's not like in person. I have a TN monitor in my laptop so everything seems more blueish, especially darker colors so to me, the pictures are not as dark as either the bocote or the ziricote are in person. Just something to keep in mind. The ziricote is pretty much dark chocolate / coffee bean. Maybe I should go with the ziricote and wait with the oil until I have it polished? People just leave ziricote polished anyways, and if I feel like having it even darker I can oil it.
  7. I quickly put together something that might look like the final products in paint.net:
  8. Hello My father turns 50 in march and I'm going to make a knife for him, but I need advice on the wood and how to finish it. I haven't made many knives, and I'm still learning but I sure am going to make the best knife I have ever made. It's going to be a full tang knife with brass guard, brass butt, mosaik pins (black and brass) with either ziricote or bocote as wood. This post is all about the choice between bocote and ziricote (both unstabilized), which is best combined with the rest of the knife etc. I wan't something that'll give contrast between the shiny, gold looking brass and the
  9. Gustav

    4th knife

    This knife was a rollercoaster to make. I've always had my shop 80 m from where I live, right outside my window, but in a few days, I'll move far away to the city for 5 years to educate myself. This is the last thing I ever make while having the shop nearby, ready to be used whenever I want to make anything. From now on until I get my degree, I will only be able to make stuff in the summerbreak, christmasbreak and a few other weekends when I go back home. Enough about that, here's the knife. It's not perfect, but I'm very proud of it.
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