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  1. Personally I liked the head of the first one a touch more. But then I really like the body of the second design. Particularly the tail feathers!
  2. Hi Jacob. I find the same thing happening to me when finishing up on any knives with a heel. Pretty sure it’s a combo of forging the heel thinner and then full passes on the platen as billy said
  3. P.S. sorry for metric but thousands of an inch make my brain cry ;)
  4. Some really great advice and explanations here. Thanks very much! I've had a look through some sources and pictures etc and come up with a new design that's more of a traditional shape with no profiling of the heel. I also tried to include the very slight upward curve on the heel as suggested above! Its about 335mm total length. 200mm blade length and 135 mm handle length. Widest point is about 40mm. I like the shape of the blade but something feels off about the handle. Particularly the top and flare but i cant quite put my finger on it. Anyone got any ideas what might throwing it off?
  5. Thanks @John N I really appreciate you taking the time to go into so much depth! I really like the idea of buy some basic knives and cutting loads with them to get a feel for the cut and release. Can I ask what grind you use typically? Do you favour a full flat along the bevel, a flat point then primary bevel or hollow grind? So far I’ve done mostly full flat but the final chopper is a hollow grind (mostly because I wanted try it out). @billyO thanks for the further explanation! Would this slight curve be toward the handle or the tip?
  6. Thanks @Alex Middleton. Really helpful post by Geoff, thanks for the tip. Are you able to get the 1.25” to welding temp with ease? I do a bit of everything in the Forge so be nice to have the option. Im guessing yours tapers down from 1.5” where the T junction is to the 1.25” at the Forge end like the ones shown in Geoff’s?
  7. Hi Folks. Ive been making knives a little while now and thought I’d get some feedback on them from the pros I generally make chef/kitchen knives as I’m UK based and not much call for hunting, skinning knives and the like. Id appreciate some general feedback on things like handle shape, blade length, quality, thickness etc.
  8. Thanks Alan that’s really helpful! I’m guessing just threaded black iron pipe works for this?
  9. Hi all, I’ve been lurking on the site for a while but thought it was about time I said hello! I’m a pretty recent convert to bladesmithing. Been at it about a year now. So hello from a UK Bladesmith Ive also got one or two questions about burners. I’m planning to build some blower burners based on the designs posted on the site. I particularly like the t-junction ones. I couldn’t really figure out whether these needed to be sealed or just screwed together (I remember a post saying not to put Teflon on them though). So do they need sealing up? And would this be with plumbers tape (like that used on radiator fittings) or welded together? Also am I correct in thinking the burner doesn’t need a flared end as we aren’t going for a Venturi effect? Any help would be real nice
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