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  1. Yeah, I bit. Some file work. 1/4 thick for everything. A massive bowie, karambit, very thin stabbing dagger, and a push dagger are the ones that I've been thinking about lately. As far as style...I like a lot of different styles. Forge finish is really cool, as well as mirror polish. I'm pretty much just willing to work with what you can do.
  2. Yep, I understand all this. I've been making my own blades for a little bit already. I'm just not able to make my own anymore because I'm moving to an apartment. Just looking for the bevels to be ground out, with just enough meat left in the edge for HT.
  3. Well done! I use a sander on the edges. It helps smooth everything out. https://leatherworker.net/edging.htm Check out that link, it's about finishing your edges on leather. Written by one of the best in the industry, Bob Park. As far as getting smooth curves... A VERY sharp, thin, knife. If you are struggling to cut the leather, then you won't be able to cut smoothly. The knife has got to be insane sharp.
  4. You are all good! Well, I really can't do much in my new apartment. So I would need the shape, and the bevels all done. I could do some drilling myself, and I can send the blade off to be heat treated. So yeah, basically just looking for it to be finished very simply. I could do all the file work and all that I'm looking to do. And I can send it off to be heat treated. I would prefer Stainless, but Carbon is fine as well. I'm actually just looking for 1/4 thick steel, or even thicker. Thanks! Would you be able to grind the bevels as well? Could I please see some of you
  5. Hello all, I've been making some of my own knives for a little bit now. But I'm moving for my job, and I'll be living in an apartment. Which... really doesn't give me the option of making my own knives from scratch anymore. So, I'm trying to figure out how to keep making my own knives. And I think the first place to start is getting blade blanks. I've looked around a bit, and I haven't found many quality options. So two things; #1; If you know of a place to get quality blade blanks, please tell me! I would appreciate it so much. #2; Would anyone be willing to create som
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