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  1. I've taken a class in mig welding at a local makers space. I got the basics like the beads and such.
  2. Thanks everyone. I went back outside and did pretty much what everyone here said. Focused more on the billet. Made it hotter... Kept it clean. Made sure it was all filled it. I didn't take a pic mainly because it was ugly as hell.. but good news it's still attached and I think I finally have a solid billet. Thanks everyone for the help. I need a better welder but I'd either have to do a shit ton of wiring and add another breaker panel or get a generator...
  3. I just started welding and that's the only thing I've ever had failed. My welds are ugly. I beat that thing with a hammer and it didn't break. I have the adjustable auto darkening helmet. I'll try this and all the tips you guys have given. Thanks.
  4. After doing lots of research I think the problem is dirty material. I decided this time to prep with a grinding disk then hit both the rebar and billet with 60 grit flap disk this time instead of 120. Tac weld then hit it with a wire wheel. Weld one side, wire wheel... Hit the other side wire wheel. Fill in gaps... Wire wheel. I'll take a picture of the weld here in a little.
  5. 125 amp flux core welder with .030 wire. I got a picture of the rebar after it came off.
  6. Talking about the cinder block... I hope a building fire won't get as hot as a forge will.
  7. I'm trying to make a Damascus billet. I've made one before but it was in a class and I used their equipment. The problem I have is keeping a handle welded on. I have tried 1/2 tube and rebar. They keep coming off with all the slag mostly attached to the rebar not the billet. I've tried everything. Ground both smooth and hit them with a 120 grit flap disk. I put a cross slot in the rebar and welding in there. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. The welds that hold the layers together work great.
  8. I've looked at that but what I'm looking for is like a package deal of assorted scales. Different colors in looks but definitely at least in pairs.
  9. I like the looks of the synthetic materials such as g10 , micarta, ect... I was wondering if there is somewhere I can buy in bulk but different colors and patterns. Not just one color and style.
  10. I believe this is what he was referring to. You also said it would be a grey color. Would that add a 3rd color to your Damascus?
  11. This is really just an off the wall question. I read somewhere that people save the shavings from grinding and such to use as powder steel in canister Damascus. It is so they know exactly what steel it is. What would be the result of the powder steel you would get from working a Damascus blade? Would it even work or look any different?
  12. I can get my hands on a 1 x 30 belt sander. I'm primarily thinking that would be used for shaping handles... What grit would I use for the blade? Just wondering in general as I'm looking into 2 x 72 belt grinder...
  13. Yes, I have an angle grinder... I'll just list what I have so far... Angel grinder Bench grinder Air compressor (for making resin scales) Bench vise What I'm looking at getting Drill press Band saw I know I need files but what kind do I need and where is a good place to find them The forge and bigger equipment such as power hammer i have access to in a rental studio situation so i will make the basic metal there and do the stock removal method at home... So any thoughts on equipment would be appreciated.
  14. I have a bench grinder... Can I make the bevel with that?
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