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    Mesa, Arizona and Mustang Ridge, Texas.
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    Woodworking, Metallurgy, Photography, Spending time with my family, Breeding Axis deer and trying to maintain the ranch.

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  1. Your place is beautiful! Nice trees and I'll bet a lot cooler in the summertime. I'm in Arizona right now and it's crazy hot. I won't even walk out to the forge or the wood shop for the next couple of weeks. Does it snow there? Please post some snow pics if you got them, I need to feel cooler, if only in my mind. -
  2. I swear that retirement is more work than when you 'worked' for a living! I am constantly clearing, mowing or building on our spread near Austin. My wife asked me the other day, "When will I just stop for a while and enjoy it?" I told her that while I may be bitching about the next thing I have to do, that is my joy. As long as I am healthy and staying active, we are both more blessed than most. She just smiled. NO you jokers, my wife ain't no horse.
  3. Thanks for that info. That was a full-on encyclopedia explanation. No, its not hollow and it weighs quit a bit. It is iron but its still pretty tough. I've been using it for a while now for smaller jobs. The horn is handy for shaping smaller rings. Again, thanks.
  4. It does! I am thinking about placing an extra 3x5 bar on top to protect it. I don't want to beat it into oblivion as it may be worth something.
  5. Good day all, I am hoping to glean some knowledge about this vise/anvil combo. Its a smaller one 3x5 working surface with a small horn. I can't seem to find anything on the odd way the vise is arranged. Positioned/oriented length wise on the long side of the anvil. I hope someone can ID it or at least let me know what the original idea was for placing it this way. The raised print is PAT. MAR 26. 1895. Thank you.
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