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  1. Looking for info on the pieces to a tanto I know of some but what are all the pieces to a traditional tanto in the correct order please. Me and my big smart brain is so smart need help figuring it all out I've gone through alot of literature sort of lost in the sea of words. Maybe some illustrations or examples if you have them please. Also on a side note if anyone knows the correct degree of bevel to grind to? Thanks
  2. Thanks Joshua I have taken all advice into account so far and read all the links given diving head long into it all i really want to do some classes things are pretty crazy right now but im planning on taking some in a few months when my life becomes less of a whirling torrent of chaotic disaster. Just for reference married 4 kids job displacement school so im greatful for all reading material i can right now so im prepare for more hands on when i free up some time
  3. So just want to start off saying Im very new to forging just bare bones equipment still trucking on with practice on any steel possible to really get rock solid on fundamentals. Making lost of mistakes and learning alot from them the main issues im facing is my life is very hectic right now im hoping to in the next couple months really buckle down and put some time in weekly to get some real time in. Now that thats out of the way my plan is Japanese style knives and my ultimate goal is to complete a san mai katana with a hammon. I reached out to Walter sorrells and he was very helpful sent me some good info to look in to and his youtube content is great Im just looking for tips for everyone i can. Things to work on things to avoid perrfed steels handle design and material anything and everything the seasoned vets on this board got for me Ill take it. I really want to just soak up as much as I can and put them to practice kind of take a little piece of it all and find my own method.
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