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  1. Thanks again, all, for the feedback. I'm stoked to be a part of the community and look forward to hearing more as I progress.
  2. Yeah, those bevels definitely got to me. I spent hours on each side with my little 1x30 grinder and a 60 grit belt. I'm probably (read: definitely) not changing them out as frequently as I should. I'm looking into draw filing for my next adventure.
  3. This is the first knife born out of my coffee can forge. I was mainly looking to keep it as cheap as possible just to see if bladesmithing was for me. The steel comes from a junk tire iron I found in the garage when we moved in. My guess is that it's 5160-ish. The scales are made from some leftover 1/4" plywood with a couple coats of linseed oil (before I got it all dirty. I'm probably going to sand it down and refinish it). The pins are some kind of mild steel cut from a 3/8" round bar that the gentleman at our local welding shop gave me for free when I came in looking for brass.
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