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  1. HELMET Caranthir from The Witcher 3!!! The Navigator, student of the Avallac'h, one of the Wild Hunt's riders, who almost killed Geralt. I've started making the mask for the helmet from 2mm 30hgsa steel. This will be a functional fighting helmet for battles with steel weapon. In the video you see only the initial forging. This is not the final result. Usually, I make historical armor, but I like fantasy armor more.
  2. The helmet was accidentally found on the Bukryn base. This is the medieval bascinet of the unknown European knight. On the territory of the modern Ukraine there was no production of such armor, and such European finds are rare there. But there was a couple of them. A several pieces of European armor are documented to be found in Ukraine. The helmet is made of mild stee , 2mm thick.
  3. Hi! The video shows approximately 24-30 hours of operation. This is me playing the octave mandolin
  4. Imlerith from the Witcher 3 has worn a helmet which I wanted to forge. The armor is a fantasy style and some elements were changed or added on purpose. I forge armor for knight fights, so I made this helmet practical as well. It will withstand the hits with the poleaxe, swords and other medieval weapons. This is the first part of the video, there will be more about forging of this helmet. I plan to film two more parts: the finishing of the forging of the helmet and a crash-test with the weapon. And to check it in the fight!
  5. Now I'm editing two videos. One about a bacinet found in Ukraine, the second about plate arm armor based on the tombstone of a knight Georg von Waldburg. And while I was editing, I came across my old videos from 2015. I had a bad camera back then, and I was working in my old little workshop.I decided to make a new edit and show it to you. If this quality scares you off, please write in the comments. I have one more old video which I would like to remake for history. Just to compare how I've worked previously and how I work now.
  6. ENGLISH Subtitles Kunst Schott von Hellingen. The knight from the noble and ancient family. At the end of the 15th century, the city of Nuremberg promised a reward of 2000 guldens for the head of Schott von Hellingen. The time of his activity was the most blood-stained one throughout the whole history of this city. The Schott's knights constantly ambushed Nuremberg's soldiers and not many came out alive. The armor was made in the time frame between 1490 and 1497 years when Schott and 40 other knights owned a castle in Rothenburg.
  7. Hello! Here I post a video about the armor that I do. This is an armor for historical medieval combat and reconstruction. I also sometimes make exhibits for museums and private collections. On the video there are both workflows, reviews of finished products, crash tests and everything related to the armor. Most videos are in Ukrainian and Russian, but I do subtitles. Kyiv, Ukraine ENGLISH Subtitles In this video, I make the medieval armet on based on two artifacts. They are the Italian sallet (which is what it says on the picture) and the visor which looks like it is german. Even though the source is the skull of the sallet, the right classification for this helmet - closed armet for the fight with clubs on foot. This is not historical reconstruction. Just a stylization of the helmet of the end of 15th century. The double visor of the armet used in the Medieval war and not in the tournaments was quite a breakthrough. With the top visor lifted the knight could see, breathe and hear good with the small part of the head uncovered. The grate visor is great for sports knight tournaments. It provides good breathing and vision.
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